Ho-Hum It’s Election Time in Ontario

Love or hate Quebec. Love or hate the Quebec politicians. You've gotta love the politics.

On Thursday, October 2, 2003, Ontarians will be going to the polls to choose a government. Unlike Quebec where politics is a regional passion and blood sport, in Ontario, it is so ho-hum that it passes with virtually no notice.

Quebec has HUGE issues to debate in every election: Separation, Quebec Nationalism, Cultural Laws, Healthcare, Quebec Inc and which leader has the greatest panache.

Love or hate Quebec. Love or hate the Quebec politicians. You’ve gotta love the politics.

Here in Ontariariario there seems to be no real burning issues, so a mass of people will be going to the polls to vote against the Mike Harris government inherited by Ernie Eves.

Unless there is a stunning reversal of fortunes, the winner will be Liberal leader Dalton McGuinty who stands for everything that is against business.

McGuinty is not liked all that much, even by the people who will be voting for him. And his policies are dreadful. Nonetheless, voters will make their mark beside the name that bears the Liberal moniker.

Most of the people who I have spoken with concerning their choice believe that McGuinty is NOT the man for the job, but will be voting for him anyway, in the hopes that once in power he will realize that his far to the left policies would be a dreadful mistake if they are implemented.

This is wishful thinking.

Dalton McGuinty will win by default because the average Ontarian is so pissed off at the Conservatives, since their botched handling of Hydro One, Walkerton and their perceived excessive spending.

It’s too bad that the few negatives of the past 8 years of Conservative government are shadowing the many silent Conservative successes.

McGuinty will take office with a strong majority and immediately go about damaging a vibrant Ontario economy, and will do whatever he can to suck up to the Lefties whose support will put him in power.

If McGuinty stands true to his weasel form, he will punish business and upper wage earners creating an environment which will make businesses hesitant to invest in Ontario. He will also give back unwarranted powers to unions. Once again loading the dice against business.

And then there’s Quebec. Charest has openly declared war on Quebec Inc, and Quebec’s absurd labor laws championed by unions with diminishing power.


This is something that should not be lost on any Ontario government. Housing in Quebec is a fraction of the cost that it is in Ontario. Corporate taxes in Quebec are already attractive. And Quebec’s government is bending over backwards to attract business of all sorts.

With a hungry, competitive, and aggressive Quebec knocking on the door, having McGuinty in power will NOT be a good thing for Ontario.

But there is a silver lining in the dark cloud of McGuinty.

Having McGuinty in power will give the Ontario Conservatives a chance to revitalize, re-invent themselves, and pick a fresh new leader. Things long overdue.

Inevitably, the people of Ontario will be so disgusted with the mess McGuinty and all his Lefty supporters will make out of Ontario, that it will be at least another 8 to 10 years after his government folds like a cheap tent, before Ontario sees the likes of a McGuinty again.

Here is my prediction. McGuinty wins big-time. He starts off like a house on fire and then burns down the house.

Conservatives and Liberals will learn how to equally dislike him.

And in his quest to have political sex with everyone, he will get a fatal politically transmitted sexual disease which will end his political life, and the lives of anyone who comes into close contact with him.

In the meantime, I will vote Conservative, not because I am totally in love with some of the tings they have done in the past few years. But rather because of what they haven’t done.

Ernie Eves has not raised taxes.

He has not allowed the unions to stare him down, especially the teachers’ union.

He has not alienated business.

He has not chased away jobs or harmed confidence in the economy.

And he has not allowed the Lefties to steer him off his course which is well into the process of stabilizing healthcare with some pretty innovative public/private initiatives.

Where the Lefties and disgruntled Liberals will be voting against someone, this will be the first time since leaving Quebec that I will be able to vote for a viable candidate. It’s just too bad that my choice won’t win. At least not this time.

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  1. I’m 75 and grew up following WWII in a town that until 1937 was named Germantown. Mine was among three Jewish families of about 1200. The Lutherans, Catholics, Presbyterians and other Christians were never short on Anti-Semitic behavior, either in words, or deeds. In 1948 I remember to this day being told by my classmates “I hope the Arabs win the war”. WITH THAT SAID however, I derive great pleasure in seeing that today, our greatest supporters and allies are our Christian brothers and sisters

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