Why In The World Would Islamists Blow Up The UN Building In Baghdad?

Wherever Moslems are attempting to overthrow Christian communities in places like Africa, the Caucasus, Central Asia, The Philippines or Balkans, the UN is either silent or takes the side of the Moslems.

Without question, the UN is the most supportive international organization of Islamic and Arab rights. This institution regularly and routinely always votes to censure Israel for this or for that.

The UN goes out of its way to disallow Israel to sit on the Security Council as well as many other UN committees.

Even UNICEF screws Israel. You are probably aware of the fact that there ARE poor Jews in the world, even in Israel. But what you probably don’t know, is that UNICEF outright refuses to give aid to poor Jewish kids in Israel.

It is the only country in the world of which I am aware that UNICEF boycotts.

When I was a kid dressed up for Halloween, before leaving the house, the first thing I made sure to have in my possession was a UNICEF box. Every kid carried one.

When I stopped “trick or Treating”, I didn’t stop going door to door with my UNICEF box. Neither did many of my friends. Most of whom in our neighborhood were Jewish.

When I learned, not that long ago, that every deprived kid in the world was entitled to aid from UNICEF, OTHER than Jewish kids in Israel, I learned a very valuable lesson indeed about the UN.

The United Nations welcomed Syria, the TERRORIST state into the coveted Security Council with help from Canada no-less. And then celebrated Syria’s turn to head the Security Council as its President.

The UN accepted Lybia of all countries to head its Human Rights Commission. Lybia of all countries?

Just prior to the US led invasion of Iraq, Iraq was heading the UN’s International Committee For Arms Control. One does not need to read Alice In Wonderland to have a peek through the looking glass. Just visit the UN.

Wherever Moslems are attempting to overthrow Christian communities in places like Africa, the Caucasus, Central Asia, The Philippines or Balkans, the UN is either silent or takes the side of the Moslems.

In the US led war on Iraq, the United Nations turned cartwheels to keep the Americans and British from going to war.

As for Israel, there isn’t even a hint of a question where the World Body stands vis a vis Israel and the Palestinians. If the UN could erase Israel from the map, I am certain it would do it.

So: Here’s the BILLION DOLLAR question. Why did the Middle Eastern Arabs blow up the UN building in Baghdad?

Here’s the 2 cent answer: These Arab nationalists and Islamists are modern day savages, so filled with hatred and ignorance, that like mad dogs, they just can’t help themselves.

They are what they are as a result of what their religious leaders and teachers have made them.

I guess I feel somewhat sorry for the people of the UN who were murdered in the Baghdad bombing. But it’s hard for me too feel as sorry as I should. The people who blew them up are the people of the UN’s making.

Where the UN should stand for true international peace and justice, it stands mostly as a debating forum for many evil and dishonest bad actors who make their living on world poverty, ignorance and violence.

Most seem to be Jew haters of the highest, or more precisely, the lowest calibre. Nonetheless, it only starts with Jews.

Sooner, rather than later, the world will eventually learn that Islamic and Arabic hatred and violence directed towards Israeli Jews is not going to be confined just to the Jews.

The rest of the NON Moslem world will also feel the wrath of the Islamists.

From these religious freaks, no one is safe.

The bombing of the UN building in Baghdad is nothing more and nothing less than a wake-up call. Pretty soon, the whole world will know what it feels like to be an Israeli Jew.

And like it or not, the whole world will have no other choice but to choose a side. Then, and ONLY then, can we look forward to a better and safer world.

At the very least, we can then stop pretending that the “ROOT CAUSE” of Islamic TERRORISM is the Palestinian – Israeli issue, and finally point our collective finger where it belongs.

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  1. Howard.. Your biggest problem in getting elected is likely to be your honesty. You say what you believe and act on that. If you can sell your platform to the people, and the people grasp how important it is to them that you act on their behalf, you should be able to win. You certainly have a record of standing up against the rotten establishment. You must have a feasible plan to achieve each of your stated objectives. You could be their last hope for a long time. Again.. What can we do?

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