Chrétien – Canada’s Shame.

Canada did the wrong thing for many reasons. But for so many of our Parliamentarians to jump to their feet, in order to give a resounding applause for a NO to the USA is the height of impropriety and stupidity.

Sunday night, March 16, 2003, the President of the USA, the leader of the Free World, effectively declared war on one of the planet’s worst and most dangerous thugs: Saddam Hussein.

President George W Bush stood before the cameras and announced, that in effect, he was no Neville Chamberlain, and this 21st century Arabic facsimile of Adolf Hitler will be stopped before he can reign even more fear, destruction and death.

True to their make up, all the appeasers formed to the left, and gave as many reasons why President Bush is wrong as they are right. It was the usual ANTI-WAR sentiment. That is to say; George W Bush and the people who agree with him are PRO-WAR.

This is at best a specious argument, where in fact, the people who are not willing to end the terror regime of Iraq are indeed the parties who are in fact guilty of being PRO-WAR. It is no different today than it was in 1938, when all the appeasers did what they could to avoid and avert war. They were wrong then. And they are equally wrong today.

To our great disgrace was the pathetic performance of the Prime Minister of Canada and his cronies from the left, including the Separatist Bloc Québécois pukes from Quebec, who immediately responded with an enthusiastic NO to President Bush’s declaration.

As soon as Chrétien announced that Canada will NOT join the Americans in the war against Iraq WITHOUT UN APPROVAL, all but two members of the Liberal party, all of the NDP socialists, and all of the traitorous members of the Bloc Québécois rose to their feet in a standing and resounding ovation.

This spectacle was played almost immediately on CNN for the American television audience which supports their President and his policies on Iraq by a measure of more than two thirds.

Even though I am totally opposed to Canada’s many horrible global positions on just about everything, I can understand, that being a free country, everyone has a right to their opinion(s), even the government.

However; I can not for a moment fathom why so many of Canada’s Members of Parliament thought that saying NO to the USA was such a GREAT moment in Canadian history, that it begat a standing ovation.

Also: according to Chrétien, Canada’s reason for saying NO to the USA had everything to do with the UN not coming onboard. So; I have to ask this question.

If Guinea, Cameroon and Uganda; three of this planet’s most backward, poverty stricken, uneducated and despotic countries would have given the USA approbation in the last (retracted) resolution, would Canada have signed-on and sent troops?

And if these three paragons of national failure would have signed-on, and if France would have exercised it’s veto, would Canada still have sent troops? Or would Canada have still backed off, because technically, the USA would not have had the permission of the UN once the resolution was vetoed, even if accepted by a majority of nations on the Security Council?

And if so, would that have meant that Canada’s foreign policy is crafted in France?

There is a growing irony here. As I am putting the final touches on this editorial (March 19 – 9:15am), the duplicitous French have just announced that they are turning cartwheels trying to get in the game by telling the US State Department, that once the shooting starts, France will be there for the Americans with a varied assortment of equipment and support. As of yet undefined.

Where does that leave Canada?

Canada, acting on the French lead shouted NO to our BEST friend, and now the Whore of nations which Canada emulated is changing sides leaving us to swing in the wind; ALONE!

I guess the French sat down and tabulated the cost of choosing Saddam over Bush. I equally guess that Canada’s Prime Minister “numb-nuts” can’t do simple arithmetic.

Canada did the wrong thing for many reasons. But for so many of our Parliamentarians to jump to their feet to give a resounding applause for a NO to the USA is the height of impropriety and stupidity.

Americans, British and Australians will most likely be harmed. There will be Americans, Brits and Aussies who will come home in body bags. And there will be Americans, Brits and Aussies who will be so badly mangled from battle that their lives will never be the same. All as a result of doing the right thing.

And when it’s all over, and peace and security become a part of the Iraqi landscape, exclusively as a result of the enormous American, British and Australian sacrifice, what will the idiots who sprang to their feet in Canada’s Parliament have to say then?

When the USA, with its $10,000,000,000,000 (TEN TRILLION) dollar economy looks favorably upon the British, the Australians, The Spaniards, the Italians the NEW Europeans, and all the other nations which supported the leadership of the USA; will the idiots who sprang to their feet in Canada’s Parliament still be applauding?

When Canada is no longer treated like a member of the US family, because of Chrétien and all the idiots who sprang to their feet in Canada’s Parliament, simply to relish in saying NO to the USA, what will they say then?

Chrétien and the idiots who are so proud of themselves for saying NO, have just cursed future Canadians out of a privileged relationship with the greatest country on the face of this planet.



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