Peres And Other Israeli Apologists For The Palestinians Should be Ashamed Of Themselves.

I have to ask Peres this question: If Likud is so bad, and Labour is so good, why was Labour NEVER able to deliver Peace or security to Israel?

IF AND WHEN the Palestinian people decide to make a real Peace with Israel, it will probably look somewhat like Yossi Beilin’s “pretend” Geneva Peace Agreement. Not that I believe it will happen anytime soon, since Israel has already been down this road to perdition.

The “pretend” Peace Agreement is very much a mirror image of what Ehud Barak already offered Arafat at Camp David in 1970. And for Barak’s effort, and Israel’s willingness to make substantial concessions for Peace, Arafat and the Palestinian people rewarded the Israelis with 3 years of TERROR and murder.

It’s interesting that after the Camp David offer fell apart because Arafat turned his back on it, he is now giving this “pretend” agreement, which was signed between people with no authority his endorsement.

Peace could have been achieved between Israel and her Arab neighbors in 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973, 1982 and 2000. But at every opportunity, the Arabs found ways of saying no.

Yet; to read what former Israeli Prime Minister, Shimon Peres had to say in this week’s Jerusalem Post: all of the failures to reach a Peace agreement with the Arabs was (is) Israel’s fault.

Peres lamented the missed opportunities of Likud, Israel’s Conservative political party and current government under Ariel Sharon.

If only the wisdom of Israel’s first Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion was instituted by Likud, Israel would have already had Peace declares Peres.

Someone should remind Peres, that Likud first came to power after the 1973 Yom Kippur War. Before 1973, every Israeli government from the time of Israel’s inception was run by the Labour Party, Israel’s Left Wing.

This was the Party of Ben-Gurion. Why couldn’t he make Peace if it was so easy?

Peres says that Ben-Gurion would have never taken land away from the Palestinians, and that he would have been sufficiently generous to them to the point that Egypt would have made peace with Israel after 1967 (6 Day War) and the death of Nasser, Egypt’s tyrant.

This Peres said would have prevented the 1973 Yom Kippur War.

I’m impressed how confident Peres is in his 20/20 hindsight speculations. How does he know what the Egyptians would have, or would not have done given a hypothetical situation of his own creation?

Peace with Egypt and Jordan didn’t come when Peres and his Leftist Labour Party were governing Israel. Peace came only after Likud came to power with Menachem Begin at the helm.

In Likud and Begin, the Arabs clearly understood that there would be severe consequences for their actions against Israel. Therefore; in this context, Peace making with Israel was far better for the Egyptians than the alternative.

I have to ask Peres this question: If Likud is so bad, and Labour is so good, why was Labour NEVER able to deliver Peace or security to Israel?

Furthermore: If Peres is so sure of himself and his philosophy, why was he personally unable to make Peace with the Arabs when he was Prime Minister?

Peres accepted the Nobel Peace Prize in 1994, along with Arafat and Rabin, for a Peace Treaty (Oslo) that was never more than just a sham; a con by Arafat for his return out of exile, and his illegitimate birth as a “legitimate” world leader.

If anyone can be blamed for the mess that is currently suffocating Israel, while drenching both the Israeli and Palestinian people in blood, it has to be Peres (and his Leftist supporters including Rabin) who helped resurrect Arafat, arm more than 40,000 of Arafat’s personal paramilitary, and gave Arafat and his ilk international standing.

To me; it was Peres and his supporters who made the mess Israel is living with today. And instead of taking responsibility for his incompetence and misjudgement, he prefers to blame everyone else.

Peres and his supporters were wrong in much of what they promoted, not that they would ever admit it, but what they are doing now is even more injurious to Israel. Peres and company are telling the whole wide world how wrong Israel is.

It’s not as though the Arabs, the Moslem World, the UN and the EU need additional excuses to hate Israel and promote anti-Semitism. But; when you have a high profile Israeli who dedicates himself to criticizing everything the Israeli government attempts to do in securing security for Israel, it is adding fuel to the fire of anti-Semitism and international disdain for Israel.

There is no better purveyor of anti-Israeli sentiment than a high profile Israeli, especially one who was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize, even if there is no Peace that goes with the prize.

Being a secular democracy, everyone in Israel has a right to an opinion, and the right to freely express that opinion. Even Peres. But the people who do this should also understand the consequences of their actions upon the well being of the Israeli people.

By not blaming Israel and Likud for all of the problems between the Israelis and Israel’s Arab neighbors, Peres and others of his mind-set could help, rather than hinder the Peace and security process by putting the blame where the blame belongs.

Israel doesn’t operate summer suicide training camps for its school children.

Israel doesn’t name parks, playgrounds, streets and schools after suicide murderers.

Israeli media doesn’t malign Palestinians, urging Israelis to violence through lies and distortions. But to the Palestinian media, broadcasting and publishing lies and hatred towards Israel is its mainstay.

Israel doesn’t invest its educational energy teaching Israeli school children to hate Arabs. Much less Palestinians. And if anyone has the right to hate another people, it is the Israeli families of those who were murdered and maimed by Palestinian suicide bombers.

Israelis won’t murder Israelis for selling property in Israel to Arabs. But Palestinians will murder Palestinians who sell Palestinian property to Jews. (Note the word Jews, since it isn’t just Israeli Jews who are denied the right to purchase Palestinian property. It is all Jews).

Israel built the Palestinian infrastructure on the West Bank after the 6 Day War (1967), including schools, a university, hospitals, roads, sewage and electricity. Much of which Arafat destroyed from the time of Oslo (1993) by neglect and corruption.

Israel didn’t destroy Islamic shrines and archeological sites. But the Palestinians did destroy and desecrate Jewish sites.

Israelis don’t depend on Palestinians for their jobs, livelihood and welfare. But the Palestinians depend upon Israel for their entire well-being; other than what they can beg from the international community.

Israel has given the world a plethora of treasures in medicine, high-tech sciences and industrial innovation. The Palestinians and rest of the Arab World have given the world blood, murder and terror.

It’s easy for Peres and others like him to point a finger at Israel for Israel’s failures. Which country in the world is perfect? But it’s just as easy and far more honest for people to point a finger at Israel’s many successes.

And in the interest of honesty. Ask then what are the successes of the Arab World?

Israel needs friends who see the truth, for what the truth is; worts and all. It doesn’t need appeasers like Peres, who see Israel and it’s Arab relations the way he’d like to see it, rather than the way it really is. Especially since the way it is, is very much his doing.

In his own way; Shimon Peres is as guilty for the mess between Israel and its Arab neighbors, specifically the Palestinians, as is Arafat. And nothing he says will change that.

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