Only Because Israel Is A Jewish State.

Who is the World Court in The Hague to pass judgement on the UN?

There isn’t a great deal of buzz about Israel’s upcoming court date in The Hague’s International World Court, as Israel is going to be placed on trial for their “Security Wall”.

But there will be. This Court challenge will be what creates international jurisprudence and places the Rule of Law on trial.

The fact that the World Court in The Hague is going to be hearing and trying a case that has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with their mandate, is incredibly revealing. Not about the accused (Israel), but rather about the Court willing to hear the accusation.

First: The “Wall” can not go on trial simply because it’s a barrier. If this is the case, every border in the world would be subject to legal action, including the US/Canada border.

Every country has the incontestable right to erect whatever barrier they wish, for the purpose of defining and defending their sovereignty. Why should Israel be held to a different set of rules than any and all other countries?

Second: The “Wall” can not go on trial in The Hague, simply because its direction is encroaching upon Palestinian territory. This is an issue that is being debated at the United Nations.

The Arabs and other Israel haters love to always refer to UN Article 242 which demands that Israel return to MOST of its pre 1967 boundary. The UN is quite clear in their Article 242, that for security purposes, Israel does not have to cede all of the territory it captured in 1967.

And if anyone cares to remember, the land Israel captured in 1967 was part of Jordan (West Bank) and Egypt (Gaza). There was no Palestine.

And for every country in the rest of the world EXCEPT Israel: by international convention – captured territory from the aggressors becomes the legal property of the victor.

So, who is the World Court in The Hague to pass judgement on the UN? If the World Court has the right to sit in judgement of Israel’s border, than let’s all save a tremendous amount of time, energy, empty words and money, and close down the United Nations.

The ONLY reason the World Court is pursuing Israel is because Israel is a Jewish State. This Court is not pursuing real international criminals, the likes of Robert Mugabe for example. Or EVERY Arab leader who is a dictator. Which is EVERY Arab leader.

This trial against Israel could very well turn out to be a mistake the World Court will come to regret. If Israel plays its cards right, it won’t be Israel who will be on trial, but rather Israel’s accusers, and even the World Court.

Israel has become the punching bag for every country with an anti-Semitic bent and a left Wing agenda. Especially if the Left hates the USA.

I can not think of one country on this planet which was ever more unfairly maligned, insulted, held to as many ridiculous double standards, and physically attacked than Israel.

I am aware of no other country in the world that has fought a defensive war for 56 years, and is still called the aggressor. Especially since Israel won all of its wars, and at any time of its choosing could literally wipe out all of its local enemies. But doesn’t.

This trial might become a platform where Israel can finally fight back in a civilized Court, where the rule of justice can not be easily dismissed. And the Court of World Opinion will not be ignored.

Israel is being called before this Court ONLY because it is a Jewish State. And when this sinks in to the fair minded people of the world, especially the people who don’t hate Jews, Israel will come out of the trial a winner. Something that is already 56 years overdue.

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  1. You made the right decision, you are more capable of impact in what you do now rather than being confined to the diciates of a government position. Thanks for keeping us Americans in the loop. I so appreciate you and your wife for standing firm on issues that truly matter and for letting me know about Israel Hayom. It has been really enlightening. Keep the good fight.
    Jan McCullough, Birmingham, Alabama

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