Every Time The Palestinians Talk Peace Israeli Jews Die.

George W Bush is guilty of wanting to be even-handed.

On June 10, 2003, I published an editorial critical of George W Bush. This I discovered pleased several people who wrote to me with glee, declaring that: “Now I too see what (who) Bush REALLY is”.

Who I see is: George W Bush, a guy who wants to do the right thing, but in his determination to be fair to all sides, he, like so many other American Presidents before him have been sucked into the Middle East morass of “equivalence”.

George W Bush is guilty of wanting to be even-handed, and to listening to a State Department led by one of the worst Secretary’s of State in my memory.

Colin Powell convinced the President (his boss) to take Bush’s position on disarming Saddam Hussein to the United Nations, when there was absolutely no need to do so.

He led his President into a UN trap that divided the American people, and created a conflict between the USA and much of the rest of the World.

Colin Powell has once again pushed his President into a precarious situation where America and its President are going to look bad.

For Powell to shove Bush into a peace deal between the Democracy of Israel and the Thugocracy of the Palestinians and the rest of the Arab world, is an endeavor not just in futility; but more so in stupidity.

What part of: “We will kill every Jew, and drive every Jew and Zionist from our Palestinian land” does Powell NOT understand?

This is the OPEN policy of the MAJORITY of the Palestinian people and their LEADERSHIP, in of spite everything they intimate to the contrary.

Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade, Hezbollah and others of this putrid Arab/Islamic TERRORIST network repeatedly declare their visceral hatred for Israel, Zionism and Jews. They are ALWAYS true to their word about killing Israelis wherever they can. They have stated unequivocally that their SOLE aim is the TOTAL DESTRUCTION of Israel.

Why won’t Colin Powell and others within the Arabist leaning US State Department believe them?

The US State Department seems to believe everything else the Middle Eastern Arabs have to say, but not their pledge to murder Jews and destroy Israel. Even when the proof is lying on the Blood-Soaked Streets, Sidewalks, Busses, Cafes, Pizza Parlors, Restaurants, Markets and Night Spots throughout Israel.

President George W Bush has to do several things to do what is right for Israel and all Peace Loving People.

1) Stop listening to Colin Powell. In fact, get rid of the guy.

2) Stop pretending that there is any equivalence whatsoever between a modern, open Western style Democracy governed by the Secular Rule of Law called Israel, and a backward, closed, and hateful Thugocracy called Palestine.

3) Let Israel do whatever has to be done to defend itself, much like the Americans have done against the same family of Terrorist thugs Israel faces every day.

4) And stop making believe that Mahmoud Abbas (aka Abu Mazen), the titular Arafat appointed Prime Minister of the Palestinian people, is in fact the real leader of Palestine. HE IS NOT!

He is a Holocaust denying anti-Semite who too has plenty of TERRORIST caused Jewish blood on his hands.

Mahmoud Abbas has made it abundantly clear, that he WILL NOT use any force to curtail the Palestinian TERRORISTS, or stop them from killing Israeli Jews. He will NEGOCIATE with them. Whoop-de-do!

So what good is he? Why care what he says? Why risk the lives of Israeli Jews and the very existence of Israel on a man without the authority or courage of conviction to make a difference?

President George W Bush made a grievous error in his criticism of Ariel Sharon’s government’s attack on a Palestinian TERRORIST leader. Instead of chastising Prime Minister Ariel Sharon for trying to kill the Palestinian TERRORIST mouthpiece, Bush should have chastised Sharon for failing.

I believe that Bush will ultimately do the right thing by Israel and the pursuit of Democracy, and simply distance himself from the whole Middle Eastern mess as a conciliator, and stop trying to ride two horses galloping in different directions.

If not; Bush will be yet another US President who got his ass kicked while trying to suck up to TERRORIST supporting Arab thugs. And that would be a terrible pity.

If so; then the nay-sayers can gleefully tell me they told me so.

But until then. I’ll continue to ride with Bush.

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  1. Howard, if your health, your wife and your marriage will allow you to stand for a Conservative Government seat then you should campaign for that seat. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Whatever you decide, please continue with your blog news letter. I look so forward to reading your newsletter, a well thought-out, reasonable point of view that is so relevant in this mad, Leftist dominated world of today. Best of luck with your decision.
    John W. Rosen,
    South Africa.

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