It’s Time For Israel To Really Fight Back.

The President concluded that the attacks on Israel were expected since headway is being made towards peace.

Bill Graham, Canada’s Minister for Foreign Affairs called this past weekend’s single TERRORIST attack on Morocco “deplorable”. He didn’t say a thing about the FIVE attacks on Israel within 48 hours.

The President of the United States of America deplored the attacks on Israel, and stated that the attacks won’t stop the Road Map for Peace in the Middle East. It will simply put some bumps in the road.

The President concluded that the attacks on Israel were expected since headway is being made towards peace.

Somehow; murders of Israeli Jews are more to me than just some bumps in the road. And the fact that it is taken for granted that Jews will be murdered because of onward moving peace negotiations in the Middle East, as part and parcel of the negotiations is equally disturbing.

In Canada’s negotiations with the province of Quebec, would anyone ever accept murders as a “normal” part of dialogue. Yet, when it happens in the Middle East to Jews, that’s what it is. It’s just part of the process.

It is remarkable to me how blasé the world is to the murder of Israelis, even within the Presidency of the United States of America. I am not surprised by Bush’s comments, this mind-set has become the accepted culture of the world.

Arabs, or Westerners murdered in Middle Eastern countries are victims of TERRORISTS who have to be dealt with. But not so for Jews in Israel or other countries such as Argentina.

I have long been an avid supporter of peace in the Middle East by virtually all means possible. I supported the idea of giving all non strategic land to the Arabs in exchange for peace. I even supported the prospect of sharing Jerusalem as a joint Israeli/Palestinian capital. BUT NOT ANYMORE!

It is of no surprise to me that worldwide anti-Semitism is as virulent today as it was during and before the Second World War. And it is of no surprise to me that the Arab World will do whatever it can to destroy Israel. And it is of less surprise to me that virtually ALL of the world will do from nothing to stop the destruction of Israel – to everything to expedite it.

Israel is a bastion of 21st century Western civilization in a backwater of the Islamic dark ages. It is also an in-your-face reminder to the anti-Semites of this world that after almost 6,000 years, Jews still live and thrive in the land of their ancestry.

Israel represents a success story without equal. It is a miniscule country located in the middle of nowhere with no natural resources. Yet, Israel has incredible global talents and importance besides geography.

It is a land of people who rose from the ashes of the Holocaust. It is a wealthy, educated, talented, socially progressive country created and run by the rule of law. It is the anti-Semites worst nightmare.

The fact that TERRORISM against Jews is not considered by most to be the equivalent to TERRORISM against non Jews is in itself telling. The fact that every country on this planet was invited to participate in the war against TERRORISM with the exception of Israel is also telling.

I don’t believe that it is necessary to be hit in the head with a sledge hammer to know that Israel is in the gravest of jeopardy. The whole world, save the United States of America would be pleased to ambivalent to see the end of the Jewish State. And there are many within the USA who are questionable.

And given just one miscalculation by Israel, that is exactly what would happen. Israel would disappear. Millions of Jews would be murdered. And millions more would become instant refugees. Unlike the Palestinians, these refugees would be the real McCoy.

For Israel, the Road Map to Peace is nothing more than a Road Map to Perdition.

Here is my solution for Israel. They have to stop sucking up to the appeasers. Israel has as much a right to exist as any Democracy, and far more than the Arab Thugocracies that are its Middle Eastern neighbors.

Israel has a very capable military. They should use it. Take out TERRORIST groups wherever they are in the Middle East, specifically in Syria. Destroy Hamas and Hezbollah. Let the Syrians know what they can expect from Israel for its support of TERRORIST groups that inflict murder and destruction on Israelis everyday.

The Middle Eastern Arabs seem to understand one thing, and one thing alone. POWER.

Israel was never more secure, than it was when the Arab world knew what to expect if they attacked Israel. The Arabs are no longer frightened of the Israeli war machine. It is now high time that this fear is rekindled.

I sincerely doubt that peace with the Arabs will happen within the next generation or two. Perhaps, peace with the Arabs will never happen.

Israelis must become totally accepting to the fact that they will spend forever in a constant state of war. And if not war, then surely high preparedness for war.

Living on the edge is Israel’s perpetual fate.

The Middle Eastern Arab culture is so perverse, that negotiating with them is an effort in futility. Israel must stop trying.

If the sheer concept of: “Stop killing Jews, and we’ll make painful concessions”, made by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is too difficult for the Arabs to accept, then they will accept nothing.

To the Arabs, it’s: “You give us everything we want. And then we’ll stop killing Jews” (maybe).

As I have said in the past. Israel; build the wall. Surround yourself with a wall that will keep your enemies on the outside and your security on the inside. And when attacked, attack back. And not with a simple reprisal.

Let the enemy feel the full wrath of the Israeli military for murdering Jews. And then the killings might stop. And if it means going after Iran as well, so be it.

Israel does not have the luxury or the option of making even one mistake. One mistake for Israel, and it’s over. And if not stopped, a TERRORIST war of attrition on the State of Israel will sooner rather than later be that one irreparable mistake.

Israel doesn’t have to worry about alienating its friends by defending itself, since Israel doesn’t have all that many friends, with the exception of the USA. At least for the time being.

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  1. Howard, you seem like a trustworthy, and mentally strong individual with good conservative values and principles. That’s a very good start, in my book. Run, Howard, Run…..You just may win!!!!!!!

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