My Local Encounter With Benign Anti-Semitism.

"Why should we go to war against the Arabs since they never did anything to us".

Yesterday (March 31), I visited a structural metal supply company close to where I live. I have the need to have built a harrow, which I will tow behind my tractor. This farm implement is used to disturb the surface of the earth. Aerating and the such.

The owner of this place is a pleasant French Canadian from Ontario, in his late 60’s or so, and seemingly quite comfortable financially. He earned his money the old fashioned way, by working very hard for it.

He told me that he just returned home from a few weeks in Naples Florida, and would like to go back for a couple more weeks. However; he was worried to do so because he heard the Americans are so pissed off with Canada, that it might be dangerous for him to be in the States. Slashed tires and all.

He simply couldn’t understand why the Americans are so upset with us.

“Why should we go to war against the Arabs since they never did anything to us” he asked?

I reminded him of the Twin Towers and 9/11.

“Oh; that” he said: “That was only because of the New York Jews”.

I asked him to elaborate.

“The Arabs attacked the New York Jews because all the money they make at the World Trade Center, they send to Israel to buy bombs to kill Arabs”.

So I asked him why the Arab terrorists crashed a plane into the Pentagon?

“Because the American government is controlled by Jews”.

I asked him where he learned all of this.

“From the Media. Everyone knows this” he said. Seemingly surprised that I didn’t.

I would have been much less shocked at his ignorance if all of this was not coming from a mature and successful businessman. I suggested to him that he try reading more than just the Journal de Montreal and La Presse, (Quebec’s) two prominent French language daily newspapers.

What it came down to with this character was the age old mantra:

If the Jews would stop oppressing the Arabs. And if the Jews in New York would stop supporting the Jews in Israel. And if the Jews would stop getting involved with the government of the USA. There would be no war.

Ipso-facto: It’s all the fault of the Jews.

Seems like I heard the same thing about Hitler’s war in Europe and North Africa. It was all the fault of the Jews.

Far too many Canadians are really brain-dead, not so much because they can’t read, listen and watch. But because they don’t question what they are told.

If they had any brains, they would know at least FOUR incontrovertible facts:

1 – The war in Iraq is a just and necessary war against a dangerous murdering, raping and torturing thug who possessed a global reach prior to this military action of the coalition, minus Canada.

2 – The Americans are single-handedly responsible for 87% of our Canadian quality of life through their purchases of our products.

3 – If we crap all over the Americans, there will be consequences.

4 – Regardless of how some in the media play this: Gulf War II is no more the fault of Jews than was Hitler’s Anschluss of Austria, the seizure of Czechoslovakia’s Sudetenland or his invasion of Poland.

Blind trust in our Canadian government and media has become devastating.

It is remarkable to me, that in this day and age of macro and micro communications, that people can still be so ignorant, as if there were no more than a handful of sources for information.

To be so blind to reality in the 21st century is an obscenity.

Or perhaps; the other reality, is that some people want so badly to believe that it is the fault of the Jews, or that the Americans are the bad guys in all of this, that they want ONLY to read, listen to and watch the reports that give their prejudices approbation.

Either way, neither reality is acceptable or any less scary. As it was said many years ago: “The more that changes. The more that stays the same”.

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  1. I sure wish you could run here. You’d have my vote in a heartbeat, and I’d even campaign for you as much as I could. Good luck, Mr. Galgonov. The Canadians should be honored to have you run. God bless you for your patriotism to our country.

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