I Used To Be A Liberal.

I USED TO BE A LIBERAL. But for now, I'll simply define myself as a NEW CONSERVATIVE who carries all of my old Liberal values.

Peter MacKay won the Canadian Federal Conservative Party leadership on the weekend.

Too bad his victory was such a downer.

I was hoping for a fire of political interest to consume the landscape to come out of the Conservative leadership convention. But MacKay’s victory wasn’t even a pathetic spark.

If Conservatism is going to have a chance of success, it will have to come from the Canadian Alliance.

Like Chrétien said after MacKay’s “victory”: It was the best of news for the Federal Liberals.

Liberalism used to mean something very different to me than it does today.

Being a Liberal meant that you actually had convictions. That you supported positions based upon making positive differences. That change through progress was good. And that political thuggishness was not.

Being a Liberal used to mean that we looked towards tomorrow instead of yesterday. And that we supported our friends and allies with courage and determination.

Being a Liberal used to mean that we stood up for what was right, opposed to what was wrong simply because it was convenient, politically expedient and/or profitable.

Being a Liberal was a philosophy above and beyond who occupied the seat of government. It was a concept that blanketed the land with clear ideals and goals.

I am 53 years old. I am a relatively successful businessman. I have had my 15 minutes of fame in the political/social arena. I contribute to charities and to my community. And I value my long-time friendships. AND I AM NO LONGER A LIBERAL.

Everything I believed in some 30 and more years ago, I still believe in. But not through the eyes of a Liberal. Maybe I never was a Liberal. Maybe I just bought into the big Liberal lie.

I believe in fair-play in the work force. But not racial, linguistic and cultural discrimination through AFFIRMATIVE ACTION.

I believe in sustainable population growth through immigration. But NOT an open door policy to ALL immigrants.

I believe in Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Speech, but not when religion and/or speech preaches hate and violence.

I don’t believe in making excuses for social deviants, or political and cultural losers.

I believe in the rights of individuals to be protected by Canada’s Charter of Rights. But not selectively.

I believe in social responsibility. But not in taxation that removes incentives and penalizes success.

I believe in citizen involvement. But not in NGOs where billions of Canadian tax dollars are pissed away on social groups with “private” agendas, which use social activism as a ways and means of creating an industry of Do-Nothing Do-Gooders.

I despise the Liberal ideology of financing private businesses through grants and special loans to friends and party supporters. Governments have no place in either bedrooms or boardrooms.

To me, Liberalism should not mean blocking competition by placing cultural barriers in the arts and entertainment. Or in lavishing money upon wannabes and has-beens. Or in throwing hard earned tax dollars supporting government owned and controlled media like the multi-faceted, money hemorrhaging and elitist “my shit doesn’t stink” CBC.

I believe in letting people live their lives with the least amount of in-your-face government. Especially when what you do, or what you don’t do is of no consequence to anyone else.

I also believe that it is an absolute waste of time and energy to argue every side of every debate. Some issues simply have but one side of merit. And to suggest otherwise has become an argument of Liberal fools.

I believe that there are good guys and there are bad guys. Let’s just identify which is which and take a side. Liberals seem to take everyone’s side except the side that says: let’s have less government and more freedom with which to succeed and enjoy success.

Liberals also seem to HATE to make people ACCOUNTABLE. Especially themselves.

Maybe one day I’ll write a book titled: I USED TO BE A LIBERAL. But for now, I’ll simply define myself as a NEW CONSERVATIVE who carries all of my old Liberal values.

It’s too bad about MacKay. But maybe it will be because of him that the old Conservative Party will finally be put out of its misery; allowing for the Canadian Alliance Conservative movement to usher in a new and better day.

And then MacKay’s “victory” won’t be such great news to Chrétien’s Liberals.

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  1. Howard, if you think your ideas will see the light of day, I would say go for it. Be prepared to be made fun of because your opponents will not want to discuss your ideas. The left only knows how to campaign through personal attacks. If you can figure out a way for those of us in the lower 48 to help, I’m in.

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