Liars, Self Delusionists And Thugs.

This has got to be like one hell of a kick in the nuts to all pro-Islamists and Middle Eastern Arabs who see the Iraqi lies and distortions for themselves.

It’s just about all over in Iraq, yet the Iraqi Minister of (dis) Information is still going on State run televison proclaiming to all who will listen, that the brave Iraqi troops have driven the American invaders from the airport, and the American invaders are 160 kilometers from Bagdad.

As this character is saying this, Americans are landing their huge C-130 cargo planes at Bagdad International Airport, formerly known as Saddam International Airport.

And American troops are making themselves at home in Saddam’s main Bagdad Palace. So much so, that it has been reported that at least one American Marine decided to take a shower in Saddam’s personal ornate bathroom.

The shower story might not be true, however, everything else is.

At the American press briefing this morning (April 7, 2003), one of the British reporters asked General Vincent Brooks, who was giving the briefing: “why the American troops don’t simply walk across the street, tap the Iraqi Information Minister on the shoulder and ‘pinch’ him”?

In reality; it would be just as easy as that. But to what avail?

According to General Brooks, the Iraqi Information Minister is more or less speaking to himself, since Iraq has no electrical power. And with no electricity, how are the Iraqis to see this propaganda?

That is not to say however, that the rest of the Arab world is not seeing and hearing this clap-trap. And that’s a good thing.

On one hand, the so-called Arab “street” is hearing what the Iraqi Minister of (dis) Information is saying, and on the other hand they see the coalition troops in the streets of Bagdad.

This has got to be like one hell of a kick in the nuts to all pro-Islamists and Middle Eastern Arabs who see the Iraqi lies and distortions for themselves.

This war is destroying a myriad of myths, and shining a bright light on an incontestable truth. THE MIDDLE EASTERN ARABS ARE LIARS.

And not only that; they are masters of self delusion. But even that doesn’t stop many within the Western media from reporting on mountains of Arabic proclamations as if they are indeed fact.

In 1991, Saddam Hussein promised the MOTHER OF ALL BATTLES. What he delivered was the MOTHER OF ALL SURRENDERS.

In 2003, Saddam Hussein promised that American blood would flow freely in the desert sands. Instead, the Americans, Brits, Aussies, Poles, Bulgarians and other members of the “Coalition of the Willing” are scoring the greatest military rout since Israel’s Six Day War.

What is remarkable about the Arabs, is the Western media’s determination to take them seriously. In Palestinian terrorist controlled Jenin, according to the likes of Saeb Erekat; Israeli troops “MASSACRED” as many as, and perhaps MORE than 500 innocent men, women and children.

The Western media ran with that story worldwide. IT WAS PROVEN TO BE A LIE. But even that monstrous lie didn’t stop the Western media from buying into a continuing fresh host of never ending lies from the Middle Eastern Arabs.

Now that the greatest military in history fought the so-called vaunted Iraqi armies, as if they were nothing more than a gang who couldn’t shoot straight, our Western media still refer to these Iraqi losers as the “ELITE REPUBLICAN GUARD”.

How elite are the greatest surrenderers since the French? American Girl Scouts and Brownies would have put up a better fight than the “Elite” Republican Guard.

And now we’re hearing from Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, how this campaign against the Iraqis is going to create A HUNDRED BIN LADENS.

And why pray tell should we believe Mubarak, any more than all the other Middle Eastern Arabs who can’t complete a sentence without lying, exaggerating or deluding themselves?

For some unfathomable reason, the Western media absolutely ignores the backwardness, endemic racism, misogyny, despotism, corruption and poverty that is the Arab Middle East, and prefers instead to buy into the Arab lies, as if being politically correct is far more important than being truthful.

I must conclude one of two things about the Western media vis a vis the Arab lies: Either the Western media is so stupid that they can not see the lies. Or; the Western media is so anti-American and anti-Israel that they knowingly prefer the lies to the truth.

I opt for the latter, since I can’t possibly believe that so many Western media journalists and their bosses can be so consistently naive, gullible and/or stupid.

This war has so far changed a great deal. And it will make even more profound changes.

It will change the face of the Middle East.

It has exposed the Western media for what and whom many of them are.

And it has removed that veil of political correctness from what has been a never ending succession of Middle Eastern Arabic lies.

All of that said: The Arabs will still lie. There will still be no shortage of dishonest Western media. Diplomats will still find reason to suck up to tyrants. And we will have to be no less vigilant.

However; that doesn’t change the fact, that whomever stood on the wrong side of the Coalition of the Willing, are now seen to be standing on the side of liars, self delusionists and thugs. I am happy for them. It is where they deserve to be.

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