Martha Stewart The Scape Goat.

Everyone in big business cheats! And the "little people" (the jurors) who sat in judgment of her are probably not all that Kosher either.

Martha Stewart is probably going to jail for doing something millions of people do everyday. She made a decision based upon inside knowledge, and then she lied about it, something else millions of people do every day.

Martha Stewart’s biggest crime was timing. The powers that be needed to set an example, and who better than one of the most celebrated and successful self-made women in America.

The amount of money Stewart saved on the trade that did her in amounted to little more than pocket-change for her. But it wasn’t the money. It was the principal. According to the charges against her; she cheated. And worse; she lied about cheating.

It’s quite something that the holier-than-thou people who nailed her to the wall are probably as bad as her, and more likely worse.

Everyone in big business cheats! And the “little people” (the jurors) who sat in judgment of her are probably not all that Kosher either.

Everyone who is an insider makes decisions based upon inside information. If nothing else, the stock market is a private club for the rich and well connected. For everyone else, it’s a very well regulated casino.

What Martha Stewart is accused and found guilty of doing is simply the way big business is handled at the upper levels. For her to have been found guilty is an indictment on the entire corrupt investment system. Unfortunately for her, she has been fingered to pay for everyone else’s sins.

For the conviction based upon lying to regulators: Big Deal!

Show me the “successful” politician from the city councilor all the way up to the President of the United States of America who doesn’t lie.

Clinton lied under oath about “not” having sex with that woman. George W Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction. Are they going to jail?

Everyone reading this editorial is guilty of lying and “cheating”. How many times do we try to buy services and products under-the-table to avoid paying the taxes?

To many people, Martha Stewart might be an Uppity Bitch. So what?

She has created enormous wealth for herself and others by taking risks, being creative and working hard. She has created products which make life easier and more pleasant for the masses. And she is responsible for creating tens of thousands of jobs around her products, books and television productions.

Martha Stewart is the REAL DEAL. She is one of the very few rich people who actually gives value for the money she receives, unlike the thieves at Enron, and the thousands of mini Enrons throughout the USA.

By putting Martha Stewart through the wringer, the SEC and the courts have done enormous damage to the millions of people who have benefited from Martha Stewart’s hard work and creativity.

If I knew Martha Stewart, I would probably not like her for her aloof and aggressive style. But I would never resent her success. She is a contributor, rather than a parasite like so many other people who take so much and give back so little.

When all of this first happened, I predicted that Martha Stewart will come back bigger and stronger. I still stand by that prediction.

Even though the cowards (like CBS) who made so much money from Martha Stewart, are like rats jumping ship before it goes under, many others will stand by her and her products.

A year or so in prison will give Martha Stewart the chance to reflect, rest and come back with a vengeance. She has risen form the ashes so many times, I don’t think she would know how to do anything else.

The people who have passed judgment on Martha Stewart will always be the “little people” they are, while Martha Stewart will always be Martha Stewart, the icon she deservedly is. SHE WILL BE BACK!

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  1. Is this the same government in charge of the veteran’s health care and Obamacare?

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