Pierre Bourgault Is Dead And Buried. Ho Hum.

Pierre Bourgault is dead and gone. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Pierre Bourgault, the Quebecois Ethnocentric Separatist Professor was buried last week. Boo Hoo.

The Montreal Gazette, along with other Montreal English language media eulogized this creep as a great Quebecer who had a substantial influence on the destiny of Quebec.

He was immortalized by like minded Separatist puke Josee Legault, whose only claim to fame is her earning capacity within the English language media, specifically at the Montreal Gazette, and at Montreal radio station CJAD, that is until they recently dumped her.

Legault has been summarily booted out by the University Of Quebec at Montreal, The Quebecois nationalist newspaper Le Devoir, and from the office of former Premier of Quebec, Separatist leader Bernard Landry.

Without her English media gigs, this Separatist would be living off welfare. But like all Quebec Separatists who love having it both ways, she takes from the English with the right hand, while she stabs the English in the back with the left.

For those of you who didn’t know, or might have forgotten; Pierre Bourgault also had his stint as a columnist with Montreal’s only English language daily, the Montreal Gazette.

Pierre Bourgault was a founder of modern day Quebec Separatism in the RIN which eventually morphed into the Parti Quebecois. He also organized a concerted flow of verbal hatred towards the English Speaking communities within Quebec; especially the city of Westmount. The Separatists perceived and declared “Anglo Bastian of English Rhodesians”.

During the last Quebec referendum on destroying Canada (October 30, 1995), Pierre Bourgault, acting as a special consultant and advisor to Jacques Parizeau, declared that civil rights and liberty would have to be suspended after a successful OUI vote, in order to guarantee social peace during Quebec’s transition into statehood.

Even Parizeau, no less the demagogue, had to fire Bourgault for committing the crime of publicly stating what most Separatists only spoke about to each other in whispers.

This is the Bourgault that the English media decided to find some nice words with which to eulogize.

Bourgault’s passing reminds me somewhat of the passing of an equally vile Separatist puke by the name of Camille Laurin, father of Bill 101, Quebec’s racist language law.

When Laurin died, the English media found some kind words to say about the Bastard who created a law that rendered Quebec’s minorities as second class citizens.

Some claimed that Laurin’s Bill 101 actually helped preserve Canadian unity by giving the French speakers of Quebec hope for their language.

And Stephane Dion, the idiot federal Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs went so far as to call Bill 101 “A Great Canadian Law”.

And more than that. Many CANADIAN flags were flown at half mast in honor of the man who tried to destroy Canada and the Charter of Rights as it applied to Quebec’s minorities.

If ever there was a study to be conducted on the extent, that a free and democratic society can be coerced into the appeasement of the obscene, the English language Quebec media would be the “poster boy”.

I will make this absolutely clear. The only problem I have with the passing of Pierre Bourgault, Camille Laurin, or any of the other ethnocentric racist Quebecois nationalist Separatist pukes, is that they didn’t die sooner.

The presence of these racists within our society has been hurtful, wasteful and divisive. And for anyone within the English language media to suggest otherwise, especially the Montreal English language media, is simply disgraceful.

Because of these Quebecois racists; Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver and the United State of America have been blessed by the exodus of English speakers and minority groups, rendering Montreal a shadow of its former pre Separatist self.

Pierre Bourgault is dead and gone. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

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  1. It only takes one great man to change the course of a nation . Never sit down never shut up!
    Stand up and get in there face! Kick ASS! And take names later later.
    LOVE YOU HOWARD! God Bless! We need you here in the lower 48.

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