Quebec Minorities – Always Hung By Their Own Petard.

The Montreal Gazette's stance on our rights is one reason we left Quebec in disgust. By Dave Mankowsky - Atlanta Georgia USA

I receive a great deal of E-mails from all parts of North America, many from expatriate Canadians. Mostly from ex-Montrealers. The letter writers share a common thread.

Very few of the writers criticize the Quebec government or the French speaking majority of Quebec, nearly as much as they criticize the “Anglo/Ethnics”.

For these ex-Quebecers, just like me, the reason they left Quebec had more to do with “Anglo/Ethnic” appeasement, than with the actual racist language and cultural laws of the majority.

The following is a letter I just received from Dave Mankowsky, a former Montrealer who now makes his home in Atlanta Georgia. I asked him for his permission to publish what he wrote.


Yes, publish it by all means. I’m an ex-Montrealer now living in the US (Atlanta, Georgia). My wife & I left Quebec 14 years ago (spent 5 years in Toronto Ontario, now in our 9th year in the US).

I keep in touch with the goings on in Quebec through the Internet and in telephone conversations with my relatives. My parents (and those of my wife) still live in Montreal & we visit Montreal yearly.

The Montreal Gazette’s stance on our rights is one reason we left Quebec in disgust. My wife and I would discuss the total lack of support for the English speaking community by organizations such as CJAD & the Gazette.

In the past you’ve remarked on how the Anglophone media in Montreal has failed the English speaking community in Quebec. The Montreal Gazette’s editorial concerning the upcoming legal challenge to Bill 101 before Canada’s Supreme Court is incredibly twisted! Take a look at the very first sentence in that editorial:

“There’s no doubt Bill 101 discriminates against Francophones.” (“New Look at Bill 101”, Montreal Gazette editorial, Sunday May 4, 2003)

The Montreal Gazette’s first observation is that Bill 101 discriminates against Francophones?!?!?! As if that were the primary offense of that legislation. Which community is the Montreal Gazette representing?

The editorial goes on to say, “What makes the Gosselin case different from previous Bill 101 challenges is that it involves majority language rights, rather than minority rights.”

The Montreal Gazette is interested primarily in “majority rights”?!?!?! The whole tenor of this editorial is what the challenge to Bill 101 will do to and for “the majority”; in other words, the Gazette’s concern is for the Francophone community.

The Gazette rarely shows any concern for the Canadian majority in its editorials; always harping on the Francophone minorities within confederation. Now suddenly this “majority” is its main concern.

How hypocritical can the Gazette be in its crocodile tears for Bill 101’s effects?


The minority communities, specifically the “Anglos” just don’t get it and probably never will. The English exodus from Quebec has not abated. Even Quebec’s completely bilingual “Anglo/Ethnics” leave Quebec for greener pastures.

Virtually all of my friends who still live in Montreal, of which there are many, HOPE that their children will leave Quebec upon graduation of university to start their lives elsewhere.

A person I know, informed me on the weekend, that his sister in-law just passed away in Toronto. I knew her quite well when we were in our late teens and early twenties. She in fact introduced me to Anne. And because of her, Anne and I have just celebrated our 30th anniversary (May 1). Her passing is indeed a tragedy of tremendous proportion.

She and her family are representative of Quebec’s exodus, especially its Jewish diaspora. When someone in the Jewish religion dies, we SIT SHIVAH. It is a Jewish ritual where the direct surviving relatives of the deceased sit in mourning from the day of the funeral for 7 subsequent days, where well wishers come to pay their respects and give moral support.

Traditionally, Shivahs are held in the home of the deceased, or in the home of the closest relative, usually a daughter or son, brother or a sister. But; because of the Jewish exodus from Montreal, it is now commonplace for Shivahs to be held simultaneously in the city where the deceased lived, and in Montreal.

What the ethnocentric Separatist Québécois have done to many Ethnic communities within Quebec (Montreal), with the aid of a complicit and cowardly “Anglo/Ethnic” leadership is just short of criminal.

To hammer this point home. On Wednesday, May 7th, all people who wish to celebrate the founding and independence of the State of Israel are invited to attend a rally at Place du Canada, corner of Rene Levesque and Peel in Montreal. This will be Israel’s 55th anniversary.

To demonstrate the absolute STUPIDITY of the leadership of Montreal’s Jewish community, the SPECIAL SPEAKER at the event will be Lucien Bouchard. The Separatist and former leader of the government of the Parti Québécois and the Separatist Bloc Québécois which he founded.

Lucien Bouchard did whatever he could to destroy Canada by taking Quebec out of Confederation.

He is on public record as saying: “QUEBEC NEEDS MORE WHITE FRENCH BABIES”.


Bouchard was the Premier of Quebec when Kosher for Passover Products were ORDERED off the shelves by his language police. And then, after the furor died down somewhat from the Montreal Jewish community, Bouchard, along with Jack Jedwab, at the time, the Quebec director of the Canadian Jewish Congress (and chief ass kisser), negotiated with a racist and separatist government upon which “conditions” Yiddish, Hebrew and English language Kosher for Passover products can be displayed on the shelves of Quebec’s grocery stores.

This is the man chosen by Montreal’s Elitist Jewish community to be THE Special Speaker at an event that commemorates the establishment of a Jewish State, where for the first time since 71 AD, Jews have a home where they are absolutely free to practice their religion without conditions.


This is the mind-set responsible for the ethnocentric, racist and economic mess Quebec has become. It is not the fault of the French. It is the EXCLUSIVE fault of the type of people who invite Lucien Bouchard; a Separatist who has made no shortage of racist remarks, to have the honor, to be THE Special Speaker at this event.

The fact that the Montreal Gazette gets away with their crap, as does CJAD by putting the likes of Josee Legault on-air to laugh in the faces of the “Anglo/Ethnic” communities, is simply what they are encouraged to do by the actions, acquiescence and appeasement of the Montreal “Anglo/Ethnic” leadership.

Pretty soon, there will be no one left in Montreal for the “Anglo/Ethnic” elitists to lead, or to read the Montreal Gazette, or listen to CJAD, other than the old people who can’t get out. And then the elitists will say: What happened?

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  1. It is about time that a qualified, honest, sound thinking person attempts to break the cycle of inept, incompetent, corrupt politicians. Good luck to you and your decision. How, exactly, can we in the US help?

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