Please Save The Crocodile Tears For The Savage Yassin.

It was through his Koranic exhortations that drove young Palestinians to commit suicide in the act of murdering Jews.

The Western Democratized World could spare us their crocodile tears over the violent death of the murderous scum, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, the father, founder and “spiritual” leader of the Palestinian TERRORIST group Hamas.

Yassin has been described as a quadriplegic who was assassinated by an Israeli missile fired from an Apache helicopter. So what if he was a quadriplegic and mostly blind? His hands were soaked with the blood of innocent Jews. Men, women and children.


Killing the most vulnerable and innocent was his stock in trade. And if the so bereaved international community can take a breath from their sobbing over this thug’s death for a moment or two, they might also consider that he was DIRECTLY responsible for the murder of young Palestinians.

It was through his Koranic exhortations that drove young Palestinians to commit suicide in the act of murdering Jews.

Where’s the world’s condemnation for that?

Last night, I watched an interview with Hanan Ashwari (the US educated Palestinian mouthpiece) where she repeated the same old mantra about humiliation, occupation and all the other great Palestinian platitudes. But what caught my attention was when she said:

“We (Palestinians) have a right to defend ourselves”.

I want to know how murdering Jews on busses, or at a Pizza Parlour, or at a Passover Seder, or at a restaurant, or at a discotheque, or at a pool-hall, or at a night club, or at a shopping market, all of which happened deep inside Israel, is determined by Hanan Ashwari as the right for the Palestinians to defend themselves?

Literally seconds after the killing of Yassin, the Palestinians threatened the usual: The gates of hell have been opened. Israeli blood will run through the streets. Yada, Yada, Yada.

I remember when Saddam promised the Mother Of All Battles. Now I ssume he was referring to the battle against lice that infested his hair while he hid out in his spider-hole. These people are so full of self delusional crap, it is a wonder that they exist at all.

Killing Yassin drives a few very important realities home:

1) Israeli technology is more impressive than just somewhat.

Imagine. Here’s an Israeli helicopter a significant distance away, that fired a missile at a small moving target, scoring a direct hit, with virtually no collateral damage.

I would think about that long and hard if I was an enemy of Israel

2) Israel can get any of the TERRORISTS they want to. It’s not as much a matter of ability, as it is a matter of efficiency, and how much or little collateral damage Israel is prepared to inflict.

3) Killing Yassin demonstrates without equivocation that Israel is not cowed by Arab leadership and the threat of revenge. Every TERRORIST leader, as of the moment Yassin was killed has got to feel that much more vulnerable.

Despite their tough talk, it isn’t the TERRORIST leaders who are willing to commit suicide to murder Jews, it’s the young and impressionable they convince to do it for them. The leaders don’t want to die.

4) Israel’s security policy and war on TERRORISM isn’t going to be fought based upon what the UN and Europe is going to think or say. And if the Arabs thought so before Yassin was taken out, they have good reason to think again.

5) The Israelis are not going to make the same mistake in leaving Gaza, that they made when they left Lebanon. This time they’re going to be leaving a bloodied TERRORIST enemy behind with a clear lesson.

You didn’t drive us out. We decide to leave. And unless you want more, don’t screw with us.

6) The killing of Yassin also sends a very clear message to the Arabs and the rest of the world. Israel is no longer in the nice-guy negotiating mood.

Israel will pull out of Gaza and much of the West Bank. They will set up their new perimeters along the lines of the Security Fence, which could very well become the defacto border.

Israel will simply wash their hands of the Palestinians, letting the UN and the rest of the Arab world to deal with them.

This killing is but one step in a much longer march to full disengagement with the Palestinians. Israel will continue to defend itself from Palestinian, Islamic, and Arab TERRORISM, but it will no longer worry about what the Palestinians think. Nor will they keep a “temporary settlement” presence in Palestinian territories.

Palestinian problems will be Palestinian problems. Not the problems of Israel. And the whole world, especially the Arab world better be prepared to deal with the mess; because a mess it will be.

Once Israel completely closes the door on Palestine, there will be nothing left for the Palestinians but hatred, ignorance and poverty. This is what happens when you push too far. This is what happens when you want everything and are willing to give up nothing. This is what happens when you believe you are far greater than what you really are.

This is what is happening to the Palestinians.

In spite of the pledges of the Palestinians to kill more Jews, and perhaps attack the USA, nothing out of the ordinary is going to happen as a result of the killing of Yassin, other than a probable reduction in TERRORIST attacks against Israel.

What the Palestinian leaders have to be concerned with, more than reprisal killings of Jews, is who amongst them is next. Israel has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt their willingness and capability of taking out whomever they want.

While the Western world (with the exception of the USA) is busily condemning Israel for this violent targeted killing, Israel has just set in motion the kind of policy that will most probably reduce TERROR attacks, and drive TERRORIST leaders further underground.

Killing Yassin was long overdue. I look forward to the next TERRORIST martyrs who Israel dispatches to Allah. There can’t be too many. And it can’t happen too soon.

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