The Enabling Of TERRORISM.

Enabled, irresponsible and reprehensible nations cause grief unto their own, and grief unto others.

Enabling is what an acquiescent parent does to a spoiled child in an act of appeasement. Such as: Don’t do this and I’ll buy you whatever.

Another form of enabling entails selective blindness. Such as: If I don’t say anything, and pretend that nothing happened, I don’t have to deal with a confrontation.

There are many ways of enabling poor behavior. But more than any, is in setting variable parameters. For example: I will permit THIS child to misbehave to this degree, but no further. However; I will allow THAT child to misbehave more so, but no further. And so on.

And for each child, a different tolerance level is established.

But enabling isn’t all about children. We enable our elderly, our spouses, our friends and neighbors. Whenever we tolerate intolerable behavior, we are sending a signal that even though the behavior is wrong; it is nonetheless acceptable.


When we enable children, we are creating spoiled kids who later grow up to become problems within society. Problems of varying degrees. Some just become whiners. Others become cheaters, liars and even abusers. But most are simply problems unto themselves.

But; with nations, it is an entirely different story. Enabled, irresponsible and reprehensible nations cause grief unto their own, and grief unto others.

This is the problem with much of the Arab Islamic world. Specifically Saudi Arabia, where the West enables them beyond description.

If it wasn’t for the oil wealth of the Middle East, and our insatiable appetite to drive gas guzzlers, and construct energy inefficient structures, and rely upon petroleum refined fuels, rather than electrically powered transportation, we would not be enabling modern day savages.

We in the West, the most holier-than-thou people, close our eyes to the brutal treatment of women in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iran and much of the Middle East and Central Asia.

Why? Because they have oil.

We close our eyes to the spread of fundamentalist and violent Islam, as is practised by the Saudi Wahabis and Iranian Shiites, not to mention so many the others.

Why? Because they have oil.

We close our eyes to the financing of TERRORIST groups which routinely murder Jews.

Why? Because they have oil.

We close our eyes to laws in Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia, that make it illegal and punishable in the most extreme terms for practising any religion other than Islam.

And for proselytizing, even in the most mild manner, the penalty could be death.

Why? Because they have oil.

We pretend that Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas (aka Abu Mazen) are serious peace negotiators willing to live in peace, forever beside a successful Jewish state, when in fact, everything they have done since 1948 screams otherwise.

Yet, we treat them as civilized equals, while in reality, they have invested a lifetime in the commission of TERROR and murder. And nothing will satisfy them other than the total destruction of Israel, and the exodus of all Jews from their midst.

Why? Not because they have oil. But because their sponsor states have oil.

We in the West, for reasons of greed in virtually all cases, have enabled the Middle East to become the most dangerous neighborhood on the planet.

We closed our eyes, and pretended that everything was alright, when everything was anything but alright.

We pretend there is some form of equivalence between murdering innocent people going about their private business in Israel, with Israel’s targeted assassination of the people who plan and execute the mass murder of Jews.

We always pretend that each attack on the West by Islamists, whether at home or abroad, is the dirty work of a selected few deranged fanatics, when in actuality, it is only a few acting out the mind-set of the majority.

I didn’t imagine seeing on television ,the mass dancing in jubilation in the Arab streets when news and videos of the Twin Towers came crashing down. These were the grass roots. Not the actual perpetrators. But what’s the difference in basic mind-set?

The only difference, is that the suicide murderers did what the masses of Middle Eastern Arabs and Islamists would have loved to have done if they had sufficient mental sickness, the balls, and opportunity.

Thank whatever lucky star they don’t. Because if they ever get their act together, World War III would soon be upon us with a vengeance. Not that we aren’t already at war with the people we have enabled for generations.

We can beat these guys at their own game.

1) Stop producing and selling gas guzzling automobiles.

2) Use trains more than trucks.

3) Use electric busses and streetcars.

4) Build a complete North American network of high speed rails for modern electric trains to bring us across the continent in hours, not days. The technology already exists. This will limit North American airline flights which are the ultimate gas guzzlers.

5) Mandate a minimum insulation factor for all construction, which would limit the demand on energy for either heat or airconditioning.

6) Invest whatever it takes in alternative energy sources, from: ethanol, to wind, to solar, to the movement of the tides.

The moment we shake ourselves free from the petroleum yoke we have placed upon our own shoulders, is the moment we will no longer have a need to enable the thugs. At that moment, we would stop feeding the sickness and financing the horrors of TERRORISM.

And the moment we turn off the Western money tap, the sicko leaders of these societies would cease to exist.

What we don’t seem to realize: or what our Western leaders don’t want us to realize, is that the Middle Eastern Arab thugs need our money, and our approbation, far more than we need their oil.

And when this self evident truth becomes an acknowledged fact, the enabling will come to an end, and so eventually will our troubles.

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  1. I love your responses. You are a man who I admire, due to fact you stand up for what you truly believe. I have lived by a core value most of my life, ‘you only truly believe that which motivates you into action’. You are a man that it does not take much to ‘see’ what you believe, by the actions you live. My grandmother taught me, ‘I can’t hear what you are saying for seeing what you are doing’. The Good thing about you – I can hear! I consider it an honor to be counted on your friends list.

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