Body Bags For Americans.

The Arabs could not fight the Americans face to face. No one can. They knew that they would certainly be slaughtered if they tried. So, why try?

If hundreds of Americans were killed in “real” combat during the Iraqi war, Americans would have been upset, but nonetheless accepting that war is Hell.

But hundreds of Americans were not killed in the heat of battle, so it seemed easy. Almost too easy.

But the good times are now over in Iraq for the USA.

Anyone who thought for a second, that the Arabs would in fact roll over and simply give up because the big bad technologically superior Americans came to town with all guns blazing better think again.

The Arabs could not fight the Americans face to face. No one can. They knew that they would certainly be slaughtered if they tried. So, why try?

The Middle Eastern Arab leaders are all for suicide. But not their own. So why feed the American slaughterhouse even with the lives of others when it didn’t count?

But now that the American “real” war is over, the Arab war has just begun.

We hear of American casualties everyday. American soldiers shot in the face or behind the head from close range while lining up to buy a soft drink. Americans gunned down while walking on foot patrol. Or Americans blown up in their military vehicles as they drive down well travelled roads.

Welcome to the Middle East.

The Arabs have an army as skilled in what they do as the Americans have at what they do. But Unfortunately for the Americans, what they each do is completely different, one from the other.

The Arabs live in the Middle East. They have nowhere to go, and all the time in the world for them to pick off Americans.

On the other hand, the Americans want to go home and the clock is ticking.

What the Americans are facing is entirely new to them. What the Arabs are doing is part of who they are. Wars of attrition. Hit and run attacks. Suicide bombings. Killings at the hands of women and children are all part of the nationalist Arab culture.

The Arabs don’t have to win any big battles.

They only have to keep on killing Americans to claim victory. They don’t have to win anything to become heros. All they have to do is kill Americans.

And they don’t even have to drive the Americans out within a specified or “respectable” timetable. A month, a year, a decade. They’ve got nothing but time.

All they have to do is kill Americans, and not thousands or even hundreds of Americans, just one or two every day.

This is the world the Americans have entered. A world where they will always be the strangers, the enemy and the targets. Arabs have a history of fighting each other for centuries, where blood libels, family feuds and religious wars are fought forever.

And when the outsiders are either dead or gone, life goes back to normal where the Arabs once again travel down the path of fighting amongst themselves.

The Americans did a fine job in getting to Bagdad. Unfortunately for them, the war is just now starting. As American men and women start coming home in body bags as a daily occurrence, and as Americans respond to daily attacks by killing Iraqis, it will only get worse.

Just like quicksand, once the ooze gets hold, all the struggling in the world only quickens the pace to the inevitable disaster.

The Americans should take note. They will NEVER bring what we consider to be democracy or stability to the Middle East. These two Western concepts are alien to the landscape.

The best the Americans can hope for, is to keep the Middle East sickness away from their shores, where they felt what it was like to be Israelis on one very long Autumn day in September of 2001.

My advice to the Americans: Do whatever you can to find a thug who will be America’s strong arm in Iraq. Declare victory. And get the hell out before it’s too late.

And from the safety of the USA or secure US base, and under the cloak of darkness, deal with the Arabs and their TERRORIST clients in a clandestine way. Let the Americans bring the fight to their enemies at a time and place of America’s choosing.

Right now, the USA is in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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  1. I would like to more articulate, however have been a long time reader and supporter of you Howard. I say put your name in the hat and I would give as much as I can afford. it is unfortunate that these elected MP’s are not given/allowed to state what they believe and that they must conform to all the rules set out by the party/leader..Independent I believe is the way to go, more clout, and as you state all get ONE vote.

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