Chrétien Might Have Finally Lost Canada – Another Casualty Of The War.

Chrétien, the Canadian mouth that squeaks has found his legacy.

It’s a hoot listening to all the media talking heads and their “expert” analysts groping for ways to look relevant concerning the ongoing war (rout) against Saddam’s Iraq.

Even the military briefings have become so subdued that the media actually ask relevant questions without making speeches. Boy, what a little success can do.

Madonna, the Material Girl, whose only contribution to society has been to show how debased a human being can be, and still be revered as a great star, pulled her own latest anti-American video. She too doesn’t want to be seen to be standing on the wrong side of the war. TOO LATE Material Girl.

Chrétien, the Canadian mouth that squeaks has found his legacy. Canada will be spending a great deal of time groveling to the American’s for their forgiveness. Justifiably so.

This exercise of groveling henceforth should be known as the Chrétien Legacy, lest any of us forget.

Canada has always believed that we could punch well beyond our weight: Yet another great Canadian delusion. That is not to say, that at one time in our pre Trudeau past, that this was not true. However; successive Prime Ministers from Quebec have so damaged Canada, and destroyed who we once were, that it’s become doubtful, that by today’s standards, we can even punch within our weight.

This war will have many repercussions that will stretch far beyond the Middle East. It will of course have a significant influence on the European Union and NATO. And it will deeply affect the Arab nations who thought their oil wealth gave them some form of divine right. They can now think again.

But more than all of that, back home in Canada, the horrible behavior of Quebec’s less than favorite son, our Prime Minister, Jean Chrétien, has set wheels in motion that will have a profound influence on the future of Confederation.

Chrétien sold Canada down the proverbial river because of Quebec. He allowed the rest of Canada to look like anti-American morons to influence a Quebec election. In one fell swoop, Chrétien placed a greater wedge between English and French Canada, than both Separatist referendums of 1980 and 1995 combined.

As the fallout from Chrétien’s abhorrent behavior continues to become more and more apparent and damaging, Canadians will point their fingers to the source of our problems. As they are already doing.

English Canada, specifically Ontario and everything West of Ontario has been very patient with the idiosyncracies of Quebec, and very generous in giving French Canada a far greater influence on this country than their numbers warrant.

But; because of the damage now done by Chrétien, in his quest to once again appease Quebec, he has gone one step too far.

Chrétien has severely damaged our relationship with our only neighbor and most important trading partner. And I can not sufficiently emphasis how important the USA is to Canada’s financial and social well-being.

I am certain that the rift with the USA will heal, but not before we have suffered enormously for this unbelievable indiscretion. And the rest of Canada, outside of Quebec, will not suffer quietly. They will not be so generous this time around with Quebec’s distinct idiocy. This time around, Quebec will pay the price.

So much for Jean Chrétien and his legacy. He almost lost Canada to the Quebec Separatists in 1995. In 2003, he might have finally succeeded.

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  1. Go for it HOWARD!!!! Ont. needs a lot more like you run. Maybe just maybe it will be the beginning of a fresh restart throughout our great Country.


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