Dealing With The Islamofascist Swamp. By: Robert Sauvé – Ottawa

Third comes the hard part, modernizing Islam itself.

Having settled the hash of the alligators snapping at our buts in Afghanistan and Iraq, we must now turn to the related problems in the Islamofascist swamp that 9/11 revealed to us.

Prominent among them are Islamofascist terrorists in general, their bankers in Saudi Arabia, and, last but not least, the Muslim diaspora in the West.

The first step in this process is to let it be known that we (especially the United States) are playing hardball from now on, that we will no longer turn a blind eye to Muslim excesses, and that turning the other cheek is no longer in fashion.

For example: we will no longer stand by impotently as Muslim religious leaders condemn our neighbours to severe punishment (death in some cases) for criticism of the Koran or the Prophet.

We will consider calls for jihad not as a call to prayer but as an exhortation to kill infidels like me.

We will no longer permit Muslim schools in our country to propagate hatred toward non-Muslims, especially toward Jews.

And we will not permit Muslim pseudo-charities to solicit funds for terrorist organizations.

With this strategic background, let us now turn to some specific measures.

First, we must continue to route Islamofascist terrorists from their hiding places by using whatever diplomatic and military measures are required. And, we shouldn’t be overly concerned about tromping on a few sensitive toes in the process.

Second, we must recognize that these terrorists are the product of Islamic extremism, extremism whose worldwide propagation is funded by the Saudi Royal Family.

It should not be difficult to convince the Saudis that, in this new game of hardball, they would be well advised to support less offensive causes.

Third comes the hard part, modernizing Islam itself.

Islamic society will have to eventually admit that its fall from dominance over the past thousand years or so was due to its own rejection of modernity, not to what infidels have allegedly done to them. If they do, they stand a chance of living in peace with the non-Islamic world.

If they do not, they will remain at war with the modern West, a war they cannot win.

Should they accept modernity, they will have to, among other things, accept and promote the notion of critical thought and innovation, even if this challenges the traditional supremacy of the Koran in areas where the Koran has no business!

Since there is little hope that these reforms will be introduced in traditional Islamic lands, it falls to the Islamic diaspora to take the initiative if it wants to become part of the solution or remain part of the problem.

However, if diaspora Muslims continue to drag their feet, it should surprise no one that Islam, and especially its diaspora, will continue to be viewed with suspicion by infidels like me.

In which case, I would not be surprised to see our governments make the regrettable but unavoidable decision to impose a moratorium on immigration from Arab lands.

The ball is clearly in the Muslim diaspora court. I hope they don’t blow it.

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  1. God bless you, Howard. You’re in my prayers. Mike Krueger, Huntsville, AL

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