Canada Is Paying The Piper And Doesn’t Like The Tune.

When the moment of reckoning finally arrived, Canada aligned itself with the America-bashers.

It’s hard to take the Canadian Government seriously when they act like a bunch of spoiled kids who whine, bitch and throw a tantrum when they don’t get what they want. Especially when they don’t deserve to get what they want.

Here’s the scenario:

Canada, America’s single largest trading partner, selling about 98% of all our exports to the USA, tells our American friends to screw-off with their Iraq policy.

But worse than that. Canada decides to go one step further and sides with the useless UN and its self serving European America-haters, in Europe’s quest to stymie and embarrass the USA.

And as the 11th hour is approaching, when it’s either put-up or shut-up time, Canada sends so many conflicting signals, that to some, it appeared obvious that Canada was going to join the USA as a reluctant warrior.

And to others, it seemed as though Canada is just buying time in the hopes they won’t have to take a stand.

But; when the moment of reckoning finally arrived, Canada aligned itself with the America-bashers.

And now it’s pay-back time.

The USA just announced: that any country which was not with the USA in their decision to oust Saddam militarily, would not be able to bid on Iraqi reconstruction contracts.

And Canada is pissed; as are France, Germany and Russia. Canada’s new “best” friends.

Remarkably, just about every Eastern European country is eligible for contracts; as are the Italians, the Aussies and the Brits. All of whom joined the USA. But not Canada.

Chretien was too busy lecturing Bush and the US government to think about the consequences of not standing side by side with our most important friend and trading partner. Especially in that friend’s hour of need.

And now come the consequences.

Paul Martin, Canada’s Prime Minister as of December 12, 2003, has repeatedly said that he wanted to mend the fences between Canada and the USA once he moves into the PMO (Prime Minister’s Office).

But instead of mending fences with the Americans, he’s following in the tradition of Chretien by siding with Canada’s European buddies in condemning the USA for shutting out their business interests.

If Paul Martin wants to reestablish a close working relationship with the Americans, siding once again with America-bashers is not the way to do it.

What Martin has to do is simple. Live with the consequences of a Canadian decision not to support the USA. And take the side of the Americans in this latest America/European argument by stating the obvious.

Canada should say:

By not participating in America’s decision to go to war, we fully realize that the American government has the right to choose who gets to rebuild Iraq, and has the obligation to make certain that America’s allies, who did stand at her side should be at the top of the rebuilding list.

Canada would do well if it takes its medicine like a mature adult, rather than like a spoiled child.

Here’s the stunning hypocrisy of Paul Martin.

Paul Martin is in the process of PUNISHING those Chretien loyalists who stood against his run for the leadership of the Liberal Party, even as I write this editorial.

Within 24 hours, Martin will strip away Cabinet posts from those who didn’t support him, and give the posts to the people who did.

Should any of the Cabinet post losers cry about it? Why should they? They picked a side knowing full well what would happen if that side lost. And now that they lost, they’ve got to accept the consequences.

So, if it’s good for Paul Martin to punish those who didn’t stand with him. And equally good for Paul Martin to reward those who did. Why is it not good for the Americans to do the same?

It’s very hard to take a country seriously, when that country acts like a snivelling infant as it faces the consequences of its actions.

Maybe Canada will perform better in the future. Or maybe Canada will retaliate and teach the USA a lesson by not taking any more its foreign trade money.

After-all, there’s nothing to stop Canada from trying to sell 98% of our total exports to the Europeans and the Arabs. I’m sure the Europeans and Arabs would just love to give us their money as the Americans do.

And if not. Screw the Americans anyway. Who needs FREE Canadian healthcare and all the other nice social benefits we wrap around ourselves, with the money we earn by shipping 98% our goods south of the border? WE’LL TEACH THEM!

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  1. Good call dude, soon enough we’ll be in hand to hand combat with the takers coming through the windows….

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