Quebec Might Join The 21st Century Courtesy Of The Montreal Canadiens.

I hope that "the times are a'changing", as Bob Dylan once sung. By Dave Mankowsky: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Dave Mankovsky, a Galganov Dot Com reader wrote to me about Quebecois Bob, the guy who claims that I’m a racist, but himself, sees a Jewish and Anglo conspiracy behind every poutine.

To read about Quebecois Bob; see Archives 7/4/2003.

A great many of my readers had a good laugh at the expense of Quebecois Bob, who would like to perpetuate a dialogue as if we were pen-pals. Here’s a news flash Quebecois Bob: as of now, the dialogue’s over.

On another note, said Dave Mankovsky:

Howard: I noticed that the Montreal Canadiens finally bit the bullet and signed an English-speaking person to manage the club. After a decade of Franco-mismanagement in which the Glorieux failed to make the playoffs 5 out of 6 years.

A period during which time it was proclaimed mandatory by the French press that all officials of the hockey franchise be Francophone. All that did was drive the Habs into the cellar. So now they turn to Bob Gainey after the French experiment at management failed.

It should also be remarked that no major NHL star signed with the Canadiens in that decade as Montreal became economically just another small town in North America.

Funny how the Francophone press & media in Montreal forgot about the Selke’s, the Pollocks, the Bowman’s, the Blake’s, the Irvin’s . . . all English-speaking gents who guided the club to glorious heights to rank with the Yankees in sports history.

Seems as if Quebec has amnesia when it comes to our contributions – that is until Quebec gets into trouble and comes calling for our help!

My Response:

Dave is quite right in his assessment. Not that French speaking Canadians aren’t up to the task of running a hockey club, or any other sports franchise or business. But; to close your eyes to ALL other talent, just to please an ethnocentric mind-set is both ridiculous and stupid. Not to mention racist.

The Montreal Canadiens had an inside opportunity to sign Larry Robinson, who’s proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is a winner as a coach in every way. But instead, they actually drove him away and chose a Separatist coach who wouldn’t even be in the arena for the playing of the Canadian National Anthem.

Bob Gainey, who is also a hockey winner could have been Montreal’s head coach years ago. But just like Robinson, Gainey was too English.

I hope that “the times are a’changing”, as Bob Dylan once sung.

Who knows? Maybe a significant number of French Quebecers have finally realized that the xenophobia and ethnocentric nationalism of Quebec has been as hurtful and depleting to them, as it has been to Quebec’s English and Ethnic communities.

And maybe this swerve by Les Canadiens to hiring the best available, opposed to just the best in French Canada, is an indication that Quebec is prepared to move on and join the rest of the world in other things as well.

Maybe what Dave Mankovsky has to say about the move forward by Les Canadiens will become Quebec’s new way of doing business, rather than Quebec’s normal modus operandi.

And then Quebec might consider doing away with their other archaic social concepts and devices, such as the language laws represented by Bill 101, and the labor laws represented by the OCQ.

Who knows? From here, Quebec could actually become a province that will no longer be a have not.

Stranger things have happened.

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  1. You already made a difference here in Quebec, whenever I shop and see the few bilingual signs that exist. Without your effort there would have been none! Having known you the past few years, I can say you would be an outstanding voice for the people. Of course, I would support you knowing that you would make an exceptional Member of Parliament

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