Will The Real Jean Charest Please Step Forward.

I don't remember what the subject was, but I do remember what Charest had to say.

Last night, Thursday, July 10, 2003, as I watched CTV National news, I watched a report on the First Ministers’ meeting when Jean Charest was making a statement for the cameras.

I don’t remember what the subject was, but I do remember what Charest had to say.

Charest said, and I quote: “If I was a Canadian” . . . .

I think what he meant to say was: As a Canadian. But that is not what he said. He clearly said: “If I was a Canadian” . . . .

I am certain that it comes as no surprise to him that he is a Canadian, however; his mind-set is so Quebecois, that he seems to subliminally see himself first and foremost as a Quebcer. Therefore the Freudian slip.

It could be argued, that since English is not Jean Charest’s mother tongue, it was just a mis-speak. But Charest speaks English better than most people born to the language.

Unfortunately, what Jean Charest said is far too typical of French Quebec’s mind-set. True, he was passionate about Quebec remaining within Canada during the 1995 Quebec referendum to get out.

But equally true, he was just as passionate when he was the Meech Lake point man, to give Quebec Distinct Society Status within Canada.

Before the rest of Canada, and the Quebec Anglo/Ethnics feel real secure with Jean Charest at the helm of Quebec’s leadership, remember his words: “If I was a Canadian” . . . .

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  1. Go for it, Howard! It’s time Ontario had someone who is willing to stand behind his words, and fight for what is right – not like our current reps. You are a winner, because you DO and will continue to represent the average Ontarian – it’s so obvious from all of your columns! Have a great weekend… and decide to run PLEASE!!!

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