Belinda Stronach – Daddy’s Little Girl.

Belinda Stronach hit the ground frozen. Where she had EVERY opportunity to wow us, she chose to look at us as if we were simply her employees.

At first blush, I thought that the entry of Belinda Stronach into the race to lead the new Conservative Party was a great deal for Canada. Here is a relatively young, self assured and successful woman willing to put herself into the lions’ den in order to make Canada a better for all of his.

One of the biggest problems with politics, is that there is no real incentive for good people to run. If you have a great deal of money like Belinda Stronach has, money isn’t a motivator. If you sit in a position of extreme authority such as Belinda Stronach does, the power trip shouldn’t be that much of an attraction.

Therefore; I have to surmise that Belinda Stronach is running for the leadership of the new Party because she really and truly believes she can make a positive difference. Now this is commitment I can understand and respect.

So, when I first heard of her intention to run, I was pleased. Whether she won the leadership or not, at least she would contribute new ideas, and challenge the old boys. Finally I thought, a real leadership race in Canada.

But alas, I was wrong.

At Belinda Stronach’s coming out at a blue collar legion hall; her first real opportunity to speak to the people and face the press, she did neither. She entered the scene like a CEO, mumbled a few words of encouragement, and ignored the press as if they didn’t matter.

Subsequent events haven’t proved any better for her.

Regrettably, the Belinda Stroanch I have seen reminds me of daddy’s little girl who never had to fight for a damned thing in her life. She went directly from the silver spoon to the ivory tower without ever having to stumble on her own.

What I have seen and heard from Belinda Stronach, shows me a person with contempt, who feels no need to be answerable for anything.

Answer questions? Don’t be ridiculous.

Explain herself? That’s not what she does.

Define a real vision for Canada? Not yet.

How to deal with issues of national unity? What issues of national unity?

How to deal with issues of international significance? She knows where the USA is.

How to improve healthcare and education? Is there something wrong with either?

Belinda Stronach hit the ground frozen. Where she had EVERY opportunity to wow us, she chose to look at us as if we were simply her employees, and we should be grateful that she decided to take a run for a hostile takeover of the big boardroom in Ottawa.

The fact that we don’t see that, seems somewhat curious to her. After all, even Brian Mulroney has given her his unconditional and enthusiastic support. And if that’s not an endorsement, what the hell is?

The only important policy Linda Stronach has made clear, is that she is in favor of giving Quebec Distinct Society Status and recognizes Quebec’s “Special Needs”. How’s that for being foresighted?

Belinda Stronach can do herself a favor and stay at the helm of her daddy’s company, earning $8 million a year plus perks. If she decides to stay in the race, she will learn perhaps for the first time in her life, what it really means to be accountable, and have to fight like a junk-yard dog for every scrap. Frankly, she’s just not up to it.

Canada needs new blood in our politics; men and women who are connected to the people and are willing and anxious to shout out where they stand on every issue. What Canada does not need, is Belinda Stronach.

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  1. Decidedly the best decision you could have made. And thank you for helping me see my similar situation a d come to the same decision. Like you I found myself sitting at the table with others who claimed to care as I did but clearly cared for nothing but the cheap fame that running for office gave them and the pocket liners that tuches lecking gave them. Your decision is in no way selfish. I know that you strive harder for right than any pussy footing politician has ever done. God bless you!

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