Rachel Corrie Had It Coming By Her Own Decision.

For me, the incident is clear. If Rachel Corrie decided to put herself in harm's way, she got what she deserved.

A young American woman died in Gaza over the weekend when she was crushed by an armored Israeli bulldozer, which was demolishing property owned by the family of a Palestinian terrorist.

Rachel Corrie died when she refused to get out of the way during an Israeli military operation. Both the (useless) United Nations and the Geneva Convention hold to the understanding that civilians who intentionally place themselves in harm’s way during a military operation, become willing and lawful targets.

There are a great many people, especially amongst the Peaceniks who are absolutely livid concerning Rachel Corrie’s death. The Israeli government regrets the incident and will investigate. Lefties worldwide are demanding that Israel cease their policy of collective family punishment of terrorists, and those who assist in acts of terror.

I take the opposite view. I do not mourn the death of Rachel Corrie. She put herself in harm’s way and got what she had deserved. She knowingly put herself at great risk in the assumption that the Israelis are too civilized to do anything to her but remove her from the scene by force. And even though they did, she still persisted and returned.

Her death is her responsibility, and the responsibility of all the other like minded deadhead Peaceniks.

Unlike innocent Jewish Israelis, and innocent Arab Israelis who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when people are deliberately blown to pieces, Rachel Corrie chose to put herself at risk.

Jewish children who are blown up at pizza parlors, discos, or on busses going to school never asked to become victims of targeted violence and murder. They just are. For them, there is no prior warning, no chance to stay clear of danger and no provocation.

When a dozen or more Israeli Jews get blown to pieces, it makes the international headlines as if it was just another addition to a scorecard: ho-hum. However; when one pro-terrorist sympathizer gets herself killed in a situation of her own making, it becomes an international incident.

For me, the consequence is clear. If Rachel Corrie decided to put herself in harm’s way, she got what she deserved. And that should be a lesson to all the others who are pro Palestinian terrorists, who also want to engage the Israeli military.

In fact; I would prefer to see the Peaceniks crushed by tanks before the Palestinians. At the very least, the Palestinians have a legitimate right to be there.

And just as an aside: If these Peaceniks are so concerned with protecting human lives in the Middle East, why are they not protesting in front of Palestinian terrorist offices, and against the use of suicide murderers amongst others?

Why are they not blocking the entrances of bomb making factories, or occupying Palestinian grade schools where young Palestinian children are fed a litany of lies about Israel, and filled with hatred for Jews?

The answer in a nutshell: These Peaceniks only want peace for Arabs and Palestinians. For Israeli Jews, that’s another matter entirely. To them, it appears that Jews who are murdered in terrorist attacks simply have it coming. Even Jewish kids on their way to school.

I shed no tears for a fallen fool. Especially the architect of her own misfortune.

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  1. Congratulations to both of you, we too will celebrate our anniversary on Monday, 30 years. I so enjoy reading your editorials, I feel so much better with the hope that so many of us are fully aware of the Lefts’ antics, education is the key. Thanks for voicing the response to so many of the world’s frustrations.
    Sincerely, The Mazzeos

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