Saddam: Trial American Style.

Nowhere in the Arab world can the words fair and trial be used in the same sentence.

Now that Saddam is in custody, it’s remarkable how many opponents of America’s war policy want to get in on the action. Especially Kofi Annan of the UN.

The whole world is all of a sudden so concerned that Saddam Hussein, the war monger, mass murderer, rapist, and torturer should get a fair trial. Their concern is touching, specifically for a thug who ruled in a part of the world where a fair trial is an oxymoron.

Nowhere in the Arab world can the words fair and trial be used in the same sentence. But, to the sanctimonious Kofi Annan, giving Saddam a fair trial is everything.

It galls me that this UN elitist phony even presumes that Saddam will not get a fair trial at the hands of the Americans. Why would he even surmise in his wildest befuddled dreams that the world’s greatest democracy would deny Saddam a fair trial?

Everyone who is tried by the Americans by virtue of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights gets a fair trial, including some of the worst thugs in humanity.

Why would this useless Third World Ass Kisser (Kofi Annan) even suggest otherwise for Saddam?

Perhaps Kofi Annan was thinking about the legal systems of all the tin-pot tyrants he supports when he made his ridiculous comments about the American judicial system.

Even if the Americans would want to fry Saddam first, and put him on trial second, there’s nothing in it for them to do that. Having Saddam face a real court, delivering real justice American style would be in everyone’s best interest, especially America’s best interests.

I guess Kofi Annan has conveniently forgotten how he and his organization of UN losers did everything they possibly could to keep the Americans from going after Saddam, because all of a sudden, here he is wanting to be a player in the trial of Saddam.

He, nor his useless UN has earned the right to even sit in the courtroom that will try Saddam, let alone participate. When it comes to the implementation of REAL JUSTICE, Kofi Annan and the UN are not the ones to turn to for advice.

The British, Aussies, Spaniards, Poles, Italians, and all the others who actually supported the American war effort have the right to an opinion on how to try Saddam. But no one else.

In the final analysis, it is ONLY the Americans who have the ultimate right to decide how, when and where to try this monster.

It pained me to see our Prime Minister (Canada), Paul Martin phone President Bush to congratulate him on the US capture of Saddam. Canada could have been a part of it, rather than a patheic outsider looking in.

It pains me even more to hear Canadian officials comment on what type of justice the Americans should submit Saddam to. No one in Canada’s government has earned that right.

Bravo to the Americans. This is their victory, and no one has the right to tell them how to savour it. Least of all the countries and organizations that stood in the way.

In the American tradition, and under American auspices, Saddam will get a fair trial no matter who tries him. And that’s an awful lot more than Saddam’s victims got.

As a matter of fact, how the Americans will dispense justice to Saddam is light years beyond how most of the world receives justice at the hands of the UN’s favourite Thugocracies.

If they (UN) had any brains and class, they’d keep their mouths shut about the trial of Saddam, and watch how a real democracy hands out justice. But they won’t.

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  1. I believe you made the best decision. Sometimes (just about all times) family and health come first. As you know, politics can be dirty. Why subject yourselves to this. Sometimes you have to give it a pass, not look back, and look to the future.

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