The World Versus Israel – On The Same Level As The Scopes Monkey Trial.

Isn't it amazing how just 60 years changes everything?

On Monday, February 23, 2004, Jews will once again face the world forces of evil as anti-Semites in the guise of people fighting for justice will sit in judgement of Israel’s right to exist, and the Jews right to have a homeland.

I am not going overboard in the preceding accusation. The forthcoming trial against Israel’s security perimeter is really a trial against Israel.

During the 1930’s, as Nazism was spreading throughout Europe in the political and social concept of Fascism, it was bringing with it rank anti-Semitism with outright unabashed hatred for Jews of all cultures and nationalities.

Not one country of significance on this planet; including the USA, Canada and all of Europe lifted a finger to help Jews by inviting them in, before, during and even after the Holocaust.

While some of the smaller countries such as Denmark did what they could to protect their own Jewish citizens, most didn’t even raise their voices in condemnation.

And even after the 6 MILLION Jewish bodies were counted, there was still a chorus of anti-Semitism in the “civilized” world.

As the noose tightened around the neck of Europe’s Jews, the rest of the world pretended to see and hear nothing. Much like what the world is doing today as the International Court in The Hague will deliberate Israel’s right to exist, by Israeli’s protecting themselves with a Security Perimeter referred to as the “Wall”.

The best the rest of the world can do in support of Israel, seems to be doing nothing.

To the USA, Canada and Europe, the trial at The Hague is wrong, not necessarily because it is an attack on Israel’s right to security, but rather, it is an attack on national sovereignty, where at some time in the future, they too can find themselves in this position.

Israel, along with Europe and North America will be boycotting this Kangaroo Court, leaving Israel and Jews worldwide with no inside defence. The Court will not even hear the testimony of family members who’ve lost loved ones to Palestinian murderers.

But on the streets; it will be a different story.

The skeletal remains of Jerusalem’s Number 19 bus, in which 11 Israelis were murdered, and dozens more wounded and maimed just a month ago, is being transported to The Hague by Christian Friends of Israel, for the entire world to see the reason for the “Wall”.

927 Israelis and Christians from around the world will carry placard photos of 927 innocent people who were murdered by Palestinians simply because they were Jews.

Being a Jew throughout history, has always been enough of a “crime” that invited pogroms, professional discrimination, personal discrimination, indiscriminate beatings, and eventually the Holocaust.

It wasn’t more than a day before the planes hit the Twin Towers and the Pentagon on 9/11, that the United Nations hosted the orgy of anti-Semitism in Durban South Africa.

And other than Israel and the USA, no other country chose to boycott this filth, including Canada. As a matter of record, Canada signed the Durban Declaration with reservations (big deal).

Anti-Semitism is now hidden behind the veneer of being anti-Israel, or better yet; pro Palestinian. Being anti-Israel and pro Palestinian is very fashionable in Europe.

This week, the Arabs and Islamists will strut their stuff in front of the Justices of the World Court, saying whatever they can to foment hatred against Jews. And the Justices will listen with great attention and sympathy, giving the impression of being pained to have such a measure of weight placed upon their shoulders.

But during this obscene show in the Courtroom, real people will be on the streets doing something very un-Jewish. They will be saying up-yours to the World Court. And even more un-Jewish, is the fact that there will many Christians standing with the Jews, also saying up-yours to the World Court.

The Arabs can protest all they want. And they can plead all they want against Israel’s right to defend themselves and their territory. They can demonize Jews as aggressors and occupiers, and at the same time show the Palestinians as being the victims of Israel and Jews.

What the Arabs and the anti-Semitic Europeans can’t do however, is change history or the truth. They can’t pretend that 927 innocent lives, including targeted children were not murdered by blood-thirsty Palestinian Arabs, and celebrated by hundreds of millions of more blood-thirsty Arabs and Islamists worldwide.

As I have said in previous editorials on this subject; it will not be Israel and Jews who will go on trial in The Hague. It will be the World Court and the entire world that supports anti-Semitism which will in the end be answerable for their actions and beliefs.

The decision to construct the “Wall” is probably the best decision ever taken by the leadership of Israel.

I am absolutely convinced with no shred of doubt, that Middle Eastern Arabs will always be Middle Eastern Arabs with an insatiable appetite to hate Jews, democracy, individual rights, secularism and modernity. And with people such as this, there is no chance for mutual understanding and peace.

Israel will be far better off behind the security of the “Wall”, while the rest of the Arab world does what the Arab world does.

And for the Palestinians: their time is just about done. They will destroy themselves with or without the help of Israel. And sooner rather than later, the world, including their Middle Eastern Arab “bretheren” will abandon them as a lost cause.

And after the Court hearing, and whatever ruling they come up with, the “Wall” will still remain with alterations in its boundaries as will be necessary, and whether they like it or not, this will be the last hurrah (camouflaged in civility) for the anti-Semitic world’s assault on Israel.

Anything after this Kangaroo Trial, will not be as easily disguised in civility. Subsequent attacks against Israel will be far more transparent for what they really will be.

Even as I write this editorial, the Palestinian territories are being ruled (not governed) by thugs, thieves, murderers and Islamic fundamentalists. Millions of donated dollars are being funnelled into secret bank accounts. And millions more are bing “invested” in groups which promote hatred and violence.

More than 60 years ago, there was no one to speak for Jews. There was no country willing to come forward in defence of Jews. And there was no way for Jews to defend themselves. Today – there is Israel.

Isn’t it amazing how just 60 years changes everything?

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  1. Sadly, I saw the trend a long time ago. I lived in CA in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. No one listened to me.

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