Hatred In A Speech Considered Moderate By The Speaker. By: Robert Sauvé -Ottawa.

How can Islamists contribute to society when they spend so much time ONLY being Islamists? By Robert Sauvé -Ottawa

Oh what a web we weave when we deceive ourselves.

Remember when the conventional wisdom, immediately after 9/11, was to insist that our problem was with Islamist extremists, not with mainstream Islam?

Well, the leaders of mainstream Islam met recently in Malaysia and effectively associated mainstream Islam with the extremists.


By giving the Prime Minister of Malaysia a standing ovation when he called upon Muslims to rise up against the Jews, because, among their other misdeeds, “Jews invented socialism, communism, human rights and democracy, so they can enjoy equal rights with others”.

How awful of them!

These words reflect perfectly the position of Osama bin Laden. Ergo?

Moreover, given the silence of local Muslim leaders on this matter, I presume they are not offended by these despicable remarks. Ergo?


Robert Sauvé hit the nail on the head. It’s all about Islam.

Like the rest of the world, I have spent the last two years since 9/11 listening to an army of Moslems explain away their religion.

I have heard the politically correct, from the guy in the street to the President of the USA declare that the war is not against Islam, but in reality is against Islamic (that magic word) FUNDAMENTALISTS.

I can explain Christianity in a few short sentences.

In modern terms, Christianity is based upon love and compassion. It is believed by practising Christians that God sent his son to live amongst us for him to die for our sins. And in him, we will be redeemed.

In Judaism: It is the duty of Jews everywhere to follow the obligations of the Ten Commandments and to do “Mitzvahs” (unsolicited acts of kindness) wherever possible.

Islam is something else entirely.

Depending on how you read the tomes of conflicting dogma in the Koran, Jihad could mean a battle within one’s-self, or a battle against a foe.

An Infidel is simply a non believer. Or an Infidel is an enemy to be conquered. All of which is open to interpretation.

In the world of Islam, there are laws on how to murder women for any number of indiscretions: from perceived sexual infidelity to heresy.

And amongst many Islamic countries and Islamists living abroad, “honor” killings are routinely practised for women who “embarrass” their families.

In many countries, Moslem women will also be severely punished for inappropriate dress, for driving a car, for speaking to a man who is not part for her inner circle, or for wearing make-up, perfume and jewellery.

And heaven forbid that a woman should speak back to an adult man.

In the Moslem world, there are penalties which call for the amputation of the limbs of thieves.

There are even reasons why it is honourable to cheat and steal from Infidels.

And there are rationalizations to hate and murder other Moslems who choose to pray and conduct their religious-selves in a different manner. A perfect example is the Afghan Taliban and Saudi Wahabis.

Also: The very practice of secular democracy is anathema to the teachings of virtually all Middle Eastern Islam, including Central Asia.

And in countries such as Indonesia with their 300 million Moslems, Church and State walk a very convoluted path.

The only great Islamic exception is Turkey, where Church and State are separated by law. And even in Turkey, there is a very precise balancing act that could cause the entire system to collapse given one misstep.

Isn’t it truly incredible that there is not ONE successful Islamic State on the ENTIRE planet, (with the possible exception of Turkey) in spite of their enormous oil wealth?

It is not due to bad luck that the Islamists have not made any contributions to their own societies, not to mention to the rest of the world from virtually the time of their conception in the past millennia and a half until today.

How can Islamists contribute to society when they spend so much time ONLY being Islamists?

What should we make of “official” death sentences handed out to Moslems who dare to criticise the dogma and the leadership of Islam? The best example being the iconoclastic writer Salmon Rushdie.

It is by no measure a coincidence that just about all the hatred and killing throughout the world is focussed on Islamic States and their Islamic supporters.

When the outgoing leader of Malaysia accused Jews of being responsible for the creation of Human Rights and Democracy as being a BAD THING, to the standing ovation of the Islamists present, including the young “modern” British educated king of Jordan, he in fact said all there was for us to hear about Islam.

I could not have said it any better myself.

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  1. So grateful to have found your site and all that you do. Just want to let you know, my father was in the 42nd Infantry Division, also called the Rainbow Division, in WWII which freed the people in the Dachau Concentration Camp. He said it was awful! You can google “The Rainbow Trail” and see a cartography of the path the division took from landing on the beaches in France all the way to the end near Italy. He received the Bronze Star and other medals. Linda Sapp, Cross Lanes, WV, USA

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