It Was A Boob – Not A Nuke

I saw the explosion. And I'm also pissed off. Janet Jackson has two boobs. What happened to showing both?

The Americans and the Religious Right have got to lighten-up.

During yesterday’s Super Bowl Half-Time Show, which I found to be entirely crass, the grand finale came when Justin Timberlake ripped off a piece of clothing covering Janet Jackson’s right boob, a second before the stage lights went out.

To hear the outrage, you’d think Janet Jackson just nuked America. What’s the big deal? Where have all of these moralists been, when for years Janet Jackson’s sick brother Michael’s been grabbing his crotch while performing in front of millions of people?

And why haven’t these paragons of virtue ever gone to war against Janet Jackson before, who in emulating her brother, took to grabbing her boob also while performing?

The Super Bowl game was great! The scoreless first half was a testimony to unbelievable defensive work on both sides. The drama was incredible as the game entered the 4th and final quarter, where it all ended in one play in the last seconds.

But what’s every media talking about? Not the game winning last second field goal, but the nuclear boob.

I saw the explosion. And I’m also pissed off. Janet Jackson has two boobs. What happened to showing both? Why didn’t this Justin Timberlake character go for both?

Seriously. I found the entire half-time show to be a bust. The rap-crap and talentless gyrating on-stage were not music or entertainment. They were just a collection of noise and an honest to goodness insult to what American entertainment is really capable of staging.

The NFL should not be surprised with the poor quality of their half-time show, since they hired MTV to produce it. What else did the expect from MTV? Ozzie and Harriet?

What makes America GREAT, is the fact that a crass and talentless performance such as this one happens. There are no Ayatollahs hanging around to drag Janet Jackson to the town square for the community stoning.

And even better! Look at all those beautiful dancers and cheerleaders who really shook their booty, especially in the pre-game show, which was everything the half-time show was not.

Nothing is more American than scantily dressed gorgeous young women strutting their stuff at a football game. Except of course for a hot dog and a beer.

The half-time show stunk. Watching Timberlake denude one of Jackson’s boobs was no big deal. Did it change the outcome of the game? Did it send men rushing out to do the same to other women? Are women now going to start showing their boobs? Will anyone die from this event?

Could the Super Bowl have done without the assault on boobery? It sure could. Did it take away from any part of the game? It sure didn’t. Will something like this ever happen again? It sure will. At a future Super Bowl? Probably not.

But, as long as CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and every other broadcaster plays and replays this event every few minutes, it proves that Janet Jackson was right, just like Madonna was with her (in)famous kiss. We say we don’t like it, but we sure can’t seem to get enough of it.

I bet that next year’s Super Bowl’s entertainment will be a whole lot more wholesome and family oriented, without the rap-crap, groin grabbing and all the other things that is part of our younger generation’s current pop culture. And that will be a good thing.

As for the exposed boob. I went to Google to have a better look, and found it on the Reuters news site. She’s built pretty good. Pity the lights went out as fast as they did.

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  1. Deepest congrats on your decision, Howard. You are a real star in what you do now – you keep your readers minds open – something our politicians fail badly at. Your observations and predications are so right, it shows your head is where it is meant to be. To both you and Anne, keep up the good work and relationship.. God’s blessings, Mr G. We need you – here in Canada! Paula Rudner, Oshawa, ON

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