The Accuser Will Be On Trial.

As hard as I look at the World Court schedule, I can't seem to find the date when leaders of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, the Sudan, Nigeria, and others will stand trial for horrific crimes against women.

The World Court in The Hague is set to rule (December 8, 2004) on the legality of Israel’s security “Wall”, even though the International Court has no jurisdiction over this matter.

It’s remarkable how this International body is so concerned about where Israel decides to place its security “Wall”, when in the rest of the world, specifically Arab and African countries; thugs are massacring, torturing, raping, maiming and dispossessing legitimate landowners from their properties everyday.

Has the World Court set a date to rule on the “legality” of Zimbabwean Blacks, who with the aid and approbation of the majority Black government are forcing Whites to leave farms their families worked for generations?

And if the White families don’t leave, and more or less abandon everything they have, they will be beaten at best, and murdered at worst. When’s the World Court hearing?

When will the World Court rule against Moslems who stone “their” women to death because of a sexual dalliance, whether true or contrived? I must have missed it on their busy agenda.

And what about Saddam before he was captured? Was there a date set to try him on crimes against humanity: crimes against his own people as well as so many others he had murdered, tortured, raped and invaded?

I guess the World Court docket was too full for the elitist judges to make room for a world class monster like Saddam.

I also want to know what the World Court is doing about the hundreds of millions of Moslem women who will be humiliated, beaten and killed if they decide to seek equality as human beings with comparable rights enjoyed by men within their own societies?

Or does it not matter to the World Court that women in much of the world are treated as mere possessions, to be dealt with as the male populations deem fit?

As hard as I look at the World Court schedule, I can’t seem to find the date when leaders of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, the Sudan, Nigeria, and others will stand trial for horrific crimes against women.

I guess I have to look harder since I can’t for the life of me imagine how Israel is being hauled before the World Court, for building a benign “Wall”, which mostly follows a border established by the UN in their own Resolution 242; while at the same time; murderers, thugs, rapists, misogynists, thieves and dispossessors are free to continue their regimes of horror.

The Israeli security “Wall” is the culmination of a countless number of failures by the Israelis to make peace with their neighbors no matter how generous the Israelis have been. Finally though, it seems that most Israelis have accepted THE FACT that nothing less than their disappearance will satisfy the vast majority of Arabs and Moslems.

Hence the “Wall”.

It’s a tragedy that a small democratic nation (Israel), governed by the rule of secular law, must resort to fencing themselves in for security, and a chance to live an almost normal life while the rest of the world hurls criticism at the Israeli victims of TERROR.

It is not Israel and its “Wall” which should be on trial in The Hague. It is the Arab/Islamic nations and the Palestinians who should be on trial for their crimes against humanity. Including the murder and TERRORISM directed at Israelis and Jews everywhere.

The World Court has it all wrong. They are trying a party whose only crime is trying to survive against an implacable enemy sworn to its total destruction.

Would the World Court have tried the Jewish fighters in the Warsaw Ghetto, for defending themselves against the Nazis?

The fact that the World Court is taking Israel to trial for constructing a “Wall” to keep out premeditated murderers of Jewish men, women and children, puts the integrity of the World Court to question, rather than it does the legality of Israel’s security “Wall”.

What’s also interesting is how the “Wall” has all of a sudden created a whole new dynamic in the Middle East.

Now that Israel has said to the Palestinians, their Arab neighbors, the EU and the UN, that enough is enough, and they will simply insulate themselves from TERRORISTS as best they can by closing the Palestinians out; everyone seems to be ready to talk.

EVEN the Syrians and Libyans. Go figure!

Israel will defend itself on December 8, 2004 at the World Court, not because Israel believes they have to win in order to continue along the path to security, since Israel will do whatever it has to, to survive and protect itself, no matter what the Court rules.

Israel will be there to put the World Community on trial for their obscene double standards against Israel, and the world’s eagerness to find fault with all aspects of the Jewish State.

I understand that Israel’s legal representation includes Harvard Law Professor, Allan Dershowitz, who is perhaps the world’s foremost legal defender and expert on human rights. And an unabashed defender of Israel.

Dershowitz has recently published “The Case For Israel”, a fascinating book on Israel’s right to defend itself and to exist. And if he applies the reasoning within his book to the upcoming case in The Hague, it will be the world body who will be ashamed; not Israel.

Like they say in a street fight, just before the fists fly: BRING IT ON!

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  1. I agree with your decision not to run, but stay focused and continue your excellent columns which shed light on issues on both sides of the border!

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