With Blood On His Hands, Abu Mazen Will Negotiate Peace.

Israel: BUILD THE WALL! Let someone else travel on the ROAD MAP to perdition.

I have just received an E-Mail as part of a news mailing that states “Mahmoud Abbas”, aka – Abu Mazen, the Palestinians’ new Prime Minister was the financier of the September 5, 1972 Munich Olympic Games Massacre, which saw 11 Israelis murdered.

This is the claim made by The Israel Law Center; a not for profit corporation. The Israel Law Center is not an organization given to wild speculation, rumor and innuendo.

If this is true, and if Abu Mazen had anything whatsoever to do with the Massacre of innocent Jewish athletes, including one American, and one of the Israeli coaches, Mazen is qualified only to receive legal retribution and a lifelong prison sentence.

Here is a passage from one of Abu Mazen’s published books, as was described by Nissan Ratzlav-Katz, the opinion editor at Israel National News Dot Com. He also frequently writes for the National Review On line, which can be found in the Media Links Section of this Web Site in the media of the USA.

In 1983, Abu Mazen wrote in his book: “The Other Side: The Secret Relationship Between Nazism And The Zionist Movement”.

In this piece, he suggested that the figure of SIX MILLION JEWS murdered by the Nazis was a false one “peddled” by the Jews.

Seeking conspiracy theories that would serve Arab interests, Abu Mazen also wrote that the Zionist movement “led a broad campaign of incitement against the Jews living under Nazi rule; to expand the mass extermination”.

Zionists, he contends, collaborated with the Nazis to murder Jews in order to gain sympathy for the creation of the State of Israel.

There is absolutely no question whatsoever, that (Mahmoud Abbas) Abu Mazen, is an unabashed Holocaust denier and disseminator of anti-Semitic rhetoric.

So one must ask: Where does one begin to negotiate with such a man whose position is based upon lies, racism and an incitement to commit violence against Jews?

There is also another reality. To the Americans, the Europeans, the Russians and the United Nations (the Quartet): Abu Mazen is the “legitimate” Prime Minister of the Palestinian people. By what criteria?

Mazen was NOT elected by the Palestinian people. He was APPOINTED by Yasser Arafat, who too was NEVER elected by the Palestinian people. As a matter of fact, the Palestinian self-declared deadline for elections which HAD to take place almost a year ago, has long come and gone without any elections.

Arafat; the vile old terrorist not only appointed Mazen, but he also vetted Mazen’s new Cabinet. Unfortunately; there seems to be many of the same deceitful faces in Mazen’s Cabinet who have made an exceptional living for themselves while feeding from the Palestinian trough in Arafat’s Cabinet.

I can not bring myself to trust any of them. Arafat is an ageing thug who sent children onto the streets to throw stones and Molotov Cocktails at Israeli troops and Israeli armor. He sent young men and women strapped with suicide belts to murder innocent Jews. He is also the undisputed architect of modern day terrorism, that has caused so much fear, pain and destruction worldwide.

Arafat; the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. Some joke!

And now, the world DEMANDS that Israel sit down with another Arafat thug with Jewish blood on his hands to discuss the surrender of Israeli security for more pie in the sky Palestinian promises.

My advice to Israel. Continue building the WALL. Keep whichever Settlements that touch Israel proper, get rid of the outlying Settlements, and keep the military at the constant ready.

And take a page out of the American combat book in dealing with terrorist threats. Shoot first. And ask questions later.

With the Middle Eastern Arabs, there never will be peace. They simply lack the concept of Democracy governed by the rule of law. And all the “critical” meetings, dress up negotiations, and UN cocktail parties will never change that.

Just in passing, and out of curiosity:

Why do all these highfalutin Arabs have two names? Isn’t it enough to be called Mahmoud Abbas? Why does he need the aka Abu Mazen? And what about “Mohammed Abdel-Raouf Arafat As Qudwa al-Hussaein”; aka Yasser Arafat? They all seem to have a nom de guerre. How impressive is that?

And while I’m at it. How come all of these characters have PHD’s? Dr Saeb Erekat, Dr Hannan Ashrawi, Dr Abu Mazen; Dr this and Dr that.

How can so many doctorates be responsible for so much failure? Where’d they get their doctorates? In the schools of what’s happening now? And what are their doctorates in? The how to’s of terrorism, and how to screw-up whatever they touch?

Or better yet: How to keep millions of your people in squalid “refugee” camps for three or more generations, just so they can stick it to the Jews?

There are some societies that are so screwed up, that fighting for their redemption is a travail that is simply not worth the effort. I am utterly convinced that the Palestinians comprise such a culture.

Israel: BUILD THE WALL! Let someone else travel on the ROAD MAP to perdition.

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  1. Howard you are a Prince, we need your voice for common sense government. Where you would run few of your supporters could vote for you. A caution from someone who has served, (only in municipal arena) getting elected is the easy part, getting the rest of the morons to do right is the real challenge. Wish you well and will contribute what i can.

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