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I believe with absolute conviction, just as I wrote in my last editorial, April 11, 2003, that "Freedom Of The Press Is The Greatest Defense Of Democracy".

Friday evening, April 11, 2003, along with some other fortunate individuals, I was awarded with a plaque in recognition of my contribution to what the sponsors of the event, FREE DOMINION, termed: “Principled Conservatism”.

I was pleased to have been thought of for this recognition. But I also had serious reservations about being labeled a Conservative. I don’t like labels. More than that, I envisioned sharing a stage with the likes of Pat Buchanan.

Nonetheless; I decided to attend the event and accept the plaque which was awarded to me for BEST NEWS MEDIA in recognition of what I write on Galganov Dot Com.

I take an enormous amount of pride and pleasure in my work on this Web Site, mostly because it elicits thought and response from the many who visit and read my thoughts and the thoughts of others. Also; because what I write can be trusted.

I believe with absolute conviction, just as I wrote in my last editorial, April 11, 2003, that “Freedom Of The Press Is The Greatest Defense Of Democracy”. Therefore; being acknowledged for this work was indeed a great personal honor.

As I accepted the award, I stated very clearly, and to my surprise, somewhat emotionally, that in my lifetime, I have been the very fortunate recipient of many awards, but none other that has made me as pleased as the one given to me by FREE DOMINION.

About the Awards’ evening:

People came from the Maritimes, the Prairies and in between, to be seen, heard, and to listen to what others had to say. They were farmers, politicians, business people, professionals and others. And they were all very PRINCIPLED indeed.

The crowd wasn’t large, but in attendance were people of all ages; from the very young to the more mature. There were about as many women as there were men. And they all spoke incredibly well. I can more or less sum up the character of the people as being very well heeled.

Search high or low: there was not one Pat Buchanan to be found amongst them.

I have heard no shortage of speeches during my lifetime, most of which were wordy platitudes or regurgitations of the “mantra du jour”. But not this time.

I listened to extremely good speeches that were as unique as the people who delivered them. They were fascinating by all measure; delivered from the heart, the soul, and the brain.

Walter Robinson, the oft-quoted Federal Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation was the keynote speaker, who presented a brilliant account of Canada’s place in the greater society. Ralph Forte, who flew in from the Maritimes to accept his award as the Most Principled Conservative of the year, was no less brilliant in his portrayal of citizen responsibility.

The other speakers and recipients were also a pleasure to hear.

There was no vitriol. And no call to arms. The discourse was measured, direct and pertinent. These Conservatives were not the wild eyed: “let’s gut the system of compassion” as many Conservatives are portrayed.

In their own way, they are probably far more compassionate to the needs of society than the people who characterize themselves as Liberals.

All in all, receiving this award was a personal highlight in my life, and an honor I will add to the top of my list.

Where I had doubts about the people who organized this event, there is now only admiration and gratitude for their hard work and sacrifice.

A special recognition must be made for the incredible efforts of Mark Fournier of Edmonton Alberta, and Connie Wilkins of Kingston Ontario, who organized this event, and who work so hard to make Canada a better and more equitable country for everyone.

To read more about FREE DOMINION and what they stand for, you can find them at “Free Dominion Dot Ca”, or go to the MEDIA LINK selection on my menu to the left of this article: go to Canada and click on FREE DOMINION. It’s worth the visit.

During the next few days, I’ll continue the theme of MEDIA RESPONSIBILITY, by remarking upon the dreadfully dishonest position of Eason Jordan and CNN in Iraq.

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  1. Howard, I hope you run and LOUDLY voice your position. Some good signs I see are more and more voices to impeach BHO and the rise of Nullification. There IS a ground swell for conservative progress.

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