One Victory After Another For Bush.

I have written in the recent past, that the first victory of this war is journalistic integrity. And I am now writing that one of the first defeats in this war, belongs to the totally irrelevant "talking heads".

Like billions of people worldwide, I too watch the war from the safety of my living room. I also read the headlines and editorials and listen to the radio talk-show hosts.

And what I am gleaning from just about everything I am receiving in the way of massive media coverage from all sources but one, is that the media is being left out of the war, and they don’t like it.

The only media of any consequence are the imbedded journalists who spend their days and nights with the troops, either at the lines of demarcation, or at the very front where the action and hurt comes fast and hard.

These imbedded journalists are the ONLY media who have something to say that means something. And I can’t think of anything that is more demeaning to the media elitists who have always had the lock on their version of the truth.

Not the facts; but the truth – only as they see it.

The American military policy to give virtually unlimited media access to the troops, their commanders and the unfiltered agony of warfare has rendered the “talking heads” irrelevant.

It has become so bad with the “conventional” media, that I hear in their voices, and read in what they write, that they would almost like to see the coalition troops, but specifically the Americans take a beating.

Let me correct this. I am certain in my heart of hearts that many of this media do want to see the USA take it on the chin.

What makes this probability of the media’s desire to see Americans bashed, is most onerous, because the journalists of whom I write, are themselves Americans.

They want to see Bush and Rumsfeld proven wrong. They want to see Bush and Rumsfeld embarrassed and humiliated. So much so, that if it takes the death of American servicemen to prove their point, it is not a price too high to pay.

I am an addicted news consumer. I watch all the Sunday American news programs, and have so, for as long as I can remember. But that said, I have never ever seen the “talking heads” say so much and mean so little with so much venom against the government.

For the Conservative analysts, the war is proceeding just fine. The Generals are doing their thing. The warriors are at the top of their game. And overall, it is just a matter of time until victory, which will soon enough be at hand, will be declared.

From the “Lefty” Liberal analysts, the war is a disaster. The coalition soldiers are outnumbered, under-equipped, not being fed, are being surprised by unanticipated fighting thugs and terrorists, AND the American Generals and politicians are either lying, or fighting within their ranks.

None of the preceding has any credibility whatsoever.

In truth, the coalition is kicking ass and cutting through the enemy lines like a hot knife through butter. They have taken very few casualties, and they’ve positioned themselves in a holding pattern 50 miles outside of Bagdad while the rest of the war catches up for the final assault.

And all of this is happening with or without the self important “talking head” journalists and their “divine” introspective. And all of a sudden, a whole bunch of men and women whose names, up till now were unknown, are now the real stars of the media as they bravely traipse along with the rolling coalition juggernaut.

I have written in the recent past, that the first victory of this war was journalistic integrity. And I am now writing that one of the first defeats in this war, belongs to the totally irrelevant “talking heads”. And they don’t know enough to wave a white flag.

As this war continues, and as the coalition victories continue, look to the talking heads to find even more ways to prove their irrelevance.

Imagine: In just one fell swoop, Bush and his friends will have taken down one of the world’s most sinister threats and a war criminal against humanity if ever there was one.

Bush has shown the UN and the Security Council for what they really are.

He has made nations prove which are the real friends of the USA, and which are not.

And he has taken an honest to goodness stand against tyranny. He is sending a clear message to any and all other despots who want to mess with the USA, that the USA is no paper tiger.

And as a bonus for all of his efforts; George W Bush has allowed the conventional media, the “talking heads”, to be hoisted by their own petard.

Not bad for a Guy whom Chrétien’s press attaché referred to as a moron.

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  1. Go for it because I would like to move to ON but based on what you wrote above, I will remain here in the sociological and financial basket case of QC

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