It’s Time To Pull The Plug On The CBC.

The CBC is home to the elitist "Something for Nothing Group" who take something and give virtually nothing back.

According to the Miriam Webster Dictionary, ANACHRONISM is:

“a person or a thing that is chronologically out of place; especially: one from a former age that is incongruous in the present”.

Now let’s talk about the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation).

The CBC was established by the federal government of Canada at the infancy of Radio and Television in Canada for several purposes.

The CBC mandate was to provide the people of Canada with news, Canadian programming to promote Canadian “culture” as a wall to protect us from the Americans, and as a mouthpiece for Ottawa.

CBC French and English Radio was launched in 1937. French and English Televison kicked off in 1952.

Many years have passed since the beginning of the onslaught of mass media with mind boggling changes and advances, all of which makes the current CBC irrelevant.

In a Democratic and pluralistic society where Freedom of Speech is our most precious Right; of what use is a State owned media, especially during the explosion of the Internet?

Anyone can go to the MENU section of Galganov Dot Com (to the Right of this editorial) and click on MEDIA LINKS which will bring the reader to 194 (at the time of this writing) Media outlets worldwide, mostly in print, and all of which are published and available in the English language.

And I’m just one provider of such a service. So who needs CBC Radio or Television to know what’s happening?

It galls me that the CRTC, which regulates amongst other things Radio and Television in Canada, RESTRICTS the broadcast of the FOX News Network (USA) to “protect” Canadian News providers, specifically CBC.

What happened to our (Canadian) Freedom of Choice?

If CBC was worth watching, why would the CRTC be protecting it? And if the CBC is not worth watching, why do we have it?

The CBC is a humongous money pit paid for by the tax payers of Canada. And if that is not enough, it is virtually unwatched or listened to in comparison to the private broadcast sector. Yet; it costs Canadians about 1 BILLION dollars a year to keep it running.

Not to mention the “subsidized” advertising revenue the government owned media takes away from private sector broadcasters.

The CBC is home to the elitist “Something for Nothing Group” who take something and give virtually nothing back.

I read today (October 29, 2003) in the National Post, that Robert Rabinovitch, CBC’s elitist President is seeking strategic alliances with other state-owned broadcasters in places like France; I guess to “enhance” CBC’s programming.

So I ask myself this question. How does alliances with other state-owned broadcasters outside of Canada serve to promote Canadian culture and provide a “Made In Canada Media”?

The answer is simple. IT DOES NOT!

So I ask this other question. If the CBC does not REALLY promote Canadian culture and provide a “Made In Canada Media”, why does it exist?

The CBC is scrambling to find ways to make itself relevant and worthy of existence. Yet; this sojourn to link up with other nationally controlled Media makes more of the argument for the dissolution of the CBC, rather than the argument to keep it alive.

It can no longer be argued in a globalizing world that CBC is here to protect our culture (whatever that is). And the case can not be made that Canada needs a state owned media enterprise to broadcast the news, since there are already so many news outlets with varying opinions that we can’t possibly listen, read or watch them all.

And then there is the ultimate argument for the end of the CBC. Very few Canadians with the exception of cultural nationalists and intellectual elitists care enough about CBC programming, Radio or Television to either listen or watch what they produce.

CBC is an ANACHRONISM. it is out of place in a modern world where the people of Canada do not need the State to serve up the news, the truth or entertainment.

Especially when the news, the truth and entertainment comes from the shores of other countries, where foreign content is bought and paid for with our tax dollars.

To the great dismay to the “friends of the CBC, it’s time to pull the plug.

Either close it down or sell it off to the private sector. But either way, Canada will survive very well without the CBC.

And when it disappears, as it should, it won’t be missed by many.

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  1. ‘I realized that our strength is not in playing the POLITICAL-GAME. But rather, it is in living our lives in OPPOSITION to the political status-quo.’

    I agree 100%.

    Enjoy your summer, stay active, say what you want on your website…many things you can do throughout the election…

    Whatever you decide is your choice… You are an independent, free thinker…keep it up.

    All the best H.


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