Chrétien’s Liberals Have No Love For Israel.

If it's true that Canada ganged up on Israel for political and economic reasons, at least that would be an explanation. But now I doubt it very much.

Canada’s concept of fair play and equivalence when discussing Israel and the right of ALL Jews to be free from terrorism is quite clear.

If Islamists and Arabs conspire to murder and maim Jews, it is because the Jews have it coming. After-all; according to Canada, Israel is an occupying force in the Middle East.

However; the conspiring Arabs who carry out their heinous crimes against civilians are “militants” and activists fighting to be free.

It has just been revealed that a Lebanese man, who was on the Israeli payroll to spy on the terrorist group Hezbollah, was denied landed immigrant status into Canada because he participated in “CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY”, simply because he informed on Hezbollah to Israel.

Based upon this criteria, most of the Islamists and Arab immigrants in this country should be ejected on the grounds that they help finance terrorist groups such as Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and others. Certainly these groups can easily be considered to have committed crimes against humanity.

There is no secret that these above listed terrorist groups are the scum one finds under the scum. But nonetheless, it took yeoman’s work by Stockwell Day and the US State Department to convince the Chrétien Liberals to ban Hezbollah.

What is even more compelling, isn’t the fact that Hezbollah wasn’t branded a terrorist organization long ago by the Canadian government; it is the fact that these murdering Bastards were given charitable status.

In the sum of all things terrorist, Hezbollah ranks amongst the planet’s very worst. Even more dangerous and damaging than Al Qaeda. But; to Chrétien’s Liberals, it is even MORE of a crime to help the Israelis combat these vermin, than it is to be a supporter of Hezbollah.

I used to think that Canada’s OFFICIAL policy in repeatedly condemning Israel, along with the Arabs and international thugs from Africa and what’s left of the Communist world at the UN, was for political and economic reasons.

(I should give dishonorable mention to France as being a world class Israel baiting nation, but that’s a book in itself).

If it’s true that Canada gangs up on Israel at the UN for political and economic reasons, at least that would be an explanation. It would not be an acceptable explanation, but it would explain things nonetheless.

However; I think Canada takes every opportunity to whack Israel because Prime Minister Chrétien, much of his Cabinet, and much, if not most of Canada’s Foreign Affairs Department is at the very least anti-Israel; and at the most anti-Semitic. It’s not just about politics and economics.

Canada’s behavior, when it comes to Israel is so one sided against Israel, that it can no longer be ignored that Chrétien’s government is simply anti-Israel and anti-Semitic.

When one looks at Canada’s recent history vis a vis Jews, from the time of World War II to date:

Liberal leader MacKenzie King’s policy on Jewish immigration was: “NONE IS TOO MANY”.

Chrétien fought to keep CHARITABLE status recognition for Arab and Islamist terrorist groups. Right up until recently.

Canada’s Mogen David Adom, which assembles ambulances in Montreal for use in Israel by Jews and Arabs was attacked by Canada’s Customs and Revenue Agency for “illegal” use of the ambulances.

The CCRA did what they could to strip the charitable status away from Canadian Mogen David Adom. But were stopped by the Canadian Alliance before they could.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Canada’s national broadcaster is so anti-Israel, that its news reports on the Middle East and local pro Israel demonstrations could be produced by the Arabs wanting to destroy Israel.

Canada participated in the Durban South African conference on racism, which was nothing more than an Israel bashing orgy held just days before 9/11. Canada signed the Durban declaration.

Canadian agencies have even surpassed the UN, by DECLARING Israel to be illegally occupying Palestinian Territories. And that Israel is guilty of committing CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. WOW!

This latest “policy” by Canadian bureaucrats to block the entry into Canada of a Lebanese supporter of Israel is so transparently anti-Israel, that there is no longer any question in my mind.

Chrétien’s Liberal government, and too many of its employees at all levels, are anti-Semitic.

You know the old expression: If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quack’s like a duck. It’s a duck.

It can’t be too soon until Chrétien the duck leaves office and fades into a distant and bad memory.

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  1. Firstly it is the nature of humans to be their own worst enemy and secondly humans complain as though they themselves never voted for or demanded today’s government policies. Unfortunately to compensate for our guilt (sins) we pressure ourselves to vote for feel good things we cannot presently manage fiscally. Mr Galganov, I strongly recommend studying the fresh governing concepts at [email protected]

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