The Road Map To Nowhere.

This was the history of the Arab Middle East more than 1,000 years ago. And it is the way of the Arab Middle East today.

President George W Bush has put an awful lot of his own prestige on the line in his promotion of the Middle East Road Map To Peace.

It takes a lot of guts to be dancing with people who only dance to their own tune. But, as Bush has demonstrated time and again, he has no shortage of courage.

As much as I would LOVE for this peace initiative to work. IT WON’T.

The Road Map will not work because of the Middle Eastern Arab mentality.

Nothing has changed in the Middle East for more than a thousand years. Even when the modern Islamic Ottoman Empire controlled the Middle East all the way to the Balkans and the gateway to Europe, the Arabs still fought like savages amongst themselves.

The reason why the British created the weird borders we see today between Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Syria, was to keep the Arabs at a distance from each other.

After the British and French CREATED the modern borders between Arab countries, the British set up Hashemites to RULE Jordan, Syria and Iraq. These Hashemite “Kings” were originally from Arabia, and wanted nothing more than to annex Arabia to their own territories. Not to mention each other’s as well.

But the Saudis (King Saud) had a similar idea in reverse. Hence; open and continuous warfare.

The Middle East is like no region anywhere else on earth. It is a one product economy ruled by thugs and religious Nazis. It’s history is consistently replete with internecine treachery, warfare, rape, plunder and wholesale murder amongst each other.

In a region where money of extraordinary proportions bubbles up from the ground, there should only be prosperity for everyone. Instead; there is poverty just about everywhere you look amongst the masses.

There is also an ancient seething hatred between Islamic sects, and deep suspicion and jealousy between Arab state leaders.

This was the history of the Arab Middle East more than 1,000 years ago. And it is the way of the Arab Middle East today.

Imagine; it wasn’t until the 1970’s when Saudi Arabia “officially” banned legal slavery. That said, rampant slavery is still practiced in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and especially the Sudan. It just isn’t on the table anymore.

Because of this overall damaged mind-set, there will be no peace between the Israelis and the Middle Eastern Arab World. The Middle Eastern Arabs are regrettably too true to form, and to their own history.

It was nice to see so many of the Arab leaders and George W Bush so huggy and cuddly at Sharm El Shake, as they discussed the Road Map To Peace.

Unfortunately, their discussions, and their big show for peace didn’t include Ariel Sharon, Israel’s Prime Minister, and the ONLY democratically elected leader in the entire Middle East.

To INTENTIONALLY EXCLUDE Ariel Sharon from this photo-op, shows me that the Arabs have not altered their mind-set whatsoever. “Let’s pretend to make peace with the Jews. But let’s not invite them to the table”.

I saw George W Bush warmly embrace the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia at Sharm El Shake. I can’t imagine for a second that Bush doesn’t know that this putrid thug, and just about his entire decrepit “royal” family are amongst the greatest terrorist supporters on the planet.

The Saudi royal family, and their Wahabi pals are almost singularly responsible for the worldwide spread of Islamic fundamentalism and global terror. Iran and Syria come in second and third, followed by Lybia and the now defunct Iraq. Not to suggest that other Arab Middle Eastern countries are not culpable in the export and support of terrorism.

You can see the “gratitude” of the Arabs in Iraq, as they say thank you to the Americans and British for getting rid of Saddam. “But, now get the hell out of our country before we have to get rid of you too”.

Where Ariel Sharon, the ELECTED leader of the Israeli Parliament and government says he WILL dismantle unauthorized Settlements, he will.

However; the APPOINTED (by Arafat) Prime Minister of “Palestine” says he will NEGOTIATE with Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and whomever else to stop killing Israelis. NEGOTIATE?

In the meantime, Arafat still claims to call the shots, and Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas (aka Abu Mazen) recognizes Arafat as the leader of the Palestinian people. So, with whom is Israel making peace?

Last night, Neil Macdonald, CBC television’s accomplished Israel-hater, tied one of his patented parallels between the “hardliners” of the Israelis and Palestinians. In this manner, he showed equivalence between two groups which would not cave into peace.

His first group were comprised of some hard-nosed Israeli Settlers with Brooklyn accents who voiced their predictable outrage. Then he went to the “Arab Street” where the same vitriol was heard.

In reality: not Macdonald’s perverted concept of reality, but the real thing: the Settlers represented a minuscule portion of the Israeli people. Whereas; the Arabs he interviewed represented the views of the majority of the Palestinian people, INCLUDING most within the Palestinian Authority.

Ariel Sharon has nothing to lose in these negotiations. Israel has always said and demonstrated its willingness to sacrifice for a REAL peace. If it comes as a result of substantial Israeli concessions so-be-it.

But, if the Arabs remain true to form, which is my expectation, Ariel Sharon can say such as Ehud Barak did in 2000 from the Camp David meetings: he gave it his best shot, and that just wasn’t enough for the Arabs.

To the Arabs, the only territorial concession they will ultimately accept seems to be the complete return of all of Israel to Arab hands.

If the Arabs squander this opportunity as they did all the others, Israel will have the ultimate green light to do what has had to be done for the longest time. They will drive out the terrorists and place the Palestinian people and their territory under Israeli rule as it was before Oslo in 1993.

If I was a Palestinian, I would be paying very careful attention to the negotiations. They have far more to lose than they have to gain if their leadership screws up just one more time.

They also have to be paying attention to what is happening in Iraq. If American soldiers start getting picked off in an urban guerilla style campaign, that too will have an enormous effect on the negotiations between the Palestinians and the Israelis.

As I see it, the Middle Eastern Arabs hate the Americans, the Israelis and modernization no less today than they did before 9/11 and the current invasion of Iraq. And the Islamist are not going to go away.

I got a chuckle out of Bush’s speech to the Arab leaders when he made references to the rule of law, justice and democracy. Here he was, euphemistically speaking of the need to respect the rights of women to a room full of unabashed rapists.

Between ALL the Arab leaders in the Middle East combined, they couldn’t comprehend the rule of law, true justice or any real democracy in any of their countries. But President Bush was speaking to them as if they were indeed equals to leaders in the civilized world.

The Road Map will lead Israel and the Palestinians back to where it was between 1967 and 1993, prior to the last peace initiative debacle. Or maybe there will be a long overdue Miracle in the Middle East.


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  1. You are most effective with your radio broadcast, your Editorials, and your web pages. Will all that be lost if you run?
    If Canada is like here in the U.S., the good guys never seem to win. Plus, many people are afraid to go against the ‘norm.’
    If, in your heart of hearts, you feel you can truly win, amidst all the negative stuff that will be thrown at you, then I say, ‘Give it a Shot!’ But I sincerely believe, especially for your health, to let go and let God take care of Canada. marilyn

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