Another Islamic Weekend.

The day doesn't pass without news of some atrocity caused by an Islamic Group.

It has literally been a HELL of a weekend for the good guys.

More Americans killed in Iraq. Two more Black Hawk helicopters are downed in combat. Two Synagogues in Turkey are blown up murdering as many as 2 dozen people, Moslems and Jews. And a Jewish School in France is set ablaze.

And guess who are NOT the USUAL suspects. Blond haired blue eyed Swedes. Now guess who are?

This can not go on forever. Jews and friends of Jews can not be murdered or mutilated with impunity to the perpetrators. And Europe can not keep pretending that it’s all the fault of Jews, just like Europe did at the time of World War II.

My last article dealt with the need for the world to take notice of violent expressions of anti-Semitism, not out of any love the world might have for Jews, but out of self preservation.

The monsters who are capable of all of these atrocities aimed at Jews (Israel) and friends or allies of Jews (Israel) are capable of doing no less to the non Moslem world aside from Jews. And they will.

There used to be a Fram oil filter television commercial which had a middle aged weathered looking mechanic sitting on a stool with a Fram oil filter in his hand saying:

“If you use this filter with every oil change for only $5.95, you’ll save a motor job for $595”.

And then he finished off with:

“You can pay me now”? Showing the $5.95 filter.

“Or you can pay me later”? Showing a stripped down motor.

And that’s what it’s coming down to in fundamentalist Islam’s war against the world.

We can fight them now, while we still might have the upper hand. Or we can fight them later when they’re in a position of power.

For all I know; it already might be too late.

The day doesn’t pass without news of some atrocity caused by an Islamic Group. Chechnya, anywhere in the Middle East, Indonesia, the Philippines, Africa and even parts of Europe (west and east).

At some point, the leaders of the Free World will have to make a decision on what they want to do, before that choice is taken out of their hands.

We can fight them now? Or we can fight them later?

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  1. After reading your editorial plus all of the supportive posts, I have only one word…Ditto!!!

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