President George W Bush Is Selling Out Americans And Israelis.

I hailed George W Bush's statement: "You are either with us. Or you are with the TERRORISTS". Nothing could be more clear.

On the morning of 9/11, at precisely 8:46, Anne and I lowered our two flags (US and Canadian) to half mast, and lit three lawn torches, one each for the three targets struck on 9/11. And for the 3,000 who died.

Along with most of the rest of the world, I supported America’s decision to hunt down and kill the TERRORISTS responsible for this slaughter of innocent lives and massive destruction of property.

I hailed George W Bush’s statement: “You are either with us. Or you are with the TERRORISTS”. Nothing could be more clear.

I supported (and still do) the US decision to invade Iraq and overthrow a dangerous thug whose hands drip with the blood of his neighbors and countrymen.

There is no proof that Saddam Hussein ever attacked the USA or worked with the TERRORISTS who carried out successive attacks on America, and American property.

There are no Saddam fingerprints on the first World Trade bombing in 1993, or the two American embassy bombings in Africa, or the bombing of the USS Cole. And finally, Saddam’s DNA is nowhere to be found at the scene of the crime at the Twin Towers and Pentagon on September 11, 2003.

Nonetheless, President George W Bush convinced America, Britain, Australia and a few other countries to go to war against Iraq. In Bush’s words: Saddam was a threat. He was a dangerous man in possession of weapons of mass destruction, and he had to be taken out before he takes us out.

All of this in spite of enormous resistance from most other countries of the world, including the United Nations.

I believed then, and I believe now; America did the right thing by attacking Iraq.

America was attacked by a mosquito in comparison to its own size and military might. But that didn’t stop the USA, in spite of howls of protest from using its most aggressive weapons, short of nuclear bombs to overthrow Saddam and his equally sick legion of sycophants.

And hereafter, is where America; especially President George W Bush becomes a disaster.

Israel is attacked every day. Jews in Israel are either stabbed, shot, shot at, or blown to pieces nearly every day. And unlike the attackers of the USA, Israel knows who they are, and where they are.

Unlike the USA, which had to travel its military half way around the world to get at its enemies, Israel has to literally cross the street.

Unlike the USA, which was “BEGGING” for a “coalition of the willing” to join them in war against the enemies of the USA and modernity, Israel is totally prepared to go it alone. Israel is asking for nothing from anyone.

Unlike the USA, which turned cartwheels to win UN approbation for its war strategy, Israel needs only the silence of the USA. Not even American support. Moral or otherwise.

And unlike the USA, which told the world to screw-off, while they did what had to be done in Iraq, the USA is telling Israel to effectively do nothing.

Does George W Bush, just like all the US President’s before him, really believe that the spilling of American blood deserves all-out reprisals, while Jewish blood requires moderation?

It is not what one says that means anything. It is in what one does.

America has gone to war against the perpetrators of atrocities against America worldwide, and has ORDERED Israel not to go to war against perpetrators of atrocities against Israeli Jews.

The hypocrisy is stunning.

But it doesn’t stop with America’s vile double standard when it concerns murdered Israelis. It goes far beyond that. America’s double standard protects America’s real enemy and source of the greatest foreign attack on American soil ever.

US foreign and BUSINESS policy protects the Saudi Arabian Royal family, who are amongst the most despicable people on this planet.

In the interests of Saudi oil, and the wealth it brings to American and European companies, George W Bush and his administration are selling out the American people and Israel.

Colin Powell can do the “Secretary of State Two Step” all he wants. He can ignore that 15 of the 19 murderers who attacked America on 9/11 were Saudis, and that the Saudis ACTUALLY DO FINANCE TERROR.

He can talk all around this truth. But; what is – is.

The evidence against the Saudis is incontrovertible.

If the American President really and truly believed in what he said: “You are either with us. Or you are with the TERRORISTS”, American troops would have been in Saudi Arabia long before Iraq. And not as friends.

But I believe the President of the United States doesn’t say what he means, unless what he says supports the American oil industry and big business.

There is absolutely no reason for the American President to tell the Israelis not to take out Arafat and his despicable entourage of haters, murderers and scum.

After all, hasn’t Bush put price tags on the heads of Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein? Didn’t the USA already pay out $30 million dollars ($15 million each) for the killing of Saddam’s sons?

No one in the Middle East likes the Palestinians, much less Arafat.

No Arab nation wants Arafat or his people to move in. They know who and what Arafat is. They know what the Palestinian people have done to other Arab nations wherever they’ve gone with Arafat.

And no one in the Arab world outside of the Palestinians will truly miss the elderly thug when his time comes to cash in his chips. Hopefully much sooner, rather than later.

And no one in the Arab world will ever lift a finger to make the lives of Palestinians better. Because, keeping them backward, hateful and on Israel’s doorstep is a curse on Israel the Arabs simply love.

It is only up to the USA, to give the word, that will allow Israel to lift that curse. But, for reasons that have nothing to do with what is right and what is wrong, American Presidents will not allow Israel to act in a manner the USA seems to reserve for themselves.

In the final analysis, Israel is on its own. Jews world-wide are watching yet another abandonment. Ane without decisive action against Israel’s enemies, Israel will not be able to survive in this state of war forever.

For this reason of duplicity and double standards, George W Bush might very likely be a one term President just like his old man. If he loses the confidence of the moderate Conservatives, and abandons his friends in favor of America’s enemies (Saudi Arabia), Bush will become redundant.

I REALLY didn’t like George W Bush prior to 9/11. But afterwards; I had second thoughts. I began to think that George W Bush stood for something, and that his word was worth something.

But I now fear I might have been wrong, since I’m judging the man not by what he says, but by what he has done.

And so far, I am not all that pleased with what he has done beyond beating up on “selected” TERRORISTS, and kicking the crap out of Saddam’s regime.

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  1. Your fingers flow with the ‘right’ words. Carolyn and I have relived that moment of laughter many times. I love the respect we have for each other and the commitment to the values we hold dear. Not words we speak but sacrifices we make validate our commitment. We will be coming from Eastend, SK Canada where we will be laying to rest a soldier from WWII who is being returned home.

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