A Nobel Peace Prize For Ariel Sharon.

It seems to me, that all of the recent winners of this coveted Prize have won something they didn't deserve, since none of them have brought about any semblance of real peace.

Ariel Sharon should be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, and he should win it. Ludicrous you say? Not at all.

Think of the many people who have been awarded the Peace Prize. Let’s start with Yasser Arafat. Don’t laugh too hard.

Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres won for their failed effort to make peace with Arafat.

The UN and Kofi Annan co-won the Prize. What did they do to win it? They watched as many as, and possibly more than 800,000 Tutsis were slaughtered at the hands of the Hutus. In fact, Annan ordered his UN troops to stay on-base during the genocide. Even though his UN Troops could have made a difference.

And then there was the former Yugoslavia which required military intervention of NATO led by the USA. Annan and his less than useless UN cohorts stood by wringing their hands in cowardly frustration as thousands of Moslems were being slaughtered in Srebrenica and throughout Bosnia.

Former US President Jimmy Carter won the Peace Prize for his failed work in negotiating a nuclear proliferation agreement with North Korea. And even after the North Koreans built their bomb, Carter was still awarded the Prize for something he definitely didn’t succeed at.

And the list goes on.

It seems to me, that all of the recent winners of this coveted Prize have won something they didn’t deserve, since none of them have brought about any semblance of real Peace.

And now there’s Ariel Sharon, Israel’s Prime Minister.

Sharon, a native born Israeli (Sabra) fought in all of Israel’s wars. But in 1973, he saved Israel after the sneak attack by Egypt and Syria on Yom Kippur. But not only did he save Israel, he forced the surrender of the Egyptian Third Army without slaughtering them.

This single act brought Peace between the Egyptians and the Israelis.

In the 1980’s, Ariel Sharon drove Arafat from Lebanon where Arafat was participating in Lebanon’s civil war, and using Lebanese soil to launch TERRORIST attacks against Israel.

Getting Arafat out of Lebanon eventually contributed to Peace in that country, and substantially reduced the number of TERRORIST attacks against Jewish civilians in Israel. Whether the international elitists like it or not: this was Peace.

And now it’s 2003, soon to be 2004, and Sharon is doing it again.

Instead of excusing and intellectualizing TERRORIST attacks on Israeli soil, like all of the world does, including most Israeli “Leftist intellectuals”, Sharon is doing what it takes to stop the TERROR and bring about real Peace.

Sharon’s security fence, AKA the “Wall” is doing three things to bring about Peace.

1) In the short view, it is keeping TERRORISTS out of Israel which saves Jewish lives and allows Israel to more or less get on with a sense of normalcy.

2) In the somewhat longer view, it is telling the Palestinians that the time of pretending to make Peace is over. Either the Palestinians drop their love for TERRORISM and wholesale slaughter completely, or the “Wall” will do it for them.

It is impossible to make a demand on anyone if there is no consequence. In this case, Ariel Sharon is demanding legitimate negotiations along the route prescribed in the Road Map, which the Palestinians couldn’t wait to put their signature to. Or it is the “Wall”. Easy and clear choice.

3) In the long view, the “Wall” will become a defacto border, which the Palestinians will have a very hard time changing. And instead of negotiating the right of return of millions of Palestinians who have no legitimate right to return, the Palestinians will have to negotiate an imposed border they could have avoided.

Either way, Ariel Sharon is bringing Peace to the Middle East.

It’s not the kind of Peace the world body likes to see, because it’s not the kind of Peace the elitists would ever suggest. But nonetheless, it will be real Peace unlike the Peace the Nobel Committee gives Prizes for.

Within a couple of months, Peace, or all-out war is going to come between the Palestinians and the Israelis because of Sharon’s “Wall”. I don’t believe it will be war, simply because the Palestinians don’t have what it takes to go to war.

Therefore; I believe it will be Peace.

Either the Palestinians will start negotiating right away, without Arafat, and without TERRORISM. Or the Israelis will completely seal themselves off from the Palestinians.

And if Israel enjoys Peace, then so will the Palestinians. The Palestinians however, won’t like the Peace they’re going to get if it’s imposed by Sharon’s “Wall”. But nonetheless, Peace it will be.

So after writing all of this, and not tongue-in-cheek, since I’m serious: where does Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon show up to claim his Nobel Peace Prize? He will have deserved it. At least far more than recent recipients.

Tonight is the first candle of Chanukah. Let the light shine brightly on all who desire Peace and goodwill. HAPPY CHANUKAH.

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  1. Good decision. You and Anne should go on the road as examples of a great marriage and superb examples of good folks with common sense and courage. So much of this world is devoid of these characteristics . Keep up the good fight!

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