This Is Like Munich 1938 – All Over Again.

This planet is in very big trouble. The people who are leading us are ignoring history.

By blaming America for the TERRORIST attack on Spain this past week, and the democratic overthrow of the Spanish governing Party because of their closeness to the USA and its involvement in the war in Iraq, is no less than blaming Britain for World War II because Britain declared war on Nazi Germany after Germany’s unprovoked invasion of Poland.

This planet is in very big trouble. The people who are leading us are ignoring history.

Several intractable forces are aligning themselves in a fashion that will suck the world into a vortex, that inevitably can only be resolved after a great deal of suffering.

It is more than just depressing when a democracy (Spain) is so frightened of a virtually unseen enemy, that it defeats its own government for showing courage.

Make no mistake about it, Islamic fundamentalism is not beaten. It’s hardly scratched. And if anything, it is not in retreat.

It is coming for us. And it is coming on strong. And every time a modern Western style democracy shows fear; Islamism gets bigger, more powerful and ever more dangerous.

The war against Islamism has so far delivered negligible results. Even if Osama Bin Laden’s head was to be delivered on a platter, it won’t make much of a difference. He is but only one small cog in a very big well-oiled engine fuelled by hatred.

When democratic countries play footsies and guard their words when dealing with and describing Middle Eastern Arab thugs and Islamists, they are playing with the pure evil. To use different definitions for TERRORISTS, is to give approbation for murder in the guise of “resistance”.

This past week saw two horrific events: the bombings in Spain on the 11th of March, and the subsequent bombings only 3 days later in Ashdod, an Israeli port city. Yet; on EVERY news report I heard, this is how the two events were described in the SAME newscast.

“TERRORISTS kill 200 in Spanish attack. Palestinian “militants” kill 10 Israelis in seaside attack”. It is sickening how the media and civilized countries are terrified to call a TERRORIST a TERRORIST when it comes to murdering Jews.

Even though, as of now, no one knows for certain who the Spanish bombers were, they were nonetheless called TERRORISTS from the get-go. Yet; everyone knows who murdered the Israelis, and they’re called militants.

What the world should understand, is that when the “militants” get finished murdering Jews, they will continue murdering others. Just like the Nazis did some 60 years ago.

But this time it is different.

60 odd years ago, Nazism was more or less confined to Europe. This time around however, the battle for survival of good versus evil is indeed global. Islamism knows no borders.

Islamists hold a visceral hatred for the West, not because we are colonialists who are driving our lifestyle down their throat against their free will. They hate and murder us because of who we are. WE ARE NOT THEM!

In Nazi Europe, Jews didn’t have to commit a crime to be dispossessed, ridiculed, denied, imprisoned, beaten, raped and murdered. They only had to be Jews. That was their crime. And it wasn’t restricted exclusively to Germans. Every Jew-hater in Europe and North America participated, either directly or vicariously.

Just like every Moslem in the world is participating in this new war; either directly or vicariously through their complicity, their acquiescence or their silence.

But much worse are the international politicians who graduated from Neville Chamberlain’s school of appeasement. EVERY TIME the civilized world shows “kindness” to thugs, the thugs take it as weakness and DEMAND more “kindness”.

Israel was in fine shape before Oslo. But since showing the Palestinian thugs “kindness” in 1983, nearly 1,000 Israeli Jews (men, women and children) have been murdered, with thousands more injured and permanently disfigured.

This is the way of the thugs. For them, it is never give and take. It is always take, take, and take some more, until there is nothing left for people like us to give. They want it all. They want all of us to become like them. And for some of us not to exist at all. This is the implacable enemy the world faces.

What the Spanish people have just done in their election, and post election pledge to pull their troops out of Iraq, has given an enormous victory to the thugs. Evil has won. The Spaniards have opened Pandora’s Box from where evil will wage its war of TERROR against all of mankind who is not them.

To the TERRORISTS, Spanish voters have proven beyond a doubt that murder and mayhem work. To the modern Secular world, the Spanish voters have created a principle that will lead to the murder of thousands – perhaps millions.

Remember: not much more than 60 years ago, being a Jew, or even a descendant of a Jew was a crime that was punished by death. Today, the same can be said about Modernists. It took the Nazis no time at all to come from obscurity to almost winning all of Europe. The Islamists have had over 1,000 years to plan and organize.

This is a threat that will not go away if we ignore it. It can not be rationalized. It can not be negotiated. It will kill us if we don’t kill it first. The people who bloodied the USA on 9/11, are the same people who blow-up Jews in Israel, and Spaniards in Spain.

They hate us for not being them. And they won’t stop hating us as long as we exist as Modernists.

As horrible, brutal, and thuggish as it sounds: that we have to kill them before they kill us, think about the nearly 3,000 who died in the USA on 9/11, the 200 in Spain who died on March 11, and the 1,000 Israelis who died since 1993, all at the hands of Islamists, and then ask yourself if I’m wrong.

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  1. If we want to protect and save our freedoms in the US the answer is not elect Republicans but to elect conservatives that truly believe in the Constitution AS IT IS WRITTEN, not interpreted by bureaucrats. Republicans are exactly the same as Democrats. We need to be looking at what the person asking to be elected stands for, what they have accomplished in their career, what they believe and what their prior actions have been. Don’t just listen to what they say. Look at what they have done.

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