Where Were The Peaceniks When The Other Side Was Busy In Murder?

I find it fascinating that millions of people in civilized countries everywhere are taking to the streets to STOP the USA from doing what really has to be done against a despot whose hands are dripping with blood of the innocent.

The US led war on Iraq has already started, and the first victims are: truth, rationale, determination and courage. As always are the case.

We live in a world that is dynamic in terms of varying codes of human behavior. For example: In our Western democratic societies, we scorn such moral abuses as live animal fights. However; in other societies, these abhorrent insults to the human condition are national sports.

In North America and Western Europe, we absolutely love our pets. We shower them with gifts and instil in them human characteristics. But in other societies, in places throughout China and Southeast Asia; dogs are on the menu.

In a “civilized” country like Spain, Bulls are tormented, tortured and slaughtered in front of tens of thousands of blood-thirsty fans whom under different conditions are civilized in every way we would expect. Yet they crave their blood-sport.

In our morally driven Western Democratic concept of “OUR” world, we live by a carefully constructed and elaborate set of rules and laws which give the benefit of doubt to compassion.


These wonderful concepts reflect our standards. And as valued as they are to us, they are just as meaningless to others. As a matter of fact. To others within many societies, our compassionate standards are a sign of weakness.

Unfortunately however; we make the humongous mistake of pretending that the entire world lives by our standards and our idea of compassion. We can not fathom that there are people out there who will kill simply for: pleasure, profit, anger or control of other human beings WITH IMPUNITY.

We can not sufficiently grasp the reality that the world DOES NOT operate by our standards. Because the behavior of so many other cultures is so abhorrent to our way of thinking, the reality of their ways simply become unthinkable to us and are dismissed.

And that is where we are right here and now.

The Arab Middle East is a CESSPOOL of political and religious totalitarianism by our own Western democratic standards. The laws are written and enforced by the fewest number within the population. Social and political freedoms which we take for granted are punishable by death in virtually EVERY Arab country.

Yet; for some unfathomable reason, this reality does not seem to bother the “peaceniks”. Not whatsoever.

I find it fascinating that millions of people in civilized countries everywhere are taking to the streets to STOP the USA from doing what really has to be done against a despot whose hands are dripping with blood of the innocent.

People are literally RUNNING to Iraq to become human shields. Unions and socialist groups everywhere are pulling out all the stops, to stop a war that will LIBERATE an entire people, make the world a whole lot safer, and probably change the dynamics of the Middle East.


Why do these people support a despotic regime, while they vilify the only nation on earth which can make the world better?

I don’t recall any great demonstrations against the Soviet Union, post WWII, as they dominated Eastern Europe and threatened the rest of the world.

I don’t recall seeing or hearing Westerners who took their protests to the streets, as Russian tanks rolled into Budapest in 1956, or in Prague in 1968. Who in the whole wide world took to the streets to support Alexander Dubcek?

What about the murdered Chinese demonstrators peacefully demanding democracy in Tiananmen Square in 1989, as they were run over and crushed by tanks? Where were the massive street demonstrations by the “peaceniks”?

Where were these “peaceniks” when Syria MURDERED more than 20,000 of its own people in the city of Hama in 1982?

However; the world certainly demonstrated against Israel when hundreds of Palestinians were murdered by Lebanese Christian Phalangists in the Palestinian refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila, also in 1982.

So let me get this straight. More than 20,000 innocent Syrian men, women and children were murdered by Syrian troops in February of 1982 in the third largest Syrian city, Hama, and not a whimper from the “peaceniks”.

However, several hundred Palestinians were murdered in September 1982, in Sabra and Shatila at the hands of Lebanese Christians, and the world mobilized against Israel. Do you see some double standard? But as usual I digress.

Where were the “peaceniks” when Iraq invaded Iran in 1980, leaving a million dead, and millions more wounded?

I don’t remember hearing “peacenik” voices of outrage as Iraq gassed 5000 Kurds: men, women, children and their animals in Halabja in March 1988.

Where were they when Yasser Arafat was directing his terrorists to blow up airplanes, airports, schools, shopping centers, restaurants, bus stops, and everywhere else his people could find Jews to kill? And I am not speaking about just his latest Intifada. I call your attention to Arafat’s terrorist murders dating way back to the late 60’s.

Where were the placard carrying “peaceniks” when 11 Israeli athletes were murdered in the Athletes’ village during the 1972 Munich Games?

More than that, three surviving Arab murderers who were caught, were subsequently released from their German jail when more Arab terrorists highjacked a Lufthansa airliner, and “negotiated” the release of the murderers for the release of the plane.

There was NO world outcry or demonstrations at the murder of the Israeli athletes, nor at the release of the murderers. But, the world did react negatively when Israel dispatched hit-squads to kill the Munich/Israeli murderers.

Did the Olympic Games organizers stop or delay the games as a result of the slaughter of innocent Jewish athletes? Did they fly the flags of the world at half mast to honor the 11 murder victims? Not a chance. The athletes were only Jews. Where was the “peacenik” outrage?

Where were these people in 1994 when 800,000 Tutsis were slaughtered in Rwanda? I don’t remember any marches.

Where are they now when African Christians are being murdered in Sudan?

Where is their voice to condemn Mugabe of Zimbabwe for the beatings, murders and disenfranchisement of white farmers? Not to mention the FACT that he is the sole reason for a national famine in a country that has historically been a net exporter of food. That is until he came to power.

Why aren’t these voices being raised to condemn the current appointment of Khadafi to lead the UN Human Rights Commission? Or the current appointment of Saddam Hussein to lead the UN Disarmament Committee? Or the past presidency of the UN Security Council held by Syria? All three countries being terrorist states.


Now that the USA is going to end a putrid regime in a more putrid part of the world, the world has come alive in condemnation. Not of the horrid Middle Eastern thugocracies, but against the most incredible democracy that is, and ever was.

None of this surprises me. Why should it? Most of these people on the streets have a visceral hatred of anything that smacks of FREE ENTERPRISE and INDIVIDUAL SUCCESS. And that’s what America is all about.

The people on the streets are the Do-Nothing Do-Gooders who will NEVER make a positive difference in anyone’s life.

They are complainers. They complain about everyone else’s success. They complain about everyone else’s RIGHT not to conform to their socialist standards, and NOT to be taxed to death so the Do-Nothings can live off the largesse of everyone else’s hard work and sacrifice.

Make no mistake about this. These pathetic “peaceniks” are more about denouncing the USA, than they are about fighting for a moral cause.

Some are simply dupes, some mean well but have no guts for what has to be done, some are totally void of any historic references, but most are plain and simply anti American, who would demonstrate against anything the USA stands for.

The proof is not in what the “peaceniks” are saying today about the USA. It is in what they have NOT said in the past about all the villains who have somehow earned their silence.

At least in the 60’s, the “peaceniks” really stood for something. Even if what they stood for only meant cheap drugs and good sex. These guys stand for nothing.

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