Chretien And His Cabinet Are No Friends To Israel.

Who in the Free World would ever suggest that punishing the victim is the answer? Or, does David Colinette believe that EL AL, Israel's national airline is NOT the victim?

If I didn’t personally hear and see what Canadian Transport Minister David Colinette had to say about preventing Israeli planes from being shot down when either landing or taking off from Pearson International (Toronto) Airport, I would not have believed it.

An Israeli El Al flight from Tel Aviv to Toronto to Los Angeles was diverted from Pearson Airport to Hamilton Airport on Thursday. Hamilton is about an hour or so southwest from Pearson.

The reason for the change of flight plans was due to a credible TERRORIST threat to shoot the El Al passenger jetliner out of the sky with a surface to air missile.

The Israelis felt that this threat was sufficient to reroute the flight, both coming and going. Therefore; on the way back to Tel Aviv, from LA to Toronto to Tel Aviv, the fight was once again diverted from Pearson to Hamilton.

This is no small matter.

More than this being just a TERRORIST threat against an Israeli passenger plane, this is a threat to the security and sovereignty of Canada. And perhaps even more so, it is a threat to all airlines.

This in itself, should have ICAO, IATA and the UN working overtime to make certain that the threat is permanently removed.

Here’s what I could not believe from the mouth of Canada’s Minister of Transportation, David Colinette, in how he foresees correcting the TERRORIST threat.

Canadian government, Liberal Member of Parliament and Minister of Transport, David Colinette suggests that Israeli flights should be banned from landing and taking off within Canada. Or at least at Pearson Airport.

When I saw and heard Colinette say this on national television, I sat stunned.

Who in the Free World would ever suggest that punishing the victim is the answer? Or, does David Colinette believe that EL AL, Israel’s national airline is NOT the victim?

To hear this ignorant, cowardly and offensive suggestion from Colinette sends a shudder down my spine.

Let’s see: What happens if a gang of anti-Semitic thugs vandalize or attack a Synagogue? Should Canada close down all Synagogues?

How about an attack on a Jewish cemetery (which happens all too frequently) in Canada? Should Jewish cemeteries be closed down as well?

It is bad enough that Canada makes every effort possible to suck up to Islamists and to Islamist states by finding creative ways to vote against Israel in the United Nations. But this goes beyond the pale.

Just this past week, Canada once again voted against Israel at the UN. The Islamists and other anti-Semites are furious with Israel’s Security Wall designed to keep out Arab TERRORISTS and murderers of Jews.

Canada agrees with the Islamists.

But also just this past week, Canada voted to include a National Holocaust Memorial Day. Big Deal!

I would have much rather preferred that there was never a Holocaust to remember.

And with friends like Canada, perhaps Canada’s Parliament will in some dark time in the future, once again stand in solidarity to have a National ISRAELI Holocaust Memorial Day created.

Given the opportunity for Middle Eastern Arabs and the world’s Islamists to do what they have pledged to do to Middle Eastern Jews for more than a century, with just one mistake, Israel COULD become a blip in history.

The Arabs and Islamists have NEVER Made a secret of wanting nothing more than to simply OBLITERATE Israel, and in their often repeated words: “DRIVE THE JEWS INTO THE SEA”.

With the help of Canadian leaders like Jean Chretien and too many others within his Party and Cabinet, Israel’s enemies are continuously empowered in their quest to commit Holocaust II.

If Colinette is so convinced that the only way for him and his Liberal government to protect the people of Canada, is by banning flights that might be shot down over Canadian skies by TERRORISTS, he might want to consider banning all US flights, coming and going.

Why stop with Israel? America’s a much bigger target.

When Chretien shook hands with the vile anti-Semitic Malaysian Prime Minister, just after the Malaysian delivered his ruthless anti-Semitic speech, it said far more about Chretien than it did about the Malaysian.

What Colinette said, simply reinforces the anti-Israel Liberal Party of Canada attitude. It is never far from the surface of my mind that Chretien could be a closet anti-Semite following in the footsteps of other Canadian Liberal Prime Ministers.

MacKenzie King believed that “NONE IS TOO MANY” when discussing how many Jews should be allowed to emigrate to Canada during the time of the Nazis.

Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Chretien’s mentor never visited Israel during his Prime Ministerial trips to the Middle East, and would not allow his Ministers to do so either. More than that, under the governance of Trudeau, Canadian diplomats travelling to Arab countries were not even allowed to fly over Israel en-route, because it would offend their Arab hosts.

None of this makes me ashamed or sorry to be a Canadian. It only makes me far more resolute to being a Canadian, who is Jewish, who will do whatever is morally necessary to expose these horrible men for what and who they are, and to do the best that I can to change the culture of Canada’s Parliament and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Malaysia’s racist Prime Minister’s remarks were not lost on me as he said: Jews have survived and prospered for the past 2000 years in spite of it all, not because Jews can physically fight better than their enemies, which Israel has proven it can do when they have to; but rather, by using their brains.

I don’t believe that so many anti-Israel statements and resolutions supported by Canada’s Liberal government is either a mistake or an act out of ignorance.

To the contrary.

I believe Canada’s government is anti-Israel with a sick bent leaning in the direction towards anti-Semitism.

I can only hope that Paul Martin, the incoming Liberal Prime Minister will be different.

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  1. Howard:

    I believe you have made the right decision. You and Anne are in my prayers. Mike Krueger

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