More Double Standards And Dishonest Reporting About Israel.

If only Israel would be more flexible, and be willing to show good faith, will the Road Map be successful. So the consternation goes.

In the Monday, Montreal Gazette (August 4, 2003), there was a photo of a young blood stained Israeli (I believe the Israeli was a girl) lying on a stretcher.

The caption under the photo read: Israeli injured in roadside incident. This is not a word for word quote of the caption, but it is 100% accurate in its gist.

Nowhere in the caption was it mentioned that this bloodied Israeli was the victim of Palestinian TERRORISM. It was reported just as an “INCIDENT”.

An “incident” could include many things. The wounded Israeli could have simply fallen on the street. She could have been involved in a legitimate car accident. Or someone could have knocked her down with a bicycle.

But; a TERRORIST attack is NOT an “INCIDENT”.

Would the Montreal Gazette refer to a TERRORIST attack against individuals on Ste Catherine Street, corner of Peel, as just an “incident”?

I only saw the photo and caption for a moment while I was waiting to pick up my car at a tire place on the West Island of Montreal, and didn’t have the time to read the attendant story under the photo and caption.

I am certain that the story must have explained that this Israeli was only one of several in a family of Jewish Israelis who were ambushed by a Palestinian on the weekend, while simply going about their business.

But that’s NOT the point.

The point is the caption UNDER the photo!

People don’t read stories nearly as much as they read photos and captions. Not to mention headlines.

Had this “incident” taken place anywhere else in the world, it would have been portrayed everywhere in the coverage: INCLUDING the caption; as a TERRORIST attack.

But it was in Israel, against an Israeli Jew, therefore; it was just an “incident”.

To make matters worse, this story, photo, caption and all, was a reprint from the LA Times, where even MORE people were able to read about the “incident”.

And how many other markets that we don’t know of also carried this story about the “incident”? A Jewish Israeli is found lying on the street covered in blood. Ho-hum, another incident.


I am also quite amazed at the stories being bandied about concerning the Road Map to Peace, and how Israel is not making the Road easy to travel by ignoring Palestinian demands for prisoner releases, and the end of construction of the Security Fence.

I should know better than to expect the media to give Israel a fair ride concerning Israel’s “intransigence”, vis a vis not releasing Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails; mostly for participating in TERRORIST activities from rock throwing, to planning attacks, to maiming and murdering Israeli Jews.

If only Israel would be more flexible, and be willing to show good faith, will the Road Map be successful. So the consternation goes.

Here’s a news flash!

I have a copy of the Road Map, and you can get one too, simply by finding it on any one of a gazillion Internet Sites including the US State Department. And NOWHERE in the Road Map, does it mention, or even whisper anything at all about Israel releasing prisoners, or the Security Fence.

Yet; this NON EXISTENT codicil everyone seems to be so concerned over is termed as an Israeli Road Block. How about the very FIRST existing obligation of the Road Map the Palestinians have already said they will do nothing about: disarming and disbanding the Palestinian TERRORIST groups?

Abu Mazen, aka Mahmoud Abbas, the appointed Holocaust denying, 1972 Munich massacre participant, Palestinian Prime Minister who answers directly to Yasser Arafat, the grandfather of modern day TERRORISM, said that he has no intention of disarming or disbanding Palestinian TERRORIST groups.

The entire Road Map is predicated on this FIRST condition of ending TERRORISM, towards finding a direction towards Middle Eastern peace. But, for some reason, that doesn’t seem to be nearly as harmful to the “success” of the Road Map as two issues that are not even mentioned in any part of the Road Map.

When the Road Map was first presented, Israel raised serious concerns, and wanted to have certain principles added, and others removed.


The Quartet: which includes the USA, the European Union, Russia and the United Nations were adamant. NO CHANGES whatsoever. Now that’s pretty clear.

The Palestinians couldn’t wait to sign onto the document as is, while Israel hemmed and hawed.

This made the Palestinians look like great good guys who want peace, and the Israelis as the big bad bully-boys who don’t. But, with serious reservations, and a great deal of democratic debate within the Knesset, Israel signed nonetheless.

And now that everyone is on the route prescribed by the Road Map, everyone wants Israel to make concessions that are NOT part of the “unchangeable” Road Map, and at the same time, these concerned pundits and politicians have become blind to the Palestinians’ outright refusal to honor their FIRST commitment to end TERRORISM.

So let me sum it all up:

Wounded Israelis (civilian) at the hands of Palestinian TERRORISTS are treated in the media as an incident. And the Israeli Jews are supposed to comply to conditions that are not included in the Road Map, while the Palestinians don’t have to comply with conditions that are.

Now ain’t that a shockeroo?

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  1. Howard: When reading your Editorial, I got the impression that you really want to run—-so be it! I also noticed that, thus far, more Canadian comments have been made, and they are the people who better understand the issues-at-hand. Their comments are very encouraging, and they seem to be looking for someone to RISE and SPEAK for them!

    If you have your family’s support, I guess you should probably go for it! Wishing you the VERY BEST OF LUCK in trying to accomplish this TASK!

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