Maybe The Canadian Left Is Finally On The Way Out.

Canada has done extremely well in spite of what we've done in terms of nation building.

The big difference between the Left of Center and the Right of Center is singular.

The Socialist movement can NOT survive without government funds and intervention; while the Conservative movement flourishes IN SPITE of government intervention and NO funds.

It was said of Jesus Christ, at the time of his sentencing by Roman Leader Pontius Pilot: If this new movement of Christ has merit, it will succeed on it’s own in spite of whatever intervention the Empire makes. And if it has no merit, then it will perish on it’s own. The proof is in the history.

This same truth can be said of the political and social movement to the Left. And the best illustration of this is Communism. The Communist social and political philosophy was DRIVEN by every device known to government. It became the ONLY political “religion” allowed by state. Yet; it died a miserable death after enduring an even more miserable life.

The two last standing Communist regimes with the exception of China are North Korea and Cuba. Both of which are governed as Fascist states.

The only outstanding example of these states is their TOTAL LACK of prosperity. These two, far left of center countries are BEGGAR states. Their people live in abject poverty.

Yet; there are those who can, and who will make every excuse in the world for the failure of Communism. But there is but only one conclusion. Communism doesn’t work. And the further one travels to the Left, the greater the degree of failure. Regardless of what the apologists have to say.

I mention all of this because of our own Canadian politics.

Canada could have become the 21st century country it was touted to become way back in the 50’s. Based upon our natural resources, educated work-force, determined entrpreneurial spirit, our close contacts with Europe and our proximity to the USA, the belief, was that the 20th Century would belong to Canada.

We have grown and prospered only because of our proximity and intimate relationships with the USA. But not because of anything we’ve done as a nation.

In fact, Canada has done extremely well in spite of what we’ve done in terms of nation building. But certainly nowhere near our once heralded potential.

Having a strong and responsible social policy is absolutely necessary to prosperity.

It is critical that we have a strong FREE Healthcare system. It is equally critical to our well-being that we invest in education, including technical training.

We also have to be cognizant of our environmental responsibilities and obligations to our truly handicapped, our elderly and our children.

But after that; more government intervention is not just a waste, it is a detriment.

Canada has moved too far to the left. We have become a nation where independent thought, ambition and the entrepreneurial spirit, including THE RIGHT TO FAIL has been stunted.

And unless we change this mind-set, we will see the degradation of our nation like all the others which have ventured too far to the Left.

It is inspiring to see that Ralph Klein of Alberta and Ernie Eves of Ontario have been joined by Gordon Campbell of British Columbia, and now by Jean Charest of Quebec.

All of these leaders believe that a FREE RIDE is not the best ride with which to develop a strong and vibrant self sustaining economy and social structure.

This is all very encouraging.

Perhaps the provinces will lead the way in the global battle for Canada to finally realize the potential at home and abroad that people saw in us half a century ago.

And perhaps, the SOMETHING FOR NOTHING bunch will finally be marginalized to the political and social sidelines where they belong.

It will be very refreshing to see real work and risk rewarded, while the slackers get exactly what they deserve. Nothing!

Who knows, maybe Canada will yet realize our potential? It would be nice.

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  1. Yes Sir. You run Howard. Were I there I would be more than happy to aid you in your campaign.
    It’s time we pushed these “lawyers” out of the scene and bring some business savy and intelligence into running a country.
    You have my best! Do it!

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