Israel Saved The World In 1981. Not That The World Would Ever Admit It.

Imagine what the world would look like today if the Israelis had not destroyed the Iraqi reactor?

On June 7, 1981, 4 Israeli Fighter Planes (F-15’s and F-16’s) flew 1,100 kilometres, each way to Osirak, Iraq, where two of the foursome bombed and destroyed the French built Iraqi nuclear facility BEFORE it went “hot”.

One of the Israeli pilots who flew the mission to Osirak was Ramon Ilan, who later died in the horrible Challenger Shuttle crash.

The world reaction to this Israeli attack was one of indignation and condemnation for what Israel did. And in private, the first George Bush, as Vice President and former head of the CIA, demanded of President Ronald Regan, that the US should strike at the air base from where the Israeli Fighter Planes flew, just to teach the Israelis a lesson.

Imagine what the world would look like today if the Israelis had not destroyed the Iraqi reactor?

In about a month or so, Iran’s nuclear reactor is scheduled to go “hot”. And just like 1981, the world is bracing for the worst. And Israel has already said; they will not allow Iran to go nuclear.

Once again; use your imagination and think about an Islamic BOMB in the hands of the Ayatollahs?

It’s bad enough that an unstable, near Theocracy in the name of Pakistan has the BOMB. It doesn’t take much for violent regime change from within places like Pakistan to occur.

What happens if an Islamist takes over from Musharraf and decides that the BOMB is a proper tactical negotiating tool against India? Or if an Islamist Pakistani state decides to declare its own nuclear Jihad against the West?

I am certain that India would not passively stand-by in the hope there will be reason and compassion from the Islamists. India will not hesitate to go to real war against Pakistan. And if necessary, India would let loose its own arsenal of its own nuclear warheads.

North Korea, led by the psychopath Kim Jung Il will soon test their BOMB to prove to the world that they too can destroy a big chink of real-estate and humanity with just one big bang.

None of this is looking good.

But; in the not looking so good department, is Iran’s quest for a NUKE.

Iranian leaders have already said they would be willing to exchange nuclear blasts with Israel, since one direct hit on Israel will more or less finish off the Jewish State, while even a few hits on Iran will create enormous damage, but not kill the country.

The Iranians already said they are prepared to pay the price for nuclear martyrdom.

The one thing about Israel, is that Israel listens carefully to what their neighbors say. And they take careful note as to what their neighbors do. And after more than half a century of warfare and suicide murders against Israel by Israel’s neighbors, the Israelis are believers.

Israel can not afford to take the chance that the Iranians might not use the BOMB once they get it.

Also to the point. Once the Iranians have the nuclear bomb-making technology and facilities; what’s to stop them from manufacturing NUKES for sale to TERRORIST groups? Especially “pocket” NUKES that can be carried to their destination in nothing much larger than a sizeable briefcase or gym bag.

I don’t see the world rushing to blow up the Iranian facility any time soon; anymore than the world rushed forward to blow up the Iraqi reactor in 1981.

Just as the Iraqi nuclear facility was built with European technology (French), this Iranian nuclear plant is no different.

The Europeans have earned a great deal of money and access to Iranian oil for their support in helping Iran develop the technology to build the BOMB. Don’t look anytime soon for them to be responsible. Europe is the problem far more than the solution

Israel will once again step up-to the plate and make the world a safer place. Not because the Israelis love playing the roll of the calvary, charging over the hill with nothing but the horizon behind them to save the day.

But because if they don’t, no one else will, and that’s unacceptable. At least I hope Israel will do what has to be done if no one else will have the guts to do it first.

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  1. Love and prayers Howard. I know your faith and your heart will show you the path you’re meant to take. Even though I didn’t win in the general, the campaign was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had and I’m glad I did it. The people who believed in me and helped me were amazing and they inspired me every day. I would not trade it for the world. Strangers took me into their homes;put me up in their guest room to save campaign money, told me of their lives and fed me at their table.

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