Paul Martin Is A Duplicitous Guy.

With every passing day, Paul Martin is looking worse and worse.

Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martins’ Canada Steam Ship Lines received $161 MILLION in a variety of forms of government largess over the past dozen or so years. Initially, it was reported that the figure was $137 thousand. Big difference.

You would think that an auditor, comptroller, business manager, and the owner (Paul Martin) of such a large corporation would recognize the difference between $137,000 and $161,000,000, especially when that owner is the Minister of Finance.

The money, and how much of it Martin’s company received is only secondary to the principle of him (his company) receiving any money from the government. Specifically when that company is worth an estimated $700 MILLION.

Anne (my wife) and I own and operate a small business we’ve developed from 1979. We work really hard. We take normal business risks, endure sleepless nights, beg for our receivables and pay our taxes. These are only part of the reality every small business owner deals with on a daily basis.

And like virtually every small business owner, we do it IN-SPITE of the government. In the 25 years which Anne and I have owned and operated our companies, we never once got financial aid in any form from any level of government. We wouldn’t even know how to ask for it.

Yet; in 25 years, we’ve managed to meet EVERY payroll and commission cheque. And during hard times, we’ve even borrowed from our credit cards to pay our staff’s salaries so we wouldn’t have to lay anyone off, while we did without.

Being an owner and operator of a small business is a daunting task. As an employer, I have the obligation and responsibility to protect the income of the people who work for me. After all is said and done, the money I pay to the people who provide me with their services is pretty much the only money they receive.

Without Anne and myself, and people like us, most Canadians would not be able to pay for the things necessary to enjoy a decent lifestyle. Yet, it is companies similar to ours that are the least appreciated and most abused by all levels of government. For us there is no $161,000,000 largess.

With every passing day, Paul Martin is looking worse and worse.

He is not forthcoming, even though he pretends to be. He is as busy today with reenforcing his hold on his own Party and government, as he was when he duplicitously worked behind the scenes to remove his boss, then Prime Minister Jean Chretien.

I should have known what kind of Prime Minister Paul Martin would be from the many telltale signs. As Finance Minister, he lied for years about the size of his projected surpluses, as he squeezed BILLIONS of dollars out of the pockets of hardworking taxpayers.

Now we know where part of the money went. $161,000,000 of it.

As a member of Chretien’s inner circle and most important Cabinet Minister, Paul Martin kept his hands clean while he allowed (encouraged) his political thugs to mug the Prime Minister. And after Chretien’s bruised and battered persona left the scene, Paul Martin still gave the illusion that he was the good guy in all of this.

Paul Martin has proven to me that he is sneaky, underhanded, for Paul Martin first and foremost, and that he is disloyal.

And now Paul Martin has a whole new problem.

Unlike in the past, when he could shift all kinds of blame onto others; as the Prime Minister, there are no others. He is the bottom line. And whether he likes it or not, he has no place to hide.

Stephen Harper of the New Conservative Party could be very well positioned to win quite a few seats in Ontario if Martin continues along his path of duplicity.

Voters can deal with many shortcomings from their leaders, but no one likes a sneak. Especially one who gives the impression that he is a straightforward kind of guy, when he is anything but.

If I was a mover and groover of the Liberal Party of Canada, I’d be worried. Maybe not as much for this coming election, but certainly for the next one to follow. Martin or no Martin.

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  1. Howard,
    I totally concur with your decision, and support it. Despite who you are, what you, or your principals, and your integrity and honor, will be totally trashed, brazenly lied about, and all for the sake of leftist propaganda and NOT about truth and justice,but the agenda of the “machine”.
    Unfortunately, Thomas Jefferson was correct, that the tree of liberty must periodically be refreshed with the blood of patriots, lest it wither and die.
    Tom Corcoran

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