Saudi Arabia Is Rocked By TERRORISTS – The Poor Dears.

What is most remarkable to all of this is how the media are doing whatever they can to elicit sympathy from the American people for this TERRORIST attack in Saudi Arabia.

Early this morning, we woke to hear the news of a TERRORIST bombing in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where as many as 7 Americans were killed amongst others who also died, and many more who were severely to moderately injured. Canadians as well.

I watched CNN for their coverage of this event, and every mention of the perpetrators described them as TERRORISTS. They weren’t called militants or activists. They were called TERRORISTS.

In fact; of the four attacks which were carried out simultaneously against 3 individual compounds where foreigners lived, they were all characterized as suicide bombings by TERRORISTS.

It is remarkable how suicide murderers are called TERRORISTS when they kill anyone in the entire world other than Jews in Israel. Especially on CNN.

CNN’s Andrea Koppel was removed from her Israeli posting by her network during the height of the Intifada suicide murders in Israel because of her PUBLIC anti-Israel sentiments. She is currently CNN’s chief reporter in Washington DC.

During this morning’s CNN interviews, Koppel continuously referred to the bombings in Saudi Arabia as TERRORIST attacks. Funny how she couldn’t bring herself to call murderers of Israeli Jews TERRORISTS.

Also; in this same news rotation, CNN’s anchor interviewed the former US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia for his opinions on the attacks. He compared the Saudi Khobar Tower bombing of 1996 to 9/11.

Imagine, a retired US Ambassador comparing the bombing of a building in Saudi Arabia to 9/11. Talk about a distortion of equivalence. It would be like comparing a breeze to a hurricane.

What is most remarkable to all of this is how the media are doing whatever they can to elicit sympathy from the American people for this TERRORIST attack in Saudi Arabia.

15 of the 19 murderers on 9/11 were Saudi Arabians. Osama Bin Laden is a Saudi Arabian. The Saudis finance and promote the worst sort of modern day religious and cultural racism imaginable. The Saudis are super wealthy thugs who routinely practice torture, murder, misogyny and keep their everyday people in abject poverty.

Why the media is so concerned with this TERRORIST attack on Saudi soil is beyond me. If the whole damned place were blown to kingdom-Come, it would only be a good thing.

Yes, it is true that Americans were killed in the attack. Yes, it is true that the TERRORISTS targeted foreigners. So what?

Why am I to feel sympathy for people who live in Saudi Arabia, or visit Saudi Arabia for the purpose of making money from these Islamic fundamentalist murdering savages.

If a whole bunch of Americans were murdered by a suicide bomber in 1940’s Germany while they were transacting business with the Nazis, should I care? It’s the same thing.

What is sad, is not the bombing. It is the spin being placed upon the event by the media.

CNN is on record as being run by a lying Bastard, Eason Jordan who withheld critical information about Saddam Hussein and Iraq, so as not to be thrown out of Iraq.

The New York Times isn’t doing much better with their plagiarist. And the New Republic featured an outright liar as their star journalist.

Today, I listened to Canada’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, the accomplished idiot Bill Graham, who is “outraged” at what happened in Saudi Arabia overnight. He is PROUD to state that Canada is in the thick of the fight to root out and stop TERRORISTS.

What a fucking, phony, lying, son-of-a-bitch.

Not more than a few months ago, Stockwell Day of the Canadian Alliance did everything he could, short of going after the TERRORIST groups Hezbollah and Hamas himself to get their “charitable” status revoked by Graham’s own Liberal government.

Graham went along with the rest of his Liberal Party embarrassments to do whatever he could NOT to label these murderers as TERRORISTS. He even defined Hezbollah and Hamas as saying that they have two distinct wings. The “militant” side, and the “charitable” side.

It’s like saying there are good Nazis and there are bad Nazis.

To feel sorry for these “victims” of Saudi TERRORISM is a joke. It’s like feeling sorry for a rapist when he himself gets raped in prison amongst his own peers.

Much of worldwide TERRORISM can be blamed upon the Saudi Pukes and their apologists. If you think this editorial of mine is a “little” bit too aggressive. You’re wrong.

No matter how hard I can try, I can NEVER make this editorial sufficiently aggressive to properly describe my outrage at the media and the government apologists for their sad concern over a suicide bombing in Saudi Arabia.

My only regret is that this horrific country wasn’t blown off the face of the earth. I clearly remember George W Bush saying: “You’re either with us, or you’re with the TERRORISTS”.

Being with Saudi Arabia is not JUST like being with the TERRORISTS. They are the TERRORISTS. And anyone who is working there to make money is aiding and abetting a TERRORIST regime.

So why the sympathy? The Saudis only got once, what their ilk has delivered to Israel a thousand times over. Except; when Israeli Jews get killed, they are victims of reciprocal violence carried out by militants.

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  1. Howard, having “been there, done that” in the past with you, you know as an Independent, people may support you but are SO afraid of the Liberals getting in if they don’t vote PC, that you won’t get their votes. In the PC party, I suggest to you you will be in great company with Jack MacLaren, Randy Hillier and Steve Clark. Get in, get control. That’s what Progressives did and that’s what we have to do even if it means gritting your teeth and putting up with someone you are not keen on.

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