Quebecois Bob.

Quebecois Bob took exception to my preceding editorial published July 3, 2003 on Quebec's bizarre July 1 moving day.

First of all: HAPPY 4th OF JULY to all of my American friends and readers. You have much to be proud of.

And now to Quebecois Bob.

Everyone enjoyed the shenanigans of Bagdad Bob, the former Iraqi Information Minister who was telling the world that the Americans are being fried at Saddam Hussein Airport, and are in full retreat, just as American troops were cruising outside his broadcast studio.

He was hilarious, and we all needed the comic relief.

But not to feel left out, I have my very own version of Bagdad Bob. His name is actually Martin, or so he says, and his e-mail address is [email protected]. I like to call him Quebecois Bob.

Quebecois Bob writes to me quite frequently, to tell me how much of a racist I am. And how much I hate Quebec. And inevitably, Quebecois Bob finds some way to interject something about Jews, Zionism and Israel. Yet, he calls me a racist.

Quebecois Bob took exception to my preceding editorial published July 3, 2003 on Quebec’s bizarre July 1 moving day (please see the Archives: Quebec’s Moving Day And A Test For The New Premier 7/3/2003).

Here is what Quebecois Bob sent to me. Please note that I did virtually no editing whatsoever, with the exception of putting spaces between commas, periods and words.


Subject: Charest, french poodle of “Canadians” will do nothing… (his title)

Trying to put down Quebec once more, when I feel down, I come here and read the lies you spread on the web, I get a good laugh everytime …

By the way, July 1st, a day that I myself HATE, is the day that “Canadians” like to remember how they conquered Quebec and to show us that Canada is truly an ENGLISH country.

Using propaganda, the Canadian Gvt spends 3/4 of his Canada day budget here, in Quebec, Why???To brainwash dumb Quebecers into thinking that Canada is our friend and our country, I am not dumb so this ploy doesn’t work on me.

When Vancouver won (I wished Prague had won) every member of the Canadian delegation made their case in ENGLISH. Canada, the supposed “bilingual” country, never uttered ONE word of French.

South Korea spoke French along with others, because the official language of the olympics is French. Thanks to LeMay doan, Gretzky, Chretien and others for reminding me how Canada really loves Quebec and it’s people.

Bilingual country, my ass!! Quebec is THE bilingual province of Canada. Charest the traitor, speaks better English than you do and loves the Jewish community by the way, more than his own people, so everything he will do, will favor the Anglos in the end, do not even worry about this…


Here was my reply:

Martin: I usually don’t read your trash, and even thought of blocking your e-mail address. But this one is so good, that I have decided to publish it with your e-mail address and make you a star.

Geez, only about 60,000 people read my stuff. Now you’ll be famous too. Just like Bagdad Bob.


Here is Quebecois Bob’s re-reply:

You really are an opportunist, Howard. I was beginning to think that you didn’t read my e-mails who made sense and were written to make you realise the other side of things.

Now, you decide to publish one of my crappiest e-mail to again discredit me.

Why don’t you publish those e-mails who pertained to Israel and the Talmud???

Are you afraid of the truth, Howard?

Why don’t you arrange a public debate so we could really discuss things seriously. Do as you wish, it won’t stop me from writting my thoughts and I want to see if you’ll publish my more articulate e-mail, rather than try to make me your scapegoat!

This is just the beginning…


I figured we could all use a laugh. So, if Quebecois Bob wishes to continue to regale us with his wisdom, I might just start publishing his stuff on a regular basis.

Please note: Martin is not on my E-Mail Broadcast Directory, and is NEVER informed of when a new editorial has been published. Therefore; when Quebecois Bob visits Galganov Dot Com, it is entirely of his own volition.

I guess he just can’t help himself.


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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Run Howard, Run! Ignore the defeatists; let them look south of the border to what is being accomplished by a once little-known group called the Tea Party! “Never give in–never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.” Sir Winston Churchill, Speech 1941, Harrow School.

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