Ashcroft Is Crossing The Line.

If I have to surrender my right to privacy in order for the government to protect my right to privacy: what's the point?

I’m worried about US Attorney General John Ashcroft.

I’m all for creating a safety-net to protect against TERRORISM. But I’m equally against passing laws that take away, or chip away at Civil Liberties.

The line between PROTECTING the masses with laws that restrict rights, and DEBILITATING the masses with laws that restrict rights is razor edge thin.

I believe John Ashcroft has stepped over the line.

What bothers me most about Ashcroft’s Homeland Security isn’t what I am aware of. It is what I am not aware of.

For example: we are not aware of the grave consequences some of his laws will have on individual freedoms when used not exactly according to the “book”. And for how long will his laws apply?

The newest Homeland Security Law will soon make it mandatory for all travellers by air, to register themselves with airline security, and be given a security color clearance. Green will mean go. Yellow will mean lots of questions before being allowed to board a plane. And Red will mean find another form of travel.

To register means to have to give a great deal of information about yourself including more than just your name, phone number and residential address. Now they want to know your destination, your business, the purpose of your trip(s) . . . etc.

If I have to surrender my right to privacy in order for the government to protect my right to privacy: what’s the point?

The USA was attacked 2½ years ago by a well prepared group of Arab/Islamic fundamentalists. And since 9/11, even though there have been many warnings of potential attacks, nothing has happened. So why now?

Why all of a sudden does John Ashcroft and company believe that it is for the good of the American people to have their rights taken away piece by piece, especially since there has not been even one “little” attack on American soil since 9/11?

Look at all the Arab/Islamic TERROR attacks around the world since and before 9/11, including suicide bombs strapped to the bodies of Arab/Islamic fanatics (male or female) ready to die, and car bombs set to explode outside restaurants, discos, hotels, bus stops and embassies. This is the reality of Arab/Islamic TERRORISM.

I contend with great trepidation, that if the Arab/Islamic TERRORISTS wanted to paralyse the USA, they could do it more efficiently with suicide bombers, car bombs, and the such; rather than with more airplane attacks.

Before you criticize me for giving TERRORISTS ideas, I’m not giving anything away the Arab/Islamic TERRORISTS don’t already practice. Remember, it wasn’t a plane that crippled the billion dollar Aegis Class Super Destroyer – USS Cole, it was a little boat packed with explosives crewed by a few guys ready to meet the 72 virgins.

There are so many targets in the USA, that to a guy or a gal with his or her suicide belt, it would be like shooting fish in a barrel. We keep hearing about the threats to primary targets: Wall Street, Water Plants, Nuclear Facilities, Airports – etc. This is a lot of bull.

Even a “little” bomb here or there: in a shopping center, restaurant and at little league sporting venue would cripple the psyche of the American people. And don’t you think the Arab/Islamic TERRORISTS realize it?

They don’t have to kill thousands of people and destroy billions of dollars in property to be effective. They just have to create fear through TERROR. TERROR warfare is psychological, far more than it is physical.

Do you believe for a second that these Arab/Islamic TERRORISTS and murderers think this type of TERROR works only in Israel? That it wouldn’t work in the USA?

Do you think IT’S NOT EASY for these Islamic/Arab TERRORISTS to acquire whatever explosives they need in the USA to begin a reign of TERROR, if that is their purpose?

Getting their hands on explosive materiel in the USA, is far easier than highjacking and flying a plane into a building.

I assume the reason the Arab/Islamic TERRORISTS don’t go after soft targets in America is because of the consequences.

I can not believe for a second that TERRORIST organizations and their supporters have not been told what would happen to them, their friends, their families and the countries that support them if America comes under a reign of TERROR.

If Al Jazeera and many Western news media can get to the leaders of TERROR to exchange information, so can the American government.

I can not imagine the USA not telling Syria, Iran and even Saudi Arabia what will happen to them if a Palestinian-style reign of TERROR is visited upon the shores of the USA.

Great security and diplomacy didn’t defeat Communism. It was the threat of all out war by any means (read nuclear) that brought the Soviet Union to its knees. Playing nice with thugs never works. Carrying a very big stick, and being willing to use it does.

If the Arab/Islamic TERRORISTS wanted to paralyse the USA with a series of TERROR attacks, all of John Ashcroft’s laws restricting and diminishing Civil Rights and Liberties for law abiding Americans, and law abiding visitors to America won’t amount to a hill of beans.

Ashcroft is doing what he’s doing simply because he’s John Ashcroft, a right wing religious fundamentalist who is a throwback to the days of Senator Joe McCarthy. Something America can do without.

The Arab/Islamist TERRORISTS hit America 2½ years ago. But it is Ashcroft who has been reenforcing their attack and harming the American way of life ever since.

If he’s not stopped, he’ll finish the job the TERRORISTS started.

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  1. Stick by your wife Howard and keep sticking it to the takers. I would have supported you 100% had you decided to run but am happy you chose not to. You are more powerful as you are. It is interesting to see the majority of “comments” come from outside of Canada which may be an indication of the apathy of Canadians toward politics. Unfortunately, multiculturalism and subsequent “accomodation” has led to an overwhelming nation of “takers” making more and more demands on the system.

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