The Double Standards Of The Left.

Isn't it strange how the Liberal Left has no problem with people who make a living calling each other NIGGER? And how "documentaries" which distort the truth win their awards?

The CBS television network was to air a made for television movie described as a documentary about the life and times of Ronald Regan. But they were forced to pull it from their regular programming because of distortions, inaccuracies and blatant lies.

What’s incredible about this outrage, is not that CBS had no problem creating a lie based loosely on the truth, and then passing it off as a documentary, but, by the way the Liberal media jumped all over Conservatives for forcing this lie off the CBS network.

It aired nonetheless on a specialty station.

The controversy over this production wasn’t about rewriting and creating history while defaming a past President who is in no condition to defend himself. Rather, it has become all about the so-called Right Wing Conspiracy to keep it from being aired.

This is wrong and frightening. It should have been kept off the air. Too much of what passes for documentaries created in Hollywood and by the televison networks are simply untrue. Yet we say nothing.

How are we and our children best served by establishing lies as history?

The Academy Award for Best DOCUMENTARY (2002), was given to Michael Moore for his movie: Bowling For Columbine. Problem is; Michael Moore interjected events into his “documentary” that NEVER happened. And everyone knew it. He still won.

Then there was Denzil Washington who won Best Actor for his role in “Training Day” (2001), a movie about a bad cop.

“Training Day” was so vile, ugly and dreadful, that it wasn’t even nominated in any other category. Yet, Denzil Washington beat out Russel Crowe for Best Actor who starred in “A Beautiful Mind”, which won just about everything else.

My decision not to like “Training Day” had an awful lot less to do with what I considered a second rate production, than it had to do with Denzil Washington’s verbal portrayal of his own Black community.

It seemed as if every other sentence in the movie included the pejorative: NIGGER. NIGGER this, or NIGGER that. How’s it shaking NIGGER? Hey NIGGER – long time no see.

The very horrible word NIGGER instills a revulsion in me like none other. Yet, to Hollywood writers, directors, producers and Black actors, it is a great movie word. As it obviously is to the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences as well.

If NIGGER is ever uttered by a non-Black in any context other than Hollywood, it would be cause for a slander suit, a lost career, and worst. All with justification.

It’s no secret that the Black community under-performs as a whole. And in terms of crime, prostitution, incarceration, poverty, drugs, alcoholism, STD’s including AIDS, unwed mothers, deserted babies and life in the slums, the Black Community excels. Why is that?

Could it possibly be that the Black community’s role models like Denzil Washington simply reenforces that horrible NIGGER image?

If I was watching a movie, or listening to a comedian, or music, and the performers made comments about KIKES, the pejorative for someone who is Jewish, I would be pissed off to the highest degree. Especially if the insult came from a fellow Jew.

As a matter of fact. Anyone who would be so stupid and disrespectful to utter such an insult would see his or her career ended on the spot. Whether the slur was spoken by a Jew or not. As it should be!

But not with the Black community. Perhaps that’s why so many other minority communities do so well, while the Black community does so poorly.

How can the Black community hope to lift itself out of the slums when the Liberal Elitists and Black “role models” reward the approbationists of racial slurs with awards?

And what is the non Black community supposed to think when we (non Blacks) go to movies and watch Black actor icons insult and degrade their own people? If that is what the Black community thinks of itself, why should we think any differently?

Isn’t it strange how the Liberal Left has no problem with people who make a living calling each other NIGGER? And how “documentaries” which distort the truth win their awards?

Perhaps the favourite expression used by the Leftists: “Right-Wing Conspiracy”, is just another fabrication of the Left, who seem to have the lock on the truth, no matter how ugly they portray it, or ignore it.

If the Left wasn’t so hypocritical, the ACLU would be suing Hollywood, the music industry and the performers for racism of the highest order. But they’re not suing anyone. Neither is the NAACP. Why not?

Just because the White elitist Liberal establishment says nothing about the use of this horrific, distasteful and disgusting racist epithet, does that mean Black leaders have to be silent?

Where the hell are Black community leaders like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, who always see racists around every corner?

Do they not mind being called NIGGERS by their own community?

The Left is far too holier-than-thou. And far too selective about what is morally and ethically acceptable for themselves. But they are otherwise very quick to judge everyone else. A fact everyone should keep in mind the next time a Liberal is quick to pass judgement.

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  1. Mazel Tov–Great decision, so now your thoughts for your incredibly on target editorials, will not be compromised by distractions of a political run. Keep up the great work!!

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