They Will Be Cheering In The Iraqi Streets.

Totally opposite to what all the Do Nothing Do Gooders are saying, the Iraqi people will be on the streets to welcome the American, British and Australian troops as LIBERATORS opposed to invaders.

As the war drums beat ever louder, and the pulse of the world quickens, every nation on this planet has either something to win or something to lose.

If you are the leader of a tyranny, you have something to lose. If you are a fledgling democracy, you have something to win. And if you are a backer of Saddam Hussein, such as France, you have a great deal to lose.

This war will be fought and won without the casualties the Peaceniks are screaming about. This war will also be fought and won within hours. Not weeks. And not even days.

When the 21st century ordinance hits the enemy, it will be all but over.

There will be no house to house combat to speak of. There will be no Iraqi guerilla armies formed to hit the coalition and run to safety. There will be no mass destruction of private or common property caused by the coalition that is not military. And there will be no deluge of terrorist attacks against the USA and Americans abroad.

It is very possible that Hussein and his thugs will torch their own oil wells, just as they torched the Kuwaiti oil wells. And they may even harm their own people by putting them in harm’s way. But that will be in keeping with the vile mind-set of Saddam Hussein.

And totally opposite to what all the Do Nothing Do Gooders are saying; after the shooting is done, the Iraqi people will be on the streets to welcome the American, British, Australian and coalition of the willing troops, as LIBERATORS opposed to invaders.

Anyone who suggests that the Iraqi people want to continue living in fear of their own government, surrounded by poverty, with no hopes for a better future, is an idiot.

No one wants to live like the Iraqis are being forced to exist. Yet; the Do Nothing Do Gooders will do whatever they can to deprive the average Iraqi citizen of the same freedoms the Do Gooders take for granted.

Qatar; America’s newest Arabic best friend is plunging head-first with all possible speed towards democracy and modernity. The Qatari leadership wants his country to mirror the successes of western style democracies, so much so, that he has removed the taboos established against women, giving Qatari women full freedom to participate within society.

Qatar is the home of Al Jazeera, the Arabic All News Network that is famous for running videos and audios associated with Osama Bin Laden. And even though Al Jazeera isn’t always warm and cuddly to the West and to Israel, they are also not all that warm and cuddly to the Middle East’s Arab leaders either.

In practice, Al Jazeera performs as an obnoxious news media provider with the same foibles we are subjected to in the West. They are very often slanted, opinionated and subjective, just like the free media of the West. For the Middle East with the exception of Israel, this is quite something.

Qatar is also stressing the absolute need for education and freedom of thought. The Qataris want their children to be the leaders of the modern Arabic future. And they know that can’t happen unless they’re super educated.

Education means so much to the Qatari government, that they are investing whatever amount of money is necessary to make it happen. They have even established a Columbia University campus in their capital city, Doha. This is just the first of many international universities which will participate in the making of a democratic Qatar.

In addition to this radical swing towards emancipation of women, educational vigor and a free press, the Qataris are also promoting a high-tech industrial society. And by the time the leaders of this tiny Gulf State are done, Qatar will more closely resemble Israel than it will any of their other Middle East neighbors.

And did I mention that Qatar has no quarrel with Israel, and indeed does business with the Jewish state?

There used to be another Middle Eastern country that chose the path of modernity; where women had rights, governments were elected, education was important, and where even Israel operated banks. This country was called Lebanon.

Unfortunately for the Lebanese; Lebanon looked more like a European Mediterranean country than it did as an Arab State. And in the eyes of the old world Arabs, this was totally unacceptable. Syria, with the help of Yasser Arafat’s PLO put an end to Lebanon’s brief, but successful experiment with Western style modernity.

The ruler of Qatar; Amir Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, came to power in a bloodless coup against his own father, in June 1995. And from that time on, he decided that the only future for his country and people was to become a modernized Western style democracy.

Today, Qatar has become the USA’s most important Middle Eastern staging ground, which might very well replace Saudi Arabia. For the Qatari people, having the USA military on their territory is the only way they can avoid winding up like Lebanon.

Anyone who says that democracy is impossible in the Arab world is wrong. It is impossible today, under current conditions. But it is NOT impossible after the Americans, Brits and friends finish with Hussein and his pals.

Iraq is a more or less secular society that is not driven by religious fervor. It also has people who are somewhat well educated, and relatively modern compared to their Arab neighbors. And if there is any Arab country that would welcome freedom and democracy, it is Iraq.

For this reason alone; I can not fathom why all of the Do Nothing Do Gooders are so opposed to the liberation of the Iraqi people, and the elimination of a regional and global threat.

The battle for Iraq will begin much sooner rather than later. And it will end just as it began; much sooner rather than later. There will be limited destruction to property, and not nearly the loss of civilian life the Do Nothing Do Gooders are screaming about. And once the dust settles, freedom and prosperity will be breaking out all over the land.

Even the Kurds to the North, the Shiites to the South, and the Sunnis in the Middle will work out their differences under a democratic regime.

You see; unlike the Do Nothing Do Gooders, I believe in the power of freedom delivered by the application of democracy. And also unlike the Do Nothing Do Gooders, I believe everyone on this planet should have the RIGHT to feel the exhilaration of FREEDOM.

And after all of this is over; to borrow a quote and paraphrase from a man who dedicated himself to freedom; the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr: the Iraqis will be FREE AT LAST!

And there will be no one else to thank other than George W Bush, Tony Blair and the brave leaders who will be part of the COALITION OF THE WILLING. It’s just too bad that Canada will not be a part of it.

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  1. Happy Anniversary Howard to you and Anne. You are a very lucky man indeed, Howard, firstly to have caught a prize like Anne, and secondly to have had Voltaire teach you Social Science 101! Note re: Mark Steyn: It’s even worse than you wrote. Steyn was hauled before the Alberta Human Rights Commission, NOT for making statements defamatory to Islam, but for publishing QUOTES FROM MUSLIM IMAMS’ speeches in his book. So Steyn had to defend himself because the Imams made Islam look….. like Islam!

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