Saddam: From Rags To Riches To Rags.

Saddam Hussein was a gangster. Nothing more and nothing less. He was never a political leader. He never had the interests of the Iraqi people at heart or in his mind.

Now that Saddam has been captured and shown incarcerated, looking very much like a dirty street vagrant, this is just one more part of the Iraq war that has come to fruition.

I don’t believe his capture will change all that much.

Saddam is a mass murderer and torturer who has never shown any regard for the suffering of others, even those who were closest to him. Just ask his two sons-in-law who he had murdered for betraying him, much like the rest of his relatives who died through his command.

That said; it must also be said that Saddam is a coward. His two sons went down fighting, as did his 14 year old grandson. But not Saddam. Instead of going down with honor, Saddam chose rather to hide like a cockroach in a hole, and surrender at his first opportunity.

No government, nor any media of which I am aware, ever described Saddam Hussein as anything other than the leader, president, and/or dictator of Iraq. But in reality, being the leader of Iraq was his sideline.

Saddam Hussein was a gangster. Nothing more and nothing less. He was never a political leader. He never had the interests of the Iraqi people at heart.

Saddam had no political or social policy for Iraq, anymore than he had a vision for the development of Iraq. To Saddam, Iraq was his turf that he milked in the fashion one would expect from any gangster.

So, when the world body (UN) treated Saddam as if he was a real national leader, it was a joke. Just like so many other political jokes who “lead” their countries into oblivion.

But to many real national leaders, Saddam was more than just a joke. He was a gravy-train which fed their own corruption. Saddam was a huge purchaser of hard weapons, chemical, biological and nuclear weapons technology, and the component supply thereof.

He also surrounded himself and his fellow thugs in luxury supplied by those same “friends” who turned a blind eye. Or worse. Worse being they helped him hide his evil deeds and stymied those (USA) who were prepared to do him in.

True to being a gangster, I believe Saddam will turn on anyone he can to better his lot in captivity. Remember, Saddam cares about Saddam.

Here’s where having Saddam alive and well should send the fear of God into many people. And I’m not writing about Iraqis.

Saddam will roll over on his European pals, who for decades helped keep him in power, and helped him develop weapons of mass destruction. And who made fortunes selling him whatever he wanted while he was shaking down his populace and scaring the crap out of his neighbors.

If I was France, Germany and Russia, especially France and Germany, I would be more upset than somewhat that he’s alive. When Saddam starts singing, he’ll have no shortage of songs to expose European involvement in his criminal empire.

And to the Americans, this information is worth far more than finding weapons of mass destruction. To the Europeans, this is nothing less than a disaster.

When it comes to the “art” of shaking someone down, no one does it better than the Americans. Watch how conciliatory France and Germany will become in their dealings with the USA, especially at the UN.

These two European countries will bend over backwards and kiss their own asses if that’s what it’ll take to keep whatever information the Americans get out of Saddam from being made public.

If I’m right, as I strongly suspect that I am, this in itself is very much the biggest victory so far in the war against Saddam.

In the global war against Islamic terrorism, the capture of Saddam is irrelevant. Saddam was a secularist, and in his own way hated the Islamists as much as did the West. Maybe even more.

He was no friend to the Iranian Shiites, and no friend to the Saudi Wahabis. Therefore, his demise is inconsequential.

Who might be affected somewhat by the capture of Saddam are the Palestinians who looked to him as their hero.

He wasn’t looking too heroic with a medical worker checking his dishevelled beard and head for what looked like a hunt for lice. Or as the medical person checked into his mouth with a flashlight.

Arafat has a real problem. If he comes out cheering the arrest of Saddam, he seriously risks creating a rift between himself and many of his people. If he doesn’t come out in support of the arrest, he will appear in the eyes of the world (EU) as being on the wrong side (which he is). Either way, Arafat loses.

I imagine everyone reading this editorial saw the Iraqi man-in-the-street reaction to the news that Saddam was caught. How many of you and your friends have AK 47’s hanging around the house, ready to be fired into the air at the hint of a celebration?

The Arab mind-set is so disturbed, that even in celebrating something we agree with, they show their most base culture. Who in a civilized country rushes out to shoot guns into the air to celebrate anything?

But for the Arabs; this is par for the course.

Seeing Saddam looking like the pathetic scum that he is felt good. But his capture won’t make a difference in the world, since all of the other Arab leaders are no more, or no less despicable than he is. For all of them, it’s just a matter of degrees.

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  1. Howard:
    Wasn’t running in the federal election in Mount Royal hard enough and finding out that the many who said they would support you, decided in the end to support the Liberal candidate and winner, Sheila Finestone? You made the right decision and I’d really question the motives of those people who are disappointed by your decision.
    Fighting everyone else’s battles is fine for they who’ll commit nothing to the fight.
    Your family is more important. Good Decision


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